Top 10 Best Boarding Schools In The World 2020

An update on the list of the 10 best Boarding schools in the world presently. The majority of parents across the globe today get busy at most times, and as such may likely not give the children the necessary attention needed which is why they need a boarding school for their children. And as we all know, most parents would likely prefer the best for their children following the facts that they can’t attend to their children as regards having a parent-children interaction.

Top 10 Best Boarding Schools In The World 2020

  • 1. Phillips Exeter Academy

The Phillips Exeter Academy is a boarding school located in Exeter, New Hampshire; this great school has a large embodiment of students ranging up to 1, 000 students, more also, this prep school boasts of the largest endowment at more than $1 billion. This school is found a great capacity building large enough to take in students without having their students live in inconveniences as it has a total of 131 building structures on 671 acres of land.

  • 2. The Lawrence Ville School

Speaking of a school with more land capacity alongside great buildings to contain lots of students, the Lawrence Ville School is a place to be. This school has in total of 700 acres campus which is located close to Princeton and also between Philadelphia and New York City. Some of the important popular college targets for fresh graduates are Princeton University, Georgetown University, and Duke University.

  • 3. Phillips Academy Andover

The Phillips Academy Andover is situated at Andover, Massachusetts, located about 25 miles north of Boston. This great school is structured on 500 acres of land as its campus. This amazing school climbed the ladder of success following its raising of great and notable alumni such as the former United States president “George W. Bush” and Coach Bill Belichick. Furthermore, this school is noted for preparing its students for greater heights in the future as well as great Universities in the world such as Yale University and lots of other world notable Universities. However, this school has a strict admission policy and does not enroll students easily, making estimates; they roughly admit one student of 6 that applied for admission.

  • 4. Milton Academy

Here we have another great boarding school termed as one of the best boarding schools in the world. This school is noted for its greenish and well-groomed quad located at the heart of the school’s campus. In this school, they make use of a policy termed the student-teacher interaction whereby a student should always interact with the teacher to get a better understanding of what is being taught at the moment using a round table Harkness style of interaction. This school has a great spirit of unity as everyone wants their peers to go just fine as they did in all areas.

  • 5. St. Paul’s school

The St. Paul’s School is yet another great boarding school structured on 2,000 acres located in Concord, New Hampshire, this educational institute is known for Making out time for classes six days a week unlike other schools that have classes just five days a week, more also a diverse student body. This great school has brought forth great and notable people in the society which includes banker J.P. Morgan Jr., which happens to be the former director for FBI and lots greater notably alumni.

  • 6. Groton School

The Groton School is situated in Groton, Massachusetts, which is in the northeast part of the state, the Groton School notably is situated on a 415-acre of land being its campus, more also, this school has notably an amazing endowment of $330 million. Groton School is noted for its small community as well as its determination towards services; it also notably has an enrollment capacity of below 400 in its grades 8 to 12. The school has also be noted for breeding up great people in the society which includes the former United States president “Franklin Delano Roosevelt” and other great people in the society.

  • 7. St. Albans school

This school as regarded by a parent, who has the child enrolled in this school, termed the school an “Exceptional School.” They are well noted to educate and impact morals in boys to grow up as exceptional men in society. The students of the school learn at top levels of the academic system, and they also learn at the high level to become great men to uphold honesty and goodwill, in a nutshell; the school does great at impacting proper moral in the students. However, the school is meant for boys.

  • 8. Noble And Greenough School

The Teachers of this unique school typically boast of the highest degree in their respective fields of study. Each teacher in this school has their core teaching style which would work for at least a student, but not the next. Not minding this case, the teachers are always eager to meet with students after class and at this moment always available for extra help. A school without a good teacher is nothing, practically nothing. More also, all teachers in this school are considered very knowledgeable in their various subjects, and they are known to keep always the student’s best interest in mind.

  • 9. The Hotchkiss School

The Hotchkiss School is another best boarding school in the world situated on 827 acres as a campus in Lakeville, Connecticut, on the northwestern side of the state. This school is also another male student school that prepares the men for greatness in the nearest future and also to attend a world noted University such as Yale University. The graduates of this great school are now noted to spread wide across all the nations’ top universities and colleges. This school has brought forth great men such as Henry Luce which tends to be the Time magazine founders and other great men in the society.

  • 10. Deerfield Academy

According to its name is situated at Deerfield, Massachusetts, in the western part of the state. This unique boarding school is extremely selective in terms of admission as it currently has 600 students enrolled in the school. Great and notable alumni of this famous school are King Abdullah II of Jordan and other great congressmen.


Conclusion On The Top 10 Best Boarding Schools In The World 2020

Getting enrolled in these boarding schools listed above might be quite expensive but believe me, they are the best boarding schools in the world, and you should know quite well that nothing good in life comes easy.

  • How a Boarding school Operates

Their educational system is similar to that of a typical day school; what do I mean? In terms of teaching or lectures, they offer almost the same great lectures just as other top-rated schools in the world, but when it comes to the boarding term, it’s actually different as boarding schools are known to withhold students from going home till the end of an academic semester or probably session depending on the schools attended. The Boarding schools are also known to tutor students morally in terms of manners, but it happens that most of the boarding schools across the world today are corrupt and filled with bad morals, just a few amongst them are great in impacting the adequate knowledge needed into a student which is deemed necessary. Nevertheless, as there are bad schools, there are also high schools across the world, so don’t be afraid of enrolling your child in a boarding school, but here is a tip, before bumping into any boarding school ensure that this boarding school entails the following features;

Features of a Good Boarding school

  • An astonishing facility for academics should be your number one priority in enrolling your child into a boarding school, and preferably great sports facilities.
  • The school offers an improved system of educational opportunities such as AP Exams and IB programs
  • The school provide a one-on-one teacher to student tutorials
  • Chances of attending great schools such as Harvard, MIT, Cornell, and Princeton which are termed the best in various field of study on the world list.
  • Study overseas opportunities for students in the school.

Aside the qualities an excellent boarding school should attain of which we have found the schools which will be listed out later to have; there are other factors that consider them as the best boarding schools in the world, as well as how they become helpful to the applicants, those factors include the following;

  • How the ranking becomes helpful to applicants

Applicants would gain access to the admission data of a boarding school such as the SSAT, ISEE medians, scores, and averages.

It enlightens applicants on which to choose precisely in terms of admission rates.

It gives a clear view of which schools have been the most successful so far in breeding up great career potentials.

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