Attending one of the best boarding schools in the world affords one a unique opportunity to learn in a pristine environment, so as to fully develop his potential and to become what he is wired by nature to be.

To provide this type of education, there has to be some measure of specialization; some of these schools admit students who have exhibited potential in certain fields of endeavor and aim to help these students develop their talents to the fullest measure possible.

Boarding schools generally offer a distinct advantage in that the children are able to give undivided attention to their education; distractions are kept away because the environment is cordoned off, and so negative influences do not come in to derail the children.

Top 10 Best Boarding Schools In The World

1. Claremont School

Location: Claremont School, Bodiam, Robertsbridge, TN32 5UJ, United Kingdom

Claremont School is an independent school in Sussex, United Kingdom, which is largely adjudged to be one of the best independent schools in the country.

The school was established in 1925, and is located on two sites of extraordinary beauty. The area is secure and conducive to learning, and the buildings are early Victorian; providing visual hints of Britain’s history to the children.

Claremont School is a co-educational day and boarding school for students aged 1 to 18 years. The school has more than 700 students; and they come from several cultures. This is a great place for cultural integration, and for children to be highly socialized.

The minimum fee is 2,680 GBP, while the maximum fee is 6,750 GBP.

2. Schloss Neubeuern

Location: Schloßstraße 20, 83115 Neubeuern, Germany

Schloss Neubeuern is an elite German school which was established as far back as 1925. The school is built on a medieval European castle, overlooking a valley. In this serene and secure environment, students from all over the world gather to receive instruction by qualified teachers.

The school has around 200 students, and the school staff strength is around 30.

This school is a top boarding school; it is equally attractive to German and foreign students who place a high value on education, and want to get the best available.

The minimum fee is 19020 EUR, while the maximum fee is 44280 EUR.

3. Beijing Huijia Private School

Location: 157 Changhuai Road, Changping District, 102200 Beijing, China

Beijing Huijia Private School is a private school in Changping District, Beijing, China. This school prides itself as the oldest and largest private boarding school in the district, and one of the most prestigious in China. The school serves around 2000 students, and 20% of the student population comes from abroad.

Beijing Huijia Private School is a coeducational school; it provides boarding facilities for both boys and girls. The school has a very high number of students gaining admission into top American Universities, and the school environment is tailored to international standards.

4. Reddam House Berkshire

Location: Bearwood Road, Sindlesham, Wokingham RG41 5BG, United Kingdom

Reddam House Berkshire was established in 2000. It a Co-Educational boarding school, with 650 students. This is a great school; built on a private estate that used to belong to King George III of England.

The school has all the top notch facilities including a 350 seat professional theatre which was opened by Queen Elizabeth II (before purchase by the school). The school has a 25 meter indoor swimming pool, gymnasium, Astro turf hockey pitch, 4 tennis courts, facilities for archery, football and rugby, and so on.

Min fee 11,490 GBP, maximum fee 33,789 GBP.

5. College du Leman – International School

Location: Route de Sauverny 74, 1290 Versoix, Switzerland

College du Leman is a Swiss boarding and day school, located in Versoix region of Switzerland. The school is caters to the needs of boys and girls from 2 to 18 years old. College du Leman has approximately 1900 students from more than 100 countries.

The school has received accreditation from the European Council of International Schools, as well as the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC).

The minimum fee is 22,700 CHF, while the maximum fee is CHF 94,400.

6. Queen Margaret’s School

Location: 660 Brownsey Avenue, Duncan, BC, V9L 1C2 Canada

Queen Margaret’s School is a private secondary school that offers both boarding and day school for international. The school caters to girls between the ages of 11 to 18. This school was established in 1901, and was named after Queen Margaret, the Queen of Scotland from c. 1070 to 1093.

The main building is very Victorian in architecture, and the environment is very spacious, with many sporting facilities. The school has 475 students, and many of them come from many different countries.

