Top 20 Safest Countries In The World 2021

An update on the list of the Safest Countries In The World presently – Over the years, the world has become a more dangerous place. Many people now find different places to live and even travel to for holidays. If you are a traveler then you will know what I mean. When you want to make plans to visit any country, then you will have to know if that particular country you want to travel to OR even settle down is safe.

Many times, we often make mistakes about countries like we may say because a country is wealthy then it means they are safe, wealth does not actually make you happy as we all know but it breeds a more secure social environment. Research has been done and shown that countries that have a well-developed economy or people living in a rich country mostly enjoy security and definitely it’s true.

Many underdeveloped countries or even developing countries face lots of crime and violence which are mainly caused by the masses. All of these are a result of unemployment and even career criminals. I know you must be laughing when you saw that I mean the Career Criminals but some places in the world have such. Come to think of it, in a country where the citizens are unemployed there will be lots of violence and crime that will be taking place in that country and this will lead to the people being afraid and they will no longer feel safe, so they will have to relocate somewhere else where they know that they can have peace.

Walth does not actually mean a country will be safe. Although it’s actually a good way of solving security problems and all that. The list below will show us the list of the Top 20 safest countries in the world to live in or travel to for holidays.

Top 20 Safest Countries In The World To Live In Or  Travel To For Holidays

  • 1. Iceland

I know when you see this you might be shocked right, well topping this list is Iceland. This country is often referred to as a big country but with a small population of about 364,000 people. Now let’s look at the reason why Iceland is safe. Iceland has no army, the country has a murder rate of 0-1.5 per year, no violent crimes, police officers in the country do not carry guns and the people are equal. No matter their sex, they believe everyone is equal. Living in Iceland means you will have no class system the rich and the poor live side by side and even attend the same school. The country is number one in gender equality, they have a full 100% rate of literacy. This makes Iceland one of the safest places to live in the world.

  • 2. New Zealand 

Moving into New Zealand or even visiting there as a tourist, you are guaranteed safety. I am not saying there is no crime, but the rates are very low in New Zealand than in other countries. New Zealand is one place that is recommended for lots of tourists to stay in OR even come to visit. The people there are very loving and caring, the only danger expected from the country is animals, not actually wild animals but mainly the ones around you. The country is mostly noted for its wines.

  • 3. Portugal 

This country is known to possess rock-bottom rates of crime and their standard of living is very high. Portugal also possesses the heritage and culture to live and love together, the country offers a great view of scenic beauty. The pace of life is immensely relaxed and enjoyable.

With a Global Peace index of 1.274, you understand how Portugal placed at number 3 among the safest countries in the world presently. The country has a population of about 10.3 million people. Portugal is noted for its beaches, wines, football (Cristiano Ronaldo comes to mind), and their various bakeries among other interesting things.

  • 4. Austria 

Austria is actually a small country and they are taking the 4th spot on this list. Teenagers in Austria are given the freedom to vote. Travelling to this country does not mean you should drop your guard completely. You should know that areas which attract a high number of tourists lure local pickpocket, so tourists are advised to be careful. The Global Peace Index rate is currently 1.291 and a population of 8.9 million.

  • 5. Denmark 

Because of the high taxation rate, many believe that Denmark cannot be safe. Denmark is a very safe country, visitors to Denmark have little to worry about in terms of crime and women do not need to fear any kind of harassment. Although some cities like Copenhagen in Denmark which is rated as the largest city in the country and it’s also a very busy city face just little crime rates like pickpockets, but with the current research, you are assured that the city only has 0.3 homicides for every 100,000 residents. Denmark is actually a very safe place and the Global Peace Index ranks Denmark at 1.316.

  • 6. Canada 

Canada is currently the sixth most peaceful country in the world, this country has a very organized system and even low crime rates. Canada is a country that has a large number of immigrants every year and they still manage to maintain peace and order in the country. Canada also provides its citizens with the best health care. Currently, the country has a Global Peace Index of 1.327 and a population of approximately 37.6 million people.

