List of Local Government in Osun State, Nigeria, LGA Chairman and their Location (2023)

Often you hear the question How many local governments in Osun State or name of the LGA Chairman or the particular Local government area location. We have 30 LGA. Like any other states in the nation, there are some states that are dominated by a high number of local governments and some have a relatively small number of local governments but this state is blessed with over 30 local governments which are later subdivided into different sub-zones for equal representatives. Each of this local governments have their representative at the House of Assembly of the state, have various dividend attached to these local governments.

List of Local Government in Osun State, Nigeria, LGA Chairman, and their Location

1 Aiyedade Local Government Gbogan, Osun State, Nigeria Hon Nathaniel Arabambi 08066196990
2 Aiyedire Local Government 1 Col Ogunkanmi Road, Ile Ogbo, Osun State, Nigeria Hon Gbenga Ogunkanmi 07032520233
3 Atakumosa East Local Government Area Iperindo, Osun State, Nigeria Hon Segun Olanibi 08071090919
4 Atakumosa West Local Government Area Oshu, Osun State, Nigeria Hon Oyedele Disu 08034053056
5 Boluwaduro Local Government area P.M.B 1001, Otan Aiyegbaju, Osun State, Nigeria Hon Stephen Idowu 08051790694
6 Boripe Local Government Area Oke Osun Area, Iragbiji, Osun State, Nigeria Kehinde Moronkeji 08038863336
7 Ede North Local Government Area Oja timi, Osun State, Nigeria Hon Tiamiyu Bello 08061654021
8 Ede South Local Government Area P.M.B 213, Oke Iresi, Ede South, Osun State, Nigeria Hon Funmilayo Adekanmi 08068619469
Egbedore Local Government Area
Awo, Osun State, Nigeria Hon Ibrahim Akande 08060755542
10 Ejigbo Local Government Area Ejigbo, Osun State, Nigeria Hon Akinwale Abiodun 08030469105
11 Ife Central Local Government Area Ajebandele, Ile Ife, Osun State, Nigeria Hon Taiwo Olaiya 08033447396
12 Ife East Local Government Area Oke Ogbo, Osun State, Nigeria Hon Tajudeen Lawal 08036709764
13 Ife North Local Government area P.M.B 504 Akinola Road, Ipetumodo, Osun State, Nigeria Hon Lanre Ogunyimika 08061272011
14 Ife South Local Government area Ifetedo, Osun State, Nigeria Hon Timothy Fayemi 08034985890
15 Ifedayo Local Government Area Oke Ila Orangun, Osun State, Nigeria Hon Kunle Ayantoye 08066298010

List of local government in Osun State, Nigeria

16 Ifelodun Local Government Ikirun, Osun State, Nigeria Hon Olayiwola Lawal 08022390536
17 Ila Local Government Ila Oragun, Osun State, Nigeria Hon Segun Awotunde 08066537742
18 Ilesha East Local Government Area P.M.B 5003, Iyemogun, Osun State, Nigeria Hon Lanre Balogun 08087621628
19 Ilesha West Local Government Area Omialadiye, Oja Oba, Osun State, Nigeria Hon Isah Adesiji 08033576366
20 Irepodun Local Government area Ilobu, Osun State, Nigeria Hon Nike Ogunshola 07068324576
21 Irewole Local Government Area P.M.B 5002, Ibadan-Ile Ife Expressway, Ikire, Osun State, Nigeria Hon Olusola Ajayi 07039398080
22 Isokan Local Government Area P.M.B Orile Owu Road, Yidi Area, Apomu, Osun State, Nigeria Hon Azeez Akinleye 08033566823
23 Iwo Local Government Area Iwo, Osun State, Nigeria Hon Alao Olabisi 08035660115
Obokun Local Government Area
Ibokun, Osun State, Nigeria Hon Olugbenga Ogunleye 07030313561
25 Odo-otin Local Government Area Okuku, Osun State, Nigeria Hon Tope Adejumo 08039776563
26 Ola Oluwa Local Government Area Bode Osi, Osun State, Nigeria Hon Reuben Adegoke 07066737979
27 Olorunda Local Government Area Igbona, Osun State, Nigeria Hon Hakeem Okunade 07055556136
28 Oriade Local Government area Oba Oladele Olashore Wa , Ijebu-jesa, Osun State, Nigeria Hon Taiwo Fatiregun 07033656369
29 Orolu Local Government area P.M.B 111 Ogbomosho Federal Road, Ifon Osun, Osun State, Nigeria Hon Bayo Oyegbemi 08037162578
30 Osogbo Local Government Area Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria Hon Isiaka Faramade 08033789065

