What Is Citizenship Education and the roles – Hey Buddy, its another edition of our informative update, let us quickly take a look at what the roles of Citizenship Education play in our societies and of course, we need to know the definition of Citizenship Education itself. You see, many nations today have been confusion and chaos all in the name of improper education on who a citizen is and what is the obligation of a citizen of any society.

Also, permit me to say this, for every community to function and work well, there is a need for every actor and hands in such society to understand the roles they are expected to all play.

You see why the government of many nations infringe on citizens’ rights, their dividend of democracy all borne down to the fact that most citizens are just citizen by name by lack the prerequisite to be a citizen not to mention what is expected of such fellow and his or her government, follow us patiently as we give you all the nitty-gritty information that will make you understand your roles in your society and how you can fit in in every responsibility that may be required of you either by directional or by digression.

What Is Citizenship Education And Roles

It is not just a matter of getting to know of study if it is necessary to teach or learn our duties and function in our society, it is a matter of urgency to get every hand-on desk to prepare and in every face in our various countries to embed the teaching of civil roles in every of our curriculum and should be made mandatory from crèche even to the higher institution.

The first question that will pop up to the mind of a very anxious type that which to learn is, what is Citizenship? And how do we learn about being a citizen and every other related factor, this will get us to the next section which is;

  • What is Citizenship?

This question does not surface not until there are issues of infringement on the right or total abuse on one’s right in a very forceful and terrible manner.

So many people have been molested in a various country where they sojourn and went to look for greener pasture, but because they were not identifying and been recognized as a citizen, they were not treated like one nor been regarded as one. So that will make us answer the question who is a citizen and what is citizenship, a citizen is a member of a given society or nation either by birth, naturalization, or registration.

The processes and ways of becoming a member of a given or desire society are being referred to as citizenship. So many people today believe you can only be a citizen of a country of you are from such a state or if you are given north to in such a country. Like I mentioned earlier, I said, many have been cheated in even a country they have spent more than ten years living and working in the country.

How Do You Become A Citizen

You just do not come from another planet or country and claimed to be part of a particular country you desire, neither is it limited for anyone to be a citizen of just one nation or society, in fact, there have been many records of people claiming and still maintaining dual citizenship even more than two country documents as an official citizen. You can only become a citizen of any nation by three significant ways which are;

  • Citizenship By Birth

By Birth: citizenship by birth is the most occurring one which means naturally where you are given birth, and you have a valid document from accredited hospitals that you are given birth to in such country automatically make you a citizen of the nation, that is why you will see many people who desired a particular government or state, in s few months to give birth, they will move down to their desired location and give birth to their babies there and automatically that make the babes a citizen of such nation.

  • Citizenship By Registration

By Registration: their some countries who charge everyone who wished to hold the documents to be a citizen in their various countries a specific amount of money because that may only be the collateral for such people to live and work in such countries and they decided to make income from it, so they fixed a certain amount of money and some basic requirements if such fellow meets up to it and pay such amount of money to the necessary quarters will be given an official document to be a citizen of such nation.

  • Citizenship By Naturalization

By Naturalization: this is another form in which one could hold the green passport of any country, naturalization means after such fellow has stayed for a specific amount of years and they have lived most of their life in such a country they will automatically become a citizen of such state.

  • Citizenship By Marriage

Roles Of Citizenship Education

What Are The Roles Of Citizen Of Any Society?

As we have stated earlier, some things are required of every citizen who will make the society governable and well managed by the top officers of such country and they include;

  • Citizen are always expected to obey rules and orders of such organization, this is important because in every first page of any nation constitution there is still a starting words like “we the people of so and so have unanimously agreed that this constitution should be our guide” this was so because a nation and country without rules and regulations will finally be crumple by disorders and essences of the citizen who are not curtailing and sanction been allotted to every wrings actions that are committed in such society.


  • Citizens are expected to watch and keep watch on public properties and shared a heritage that is given either by governments or private individual to help the country. This is expected of every progressive citizen of every nation because if they fail to adhere to this, there will be backwardness in development of such society, this is not usually being obeyed in most Africa Countries because the general occupants of the nation are not taking most of the public facilities in this nation’s care.


  • Citizens have the right to vote and to be voted for, the moment you are a citizen of any country by any means whatsoever; you have the right to contest and to vote for anyone in our society. This has limited many people staying in other countries even though they are now a citizen yet they are afraid of not been a boo or been rejected if they show their interest to contest in the particular area they found themselves.


  • Citizens are expected to pay their taxes and charges on every appliance has been charged by the government because these charges and tokens that are funded by everyone is the propelling force of the development most people see

How Should Roles Of Citizenship Education be Carried Out?

You know what, getting everyone to involve in this business is as simple as calling ABC because as small as the roles of individuals in a society could be if anyone failed to carry out his or her duties, it has a multiplier effect on the community in terms of economic meltdown, infrastructure development, and many other activities.

So it is paramount it should be thought and been circulate through the most educational system of the country, public awareness and sensitization should b done and every actions and reaction should have measurable consequences, why should this be so?, because if Mr., A steal public fund today and he was sanctioned correctly and dealt with, it will call many in order and place some under condition because they already know that if a citizen should go outside his or her bound or fail to carry out their duties, it will have stipulated consequences.


Conclusion On What Is Citizenship Education And Roles

Even though not everyone in a particular society is all enlightened on the dos, and they don’t live in their nations, what negative and positive effects their various action carries, the power that lies in just a single citizen action and what every of their actions could cost their societies, these are the basics places to start the building of a modest and working community, these are what is missing in many undeveloped nations which are making them faced various crisis which is usually caused by the citizen of such country, unrest and different catastrophes been faced are as a result of poor education on the roles of every individual in a society ranging from the top lead echelons to the followers.

All of these are what we should give maximum publicity in every parastatal in order to have a governable society, and all of these are what nation that we see as a peaceful nation today and having healthy economy was practicing that made them the achievement they are celebrating.

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