  • 7. Singapore 

Singapore became a sovereign Republic in the year 1965. The country has maintained cordial economic and social relations. Singapore has the lowest rate of crime, global peace index rates the peace and safety of Singapore at 1.347. This country is also known as one of the most methodically arranged countries in the world. The country has lots of safe and healthy urban areas. Lots of tourists and travellers make Singapore their holiday destination, in Singapore the law and punishments are strict and offenders are punished severely. The country also keeps on working with the United Nations frequently and promotes global organizations in order to keep world peace.

  • 8. Slovenia 

Slovenian is a safe country but there are actually some things which you should know. The country puts up hefty gibes for little crimes which people commit when you disobey a rule in the country either on the road or whatever you are expected to pay a particular amount of fine which will be imposed on you. Slovenian has been ranked to be the best country for parents to raise their kids, the country is small and friendly and it’s based in Europe. The country mostly has lots of visitors and tourists and they have a good/Charming scenic view. The country actually makes you feel safe and secured. It has a diverse culture and low criminal activity.

  • 9. Japan 

This country has the 3rd largest economies in your world and their crime rate is very low. When you talk about the best transport system, technology and also well behaved and polite people, the Japanese have it all. The rate of crime, homicides, terrorist attack is very low. Japan is actually the first Asian country in this list and they are taking the number nine spot among the safest countries in the world to live in for tourism.

  • 10. Switzerland 

Here in this country, we have lots of educated folks, the government provides citizens with good health care and they also benefit from good-paying jobs. This country is also known for good banking and also skiing resort. Switzerland has a population of about 8.6 million people and currently the tenth most peaceful country in the world.

  • 11. Czech Republic 

This country has a low cost of living and crime rate is very low, but human development is also very high. The Czech Republic is famous for beer castles, outstanding medieval architecture, stunning, and widespread mineral springs. All of this attracts lots of tourists yearly and no doubt even being one of the safest the country attracts lots of pickpockets and also scammers especially Prague. But withstanding all that, the country is very safe.

  • 12. Ireland 

Ireland has been rated to be one of the safest countries in the world as it takes number twelveth on the list with a Global Peace Index of 1.390. The country is said to have a huge maternal side and love to welcome new guests if you are staying with a host you are sure to be treated as one of them. Ireland is one of the most pleasant countries in the world as lots of tourists and travelers go there yearly. We assure you that once you visit this country you will love it.

  • 13. Australia 

Many would not actually believe that Australia made it to this list despite its history for racism. This country has a population of 20 million people, the residents of the country are known to be very loving and caring. Australia offers a unique culture and tradition, has a low crime rate, and a political system that is stable and immensely provides good health care for its residents. Australia boasts of spectacular wildlife, the climate is pleasant and the country is known for having large numbers of tourists and travellers yearly in the country. Despite the case of racism, Australia is a very calm country and the global peace index rates in Australia at 1.419.

  • 14. Finland 

In Finland, there is no presence of corruption and there is a tiny probability of a distraction in class. This country is ranked as having the best system of education and also one of the calmest countries in the world. The country has long and chilly winters and this is very good for those who love the cold. The country has a population fo about 5.5 million people.

  • 15. Bhutan 

Probably you must have not heard of a country called Bhutan, actually, it’s a small Kingdom. Bhutan is actually a small country in South Asia. It used to be a state of monarchy. The people of this country are called the Bhutanese and they are very happy people, little or no crime takes place in the country, trust me they have a stupendous scenic beauty and a unique traditional culture.

  • 16. Malaysia

Malaysia has a global peace index of 1.529 and a population of about 31.5 million people presently. Its one of the peaceful countries you can live in with peace of mind. Malaysia is noted for its UNESCO heritage sites, cool beaches, financial hub – Kuala Lumpur, and elevated hill stations.

  • 17. Netherlands 

Famous for its canals, windmills, cheese markets, bulb fields, and its interesting water management, Netherlands has a global peace index of 1.530 and a population of about 17.3 million people presently. Its one of the peaceful countries you can live in with peace of mind.

  • 18. Sweden 

The crime rates in Sweden are very low and there are no health risks. In Sweden, there are no bad neighborhoods but you should keep in mind to keep away from the Stockholm central station at night. Actually, in Sweden, there are actually some cities in which you can stay out late at night, cities like Gothenburg and a few others.

