Best Computer Science Universities In The World – The development or rather, advancement in technology comes from great students. If you are actually looking forward to becoming a great computer scientist in the world and have advanced knowledge of the computer system with respect to keys to opening doors of great technological concept. Speaking of the Best Computer Science Schools In The World, there are quite a few Universities that are termed the best for the quality education and teachings they offer in their prospect Universities, more also they have produced highly renowned computer scientists across the world today that have contributed immensely to the technological developments of their various countries and the world as a whole.

Top 10 Best Computer Science Universities In The World 2020

 Rank No.   School   Location
 1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology  USA
 2. Stanford University  USA
 3. Carnegie Mellon University USA
 4. The University of California, Berkely USA
 5. University of Cambridge  UK
 6. Harvard University  USA
 7. University of Oxford  UK
 8. Princeton University  USA
 9. ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology  Switzerland
 10.  National University of Singapore (NUS)  Singapore

Top 10 Best Computer Science Universities In The World 2020

  • 1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This University often abbreviated as MIT comes up first on this list as the best in the world for studying this great course. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is noted to have been consistently ranked first in the rankings of the best computer science schools in the world and also has been notably ranking first on the QS World University ranking for six years in a role now, which makes the school quite a fantastic school. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology got its strongest points this year for the reputation of employers. In this University, the Department of Computer Science and Electrical engineering is notably the largest department in this University which implies that this University pays more attention to Computer science and engineering than any other course and as such, they offer them an excellent educational system in the University.

  • 2. Stanford University

Coming up next as the second-best computer science schools in the world is the excellent Stanford University. Stanford University has been noted to gain a perfect score for both dealings of research force. This institution’s Department of computer science tends to benefit significantly from where it is situated in the heart of Silicon Valley, notably, the alumni of this high school’s computer science department have gone far in the world of technology and have head high in being a founder and co-founders of big company names which include Mozilla Firefox, Netflix, YouTube, Google, and Whatsapp, more also, there are great faculty members still found in the University today which consists of the Turing award winners.

  • 3. Carnegie Mellon University

Speaking of the best computer science schools in the world, we have the third-ranking school on the list; this University is located in Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania. This excellent computer science focused University is noted to consistently gain its strongest points in the QS World University Ranking subjecting to computer science and also earned a perfect score in the category of academic reputation. Profound researchers from this higher institution have been notably credited with improvements in different aspects of computer science which includes a computer network, programming languages, parallel processing, software engineering, robotics, as well as the invention of smiley faces.

  • 4. University of California

This higher institution is quite regarded for short as UCB, of course, this University happens to be situated in Berkeley, California. This University has consecutively retained its position as the fourth best computer Science University in the world and also the fourth position in the United States’ top best University for this said course, which makes the school quite unusual in the world of computer science. This University’s computer sciences and electrical engineering departments tend to offer two highly choosy undergraduate courses which are Bachelor of Science in EECS, which practically combines the rudiments of computer science and electrical engineering into one pack which gives students a hands-on, unique educational strategy.

  • 5. University of Cambridge

This is one of the ancient Universities that are into intense research and development of students capacity with a world standard approach.
In this university, you have various colleges and schools, and for you to enroll in this university, you have to write a direct exam to each of the colleges you ate interested in. We have various hands and technocratic people who have graduated from this eminent university.

  • 6. Harvard University

Popping up next as the fifth world best University for computer science is the great Harvard University, this University tends to gain its perfect score from its high reputation from employers across the globe, moreover, if you are a type that gets along with the world’s University ranking, this University is a famous University on the world’s list of general best University and now it has earned itself the fifth position on the world’s list of best computer science schools. The computer scientist present at this university is known to perform groundbreaking researches in systems and networks, computational theory, privacy and security, imaging, artificial intelligence, linguistics, and lots more. The computer science department in this University has reportedly announced their plans at expanding to the new state of the art facilities located in Allston in the year 2020.