The minimum fee is 5450 CAD, and the maximum fee is 70920 CAD.

7. The Brook Hill School

Location: 1051 N Houston St, Bullard, TX 75757, USA

The Brook Hill School is an independent, Christian day and boarding school in Texas, USA. The school was established in 1997 with thirty-one students, and now has 760 students from 30 countries.

Brook Hill also houses the American Freedom Museum, which has important artifacts from all periods of American history. This is a great place for the study of history; students are well grounded in the history and culture of the country.

The minimum fee is 10,760 USD, and the maximum fee is 38,850 USD.

8. Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz

Location: Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz, Aguêl 185, 7524 Zuoz, CH

The Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz was founded in 1904. This is a Swiss international boarding school, located in the Alpine landscape near St. Moritz, Switzerland, which is about 1,300 meters above sea level. The school is a Co-Educational day and boarding school, with about 300 students.

The school has students come from over 30 countries, such as Italy, Russia, Germany and the United States.

The minimum fee is 79,500 CHF, and the maximum fee is 95,000 CHF.

9. La Garenne International School

Location: Chemin des Chavasses 23, 1885 Chesières Villars-sur-Ollon, Switzerland

La Garenne International School was established in 1947. It is a private international school that caters to the needs of boys and girls. The school has only 120 students, and they usually range between the ages of 8 and 12. This is a great place of learning; located up in the Swiss Alps; where it is very quiet.

The minimum fee is 36,000 CHF, and the maximum fee is 96,000 CHF.

10. Eerde International Boarding School

Location: Kasteellaan 1, Ommen, The Netherlands

Eerde International Boarding School is a school in an international boarding school; one of the very few to offer day school, flexible boarding and full boarding facilities.

The school is located on a quiet estate which is only two hours from central Amsterdam. The school is very quiet, and there are no distractions. Children are thus able to learn in a friendly environment; they can learn academics, and also sports and other activities. The school has 70 students.

The minimum fee is 7,875 EUR, and the maximum fee is 22,650 EUR.



  • How a Boarding school Operates

Their educational system is similar to that of a typical day school; what do I mean? In terms of teaching or lectures, they offer almost the same great lectures just as other top-rated schools in the world, but when it comes to the boarding term, it’s actually different as boarding schools are known to withhold students from going home till the end of an academic semester or probably session depending on the schools attended.

The Boarding schools are also known to tutor students morally in terms of manners, but it happens that most of the boarding schools across the world today are corrupt and filled with bad morals, just a few amongst them are great in impacting the adequate knowledge needed into a student which is deemed necessary.

Nevertheless, as there are bad schools, there are also high schools across the world, so don’t be afraid of enrolling your child in a boarding school, but here is a tip, before bumping into any boarding school ensure that this boarding school entails the following features;

Features of a Good Boarding school

  • An astonishing facility for academics should be your number one priority in enrolling your child into a boarding school, and preferably great sports facilities.
  • The school offers an improved system of educational opportunities such as AP Exams and IB programs
  • The school provide a one-on-one teacher to student tutorials
  • Chances of attending great schools such as Harvard, MIT, Cornell, and Princeton which are termed the best in various field of study on the world list.
  • Study overseas opportunities for students in the school.

Aside the qualities an excellent boarding school should attain of which we have found the schools which will be listed out later to have; there are other factors that consider them as the best boarding schools in the world, as well as how they become helpful to the applicants, those factors include the following;

  • How the ranking becomes helpful to applicants

Applicants would gain access to the admission data of a boarding school such as the SSAT, ISEE medians, scores, and averages.

It enlightens applicants on which to choose precisely in terms of admission rates.

It gives a clear view of which schools have been the most successful so far in breeding up great career potentials.


The best boarding schools in the world provide the opportunity for students to reach their potentials and become the best versions of themselves.

These schools protect the students from wrong influences outside the campuses; which does not only mean influences on the streets but also influences from unstable family life.