Area Office Modakeke Oke-Do Modakeke, P.M.B 504, Modakeke, Ife Hon Wale Amusan

How Many Local Government in Osun State, Nigeria, LGA Chairman, and their Location

In the early 19s century, the most common form of government and catchment area operated in those days are different what Nigeria is operating in the current generation. Over years there have been a different system of government that was introduced to Nigeria, they range from monarchy system of government, the zonal system and to the current federalism being practiced in the nation today.

There are different purposes why government practices these types of rulership, all are to meet the need of the common man in the street. So, as to have a representative that is closer to the people. So, in today’s write-up, we will be writing majorly on the local government in Osun state and many other interesting things you need to know about this state, sit back as we do the work together.


Osun one of the states in the federal republic of Nigeria which was created in the year 1991 August 27 to be precise that was detached from the then Oyo state. this state has a total area land mass of 9,251 km2 and according to the year 2006 Nigeria census, the total population of people living and residents of Osun is over 3.5 million people.

This state is blessed with different personalities and of course, of course, houses many ancient artifacts both in Nigeria and in Africa as a whole. It houses many landmarks and university, the great university of Ife is situated in this state, the land also is one of the places that the history of a particular tribe in Nigeria was traced to descend from which is the Yoruba race.

The current and suiting governor of this state is Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola. It is important to know that the capital of this city is the Oshogbo. It is located in the south-west area of the country and share boundaries with many stats, in the east this state shared boundary partly with Ekiti state, and in the north partly shared a boundary with Kwara state and in the south, it also shared boundary partly with Ondo state.


This state is majorly having a different festival that they celebrate which include the Osun Oshogbo festival a rite that people who are into traditional rites in the state gather to perform the traditional rites to the goddess of this river at the bank of the river. This occasion is always witnessed by many people far and near the state, some come as far as America even from some Africa countries to celebrate this festival


Local governments in various states and subzones are not just created just for the fun of it, but there are some responsibilities attached to every organ of the local governments. There are three tiers of the government which was one of the credence Nigeria operates with, the federal governments which oversees all the activities in the nation both home and abroad, have the final say and decision-making power with her and also controls the other tiers of the government as it is responsible for the total welfare of people living in that country per time.

The state government which is the second in Hierarchy after the federal government, it is responsible to oversee the activities in her states, see to the welfare of the entire citizens of that state and make a favorable decision on behalf of the state both outside and offshore the state. it also oversees the affairs of the local governments but is answerable to the federal government. The last on the chain is the local government which is the grassroots government that see to the affairs of different areas and people under each local government.

Mostly, citizens of the same tribe and related kinsmen are usually categorized under the same local government so as to have equal representation at every level.

It is also of great importance to know that local government is majorly meant to play the role of direct government with the people as it is closer to the people than all the other tiers of government.


We have said it earlier, the total number of local governments in Osun State is 30 and they are duly represented at every parastatal. Local governments in Osun State helps to play the role of making all resources and facilities judiciously shared according to the population and strength of the people in that particular area.

There you have it the list of local government in Osun State, Nigeria, for those asking how many local governments in Osun State. this list will soon be updated with the name of the chairman.

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