  • 7. University of Oxford

Just the way this university is one of the most talked-about universities in the world, the same thing goes for the best approaches been used in the field to educate students.

This University has graduated over 250,000 students since the time of commencement of this university. They have their graduates doing well in the various field of life which ranges from the sports to level of professionalism in the course of study, different eminent professors, and gurus in the science and technology world.

This University always occurred and appear on the top-ranking number of most world universities ranking. To study computer science, you can do well by opt-in for this school, there are different standards you need to knock off to get to study here.

  • 8. Princeton University

The Princeton University is another unique University that proved to be great in offering computer science course; this University has been noted for greatness and standardized system of teaching as they are focused on breeding a set of outstanding computer scientist across the nation and the world as a whole.

  • 9. ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

This University has just an emblem in the heart of the world, the best university for science and technology. This university has grown wings and tentacles in world-class research and development, various innovations and technological advancements in numerous industries.

  • 10. National University of Singapore (NUS)

This University is among the heartbeat of Asia developments. With prolific researchers and world standard technically equipped individuals available in this university has helped the school have a cutting edge advances in technological innovations.

Their 17 schools which we can refer to as faculties has all of the courses you may wish to study in the world. You can register for this university to study computer science as you stand a chance to get develop beyond what you have ever barged for.

  • University of California, UCLA

Are you surprised to have this name pop up again? Well, this University is not the same University as the previously discussed University of California, now what’s the difference? The difference there is the fact that this University is located or situated in Los Angeles which is why it carries the name UCLA meaning University of California, Los Angeles and the fact that this University ranks seventh on this list, but with a similarity in name as they are both located in California, this renowned university is noted to be great in the aspect of computer science, more also, they tend to have a great interest in computer system hardware.

  • University of Washington

The University of Washington pops up next as the eight positions in the ranking of the best computer science schools in the world.  This spectacular University is known to obtain an impressive point for citation per paper and also known as one of the premier intensive researches University of the country. This University is noted to be the University of Paul G. Allen as it was opened in the year 2003 after the Microsoft’s co-founder Paul Allen has donated $14 million for the construction of the school of computer science and engineering of the University and now it stands tall at being the best computer science school in Washington.

  • Georgia Institute of Technology

Here we have another improved computer science university that has emerged from a back position to this present position to showcase its improvement capabilities in this area of study. This institution is majorly praised for its research impacts in the computer science education system. This institution could rank higher in the coming years concerning its fast-growing educational system.

  • California Institute of Technology

This University widely regarded as Caltech is in no doubt a great institution deemed best for computer science as it tends to be technology-focused University. Even though It pops up last, the University has proven itself to be great for the said course in different ways such as producing professionals in this field.

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Conclusion On The Top 10 Best Computer Science Universities In The World

Technology rules the world; therefore, technologists should emerge from the best schools for this course. However, most of these best computer science universities in the world are from the United States as there are notably 93 United states Universities in the list of the world’s 500 best computer science Universities, how amazing is that?

Technology is one of the major sectors of the world that cannot be neglected or ignored as they hold the soul keys of the world, without technology in our world today, life is technically boring, take for instance, back in those days whereby there was nothing like technology in the world, Will those days be compared to the modern tech-filled days? As at that time, there was practically nothing that even looks like a car not to talk of a car, and when I say car, I mean real exotic cars endowed with technology, following the use of vehicles, as at that time, I think the early 90s, the cars they can’t be used if you have no idea of where you are heading to, but modern technological cars have proved easy to use as you can quickly direct to a destination you have not been before without getting lost through the use of the technological GPS fixed in modern cars, all this are generally the works of a computer scientist, so why won’t there be a specific place where they are given quality education?  At these Universities, they even get to train by great computer scientist that became lecturers to keep the bloodline going or to keep the chain going down to generations to come. Generally, if these universities termed as the best in this field of study does not exist, then technology might be coming to an end gradually, but a big thanks to these Universities for keeping the cycle going as they tend to produce more professionals in this field of study across the world.

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