Nigeria Customs Service Recruitment Portal 2019 – How To Apply And Requirements – The long wait is finally over, as the Nigeria Customs Service Recruitment has eventually kicked off on

The agency has announced the commencement of the 2019 Recruitment exercise, and they followed up almost immediately by opening the portal that allows interested aspirants to apply and register their details for a chance to be part of the force.

As known generally, the agency was set up by the Federal Government to ensure the collection of customs revenue and fight against the menace of illegal smuggling in the country’s borders. The current Controller General of the agency is Col Hameed Ali (Retd), who was appointed by President Muhammadu Buhari after he attained power in 2015.

Nigeria Customs Service Recruitment Portal 2019 – How To Apply And Requirements

  • About The Nigeria Customs Service Recruitment:

If you intend applying, or you know someone who is interested in applying, it is necessary to have the right knowledge and information. Many Nigerians often disqualified themselves because they failed to pay attention to details. If you won’t adhere to the instructions given, you will shoot yourself on the foot.

The Nigeria Customs Service kicked off the recruitment exercise on Wednesday 17th of April, in a bid to fill about 3,200 positions. As expected, a lot of people are already applying to the various categories listed by the agency.

Since Hameed Ali became the Comptroller-General of the agency, he has been doing all he could to bring about diverse changes within the system. Everyone knows he has been able to bring about some reasonable transformation in the Nigeria Customs, and the step to admit more personnel into the agency is expected to yield a positive result.

Some hours ago, the Presidency took to Twitter to confirm the recruitment exercise. According to Bashir Ahmad, the exercise has obtained necessary approvals from the Federal Executive Council

How To Apply For Nigeria Customs Service Recruitment 2019:

  • The first step is to visit the website, preferably with a good desktop computer
  • You should note that there are 3 categories to choose from, according to where you fit in:

Category 1: Superintendent Cadre.

This category is for senior ranking officers comprising of Assistant Superintendent of Customs.

Category 2: Inspectorate Cadre.

Assistant Inspectors are Mid-Level officers comprising of Assistant Inspectors of Customs.

Category 3: Assistant Cadre.

This category is for junior ranking officers comprising of Customs Assistant.

  • You will see the “View Vacancies” tab, simply click it under any of the above categories you intend applying for
  • You should see the requirement under the category you want to apply for (and it is very important you take note of them)
  • If you are really qualified, then simply click on “apply for this job” under the requirement
  • You should then fill the account creation form and click the “create account” tab under it
  • Afterward, when you have successfully created your account, you willing receive a confirmation email in your mail.

NCS Application Portal 2019:

Requirements For The Nigeria Customs Service Recruitment Application 2019

As we’ve stated earlier, it is necessary to pay attention to details so you won’t waste your time and money.

Here is the General Requirement as far as the Nigeria Customs Service Recruitment 2019 is concerned:

  • Applicants must be a Nigerian Citizen by birth or descent
  • Applicants should not be less than 1.7 metres in height (males) and 1.64 metres for female.
  • Applicants should have a fully expanded chest measurement of not less than 0.87 metres (as a male)
  • Applicants must be certified by a Government Medical Officer to be physically and mentally fit for appointment in Service
  • Applicants should not be suffering from any form of physical or mental disability
  • Applicants should be Be free from any form of financial embarrassment
  • Applicants must be Be of good character and must not have been found guilty of any criminal offense
  • Applicants are expected to present a certificate of state of origin signed by the Chairman/Secretary of their Local Governments. Certificates endorsed by Liaison officers are unacceptable

What You Need To Know About The Nigeria Customs (NCS)

It was established in 1891, NCS was mandated with the responsibility of collecting revenue, accounting for revenue collected and anti-smuggling activities. Today, trade facilitation has become a fundamental role and part of the NCS function. This function is progressively seen by the government as an important element of making economic policy, with Customs having a unique position within the hub of the international supply chain of goods and services.

Accordingly, NCS has its own challenges and one of the challenges is the foreseeing the management of seeming contrary role of ensuring improvements in speedy service delivery, while maintaining procedural and effective intervention controls, necessary to meet the demands of complex and growing international trade, characterized in recent times by economic crime, money laundering, menace of terrorism, threatening weapons of mass destruction, violation of intellectual property rights, and dumping of toxic and hazardous substances. It is important to note, that the Nigeria Customs Service that has for long been a steward of Nigeria’s trade and border management is not only under pressure like never before, but evident that NCS role to perform at the highest levels is enlarged, to facilitate and ensure legitimate trade in a global environment entertaining a litany of threats.

Nigeria Customs Service Recruitment Portal


  •     NCS is a reference and model administration with excellence in providing effective and efficient service to accomplish all dimensions of its mission.}}}
  •    That the Service rendered by NSC is a modern, compact and dynamic Service that influences policy and contributes to Nigeria development.
  •    Lastly, the Service is recognized as being in the vanguard of Customs best practices and international standards.

The vision of the Nigeria Customs Service

  •    To ensure that NSC excels in the efficient and timely collection of and accounting for revenue.
  •    To ensure the Implementation of and advise on Governmental trade and fiscal policies;
  •    To ensure the Promotion of trade facilitation;
  •    The ensure the protection of Nigerian society, generation of accurate and precise statistical data by developing a professional, transparent administration that implements international best practices and obligations.