During the snow period, citizens are advised not to travel or snow and ice which is regarded as very dangerous. In the city of Malmo in Sweden, over 200 people are being employed to keep the streets and public areas safe. Visitors are always welcome in Sweden. This country is also known as one of the top exporters of arms and weapons in the world, even with all of this the country is a very safe one. The country is known for its long winters and then there is also a good long leave which is provided to New parent’s which also makes it a good place to settle down in.

  • 19. Belgium 

This is actually a very small country, the population is not much and it is located in Europe. The capital of Belgium is Brussels. Brussels is the headquarters to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the headquarters to the European Union. Crime rates are very low in this country, the country is renewed for its chocolates, beer, and the legion days of rains. Over there in Belgium, they have some fairy tale castles which captures the eyes of the tourist and travellers who are coming into the country. Some villages and towns are also there, educational museums are also present. The people of Belgium are also known as friendly, caring and they are ready to help out. Belgium is known as one of the safest countries in the world.

  • 20. Norway

This country has a very low population of prison inmates, the highest measures of human development. In the country, robberies are extremely low, however, in the place of pickpockets, they operate in different places which are crowded like public transport. In Norway, it has been known that police do not even carry guns. Although some prostitute and drug dealers are always in one part. There are also some things which are legal in the country like begging and prostitution.

The government of Norway always gives priority to keeping peace within the country. The constitution also allows any person to camp or even hike anywhere they wish to. The Nobel peace center is also based there, so what do you expect from the country. The view is very beautiful and there are lots of splendid lakes and caves. The global peace index rates the level of peace in the country and safety at 1.536.

  • 20. Hungary 

Hungary is actually a country with a beautiful view and the right balance of lots to problems in the past, but now it’s clearly a safe country for people to live in. Hungary is actually a country that tourists and travellers visit along so they have enthralling palaces and castles, the country also has calm and peaceful lakes and Parks that would leave you amazed. They are actually some popular tourist attractions like the Matthias church, Vajdahunyed castle, Budapest zoo, botanical gardens, and so many other things. According to the Global Peace Index Hungary is rated as 1.540.

  • 21. Germany 

Ranking in the 21st position on the list of the safest countries in the world to live in, here in Germany. Crime in Germany is very rare as many citizens of the country are not threatened by terrorism. Some places Of Germany are also best to avoid as pickpockets can be a problem near some tourist landmarks. In Germany, begging is not uncommon in some large cities but not to a greater extent than in most major cities. In Germany, some beggars are organized in groups flashing cardboard sign very near to your body could be a pickpocket trick. In Germany, there are actually a few risks that you should watch out for which are mugging., scam risks, pickpockets risk, transport risks. Although It should be noted that all of these risks listed below are of a low rate. Travelling in Germany you are assured of your safety. The culture in Germany is very good and interesting their festivals are rated as one of a kind and trust me when you visit this country you will never want to come back.


Many times we all as individuals define safety in a wrong way. Now the question goes like this, what is Safety? From our own views or perspective, we see safety as the absence of terrorism, violence. Many people believes when it comes to safety we are also talking about natural disasters which occurs in different parts of the world. When it comes to the point of natural disasters we often see that no one can escape that, no country is capable of avoiding such. Natural disasters are from Mother Nature so it’s quite funny if we think that we should define safety as the absence of Natural disaster.

Being safe or rather for a country to be safe requires lots of things. Now let’s take a look at this. What the situation or economy of a country is stable there will be no terrorism. Now let’s take a look at it this way, for a country to be safe the economy has to be stable people have to do things to be able to keep themselves busy it’s only someone who is idle that will think of terrorizing a country he or she lives in.

If you are following this article from the beginning you will see where I said Wealth does not actually mean a country will be safe. Although it’s actually a good way of solving security problems and all that.

In conclusion, the top 20 safest countries in the world to travel to or live in have been ranked as the safest according to the Global Index. Tourists can now enjoy lots of safe countries as they move from one country to another.