The Comptroller General is the head of Nigeria Customs Service and oversees the work and all activities of five deputy comptroller generals in the following departments:

  1.    Corporate Support Services;
  2.    Tariff & Trade;
  3.    Enforcement, Investigation, and Inspection;
  4.    Modernization, Research, and Economic Relations;
  5.    Excise, Industrial Incentives, and Free Trade Zone;
  6.    Human Resource Development.

The minister of finance is the chairman of the NCS board, while the service’s comptroller general who is not a career Customs staff is the vice – chairman.

Functions of the Nigeria Customs Service

The core functions of the Nigeria Customs Service includes

  1.    Collection of Revenue i.e. Import and Excise Duties and Accounting for same.
  2.    Prevention and suppression of smuggling.

Other Functions of NCS

  •    NSC ensures the implementation of Government Fiscal Measures
  •    Generation of statistical data for planning purpose
  •    Trade Facilitation
  •    Implementation of bilateral and multilateral agreements entered into by the government
  •    Collection of levies and charges
  •    NSC also carries out Collaborative functions with government Agencies including CBN, Police, NDLEA, SON, NAFDAC, FIRS, etc.
  •    The Service also supports the combating of:
  •    They punter illegal commercial activities and trade in illicit goods, e.g. import of fake and sub-standard goods
  •    Infraction on Intellectual Property Rights
  •    Illegal international trade in endangered species
  •    Illegal trade in arms and ammunition
  •    Money laundering
  •    Traffic of illicit drugs
  •    Illegal trade in cultural Artifacts.
  •    Importation of pornographic materials
  •    Importation of toxic and hazardous substances.

That’s all on How To Apply For Nigeria Customs Service Recruitment Portal 2019 NCS.

The Current State Of The Nigeria Customs Service Recruitment

Less than 24 hours after the agency opened the portal for the recruitment exercise, it was made known that close to a hundred thousand persons have registered already. Therefore, this means the recruitment process would be very competitive, and interested applicants should take all necessary steps without delay. Since we are also yet to hear that the website crashed as a result of the influx of traffic, it means the agency did a proper job in terms of preparations. It is a common thing in Nigeria to hear that the website of an organization crashed during recruitment exercises due to the huge number of applicants it receives.

According to one of the officers of the agency that is in charge of recruitment, they have successfully received the application of 91,000 applicants, just that same day the exercise kicked off.

While speaking at the headquarters of the agency in Abuja, he also added that Nigerians who are not currently in the country also applied for the vacancies.

While giving more clarity on the recruitment exercise, a top official of the agency made it known that eight hundred persons would be recruited to fill vacancies in the support staff for the superintendent cadre category.

Umar Sanusi, who is the acting deputy comptroller-general in charge of human resources at the Nigeria Customs Service, also said 2,400 would be customs inspector and customs assistant cadre in the general duty category.

Sanusi also assured that applications for recruitment will be open to all eligible Nigerians who meet the requirements. According to him, like all recruitment into positions in Federal Government agencies, anyone has the chance to be admitted irrespective of their tribe or religion.

He also points our attention to the issue of Federal Character. He stated how they are committed to ensuring equal and fair opportunity to all applicants, and how they want to ensure the process is in compliance with the requirements of the FCC.

Umar told Nigerians how committed the agency is to make the exercise credible and fair. He promised that their power to see to it that the integrity of the exercise won’t be compromised.

Important Admonition

It is well known that the rate of unemployment in Nigeria is alarming, and that job seekers are often ready to do all it takes to pick up jobs. Due to this obvious reason, many mischievous folks are usually ready to capitalize on the desperation of job seekers for their own selfish reasons. These scammers lurk around, seeking those they will devour and extort from, and they are usually merciless.

Therefore, we want to advise you to ensure you won’t be vulnerable to these mischievous folks. Take note of these admonitions, they are very vital and important. Don’t be desperate, and don’t take irrational decisions and steps. Avoid dropping your emails and telephone numbers carelessly on social media (facebook, twitter, forums, Whatsapp, and so on). Some of these fraudsters might contact you through your details and they will behave like if they are authentic officials working with the Nigeria Customs Service.

Please note, the agency won’t call you and begin to tell you to send money to a bank account before your application can be successful or considered. When such calls are received, yours is simply to avoid them and make sure that you don’t attend to them. They are simply mischievous scammers trying to steal your hard-earned money.

Additionally, try to avoid those who claim to know “bosses” in the agency, and will tell you to pay them hugely for them to use their influence to get you in. Many people are already regretting their actions after losing a large amount of money to such individuals.

Please note, the application is FREE. Yes, the application is FREE. No one should charge money for giving you information about the exercise or for registration. So, be guided.



It is interesting to work in the Nigeria Customs Service as this is believed to be service rendered to the nation. There are criteria to be met so that one can be eligible to part and parcel of the recruitment processes. Also, avoid wrong information in online sources but visit the official sites for valid and accurate information.

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