Peace and security are priority factors to consider before going anywhere. The safest countries in the world are therefore some of the most attractive destinations for international visitors, and also for those looking to make long-term business investments. Of course, general perception goes a long way in determining what countries are considered peaceful, but there are actual metrics such as a number of internal and external conflicts currently engaged in, crime rate, level of perceived criminality in the country, and degree of political instability.

Those metrics, in combination with other factors such as how friendly the people are towards outsiders, the number of tourists coming into the country every year, and the general hearsay surrounding the country can help one reach a conclusion about whether or not a country is safe.

Nevertheless, not all countries enjoy the same level of security; some are perceived over time to be safer than others.

Top 20 Safest Countries In The World

1. Iceland                

Iceland has traditionally been a peaceful country; it has not been involved in any dispute or conflict for a very long time. As a matter of fact; sitting in its position in Northern Europe, Iceland is not very concerned with international politics.

Society is not radicalized, and the pace of life is very calm. Iceland also has a great sense of community; the people have cultural celebrations that are very well attended by people from all walks of life.

Iceland has no army, the country has a murder rate of 0-1.5 per year, no violent crimes, police officers in the country do not carry guns and the people are equal. Living in Iceland means you will have no class system the rich and the poor live side by side and even attend the same school. The country is number one in gender equality, they have a full 100% rate of literacy. This makes Iceland one of the safest places to live in the world.

2. The United Arab Emirates   

The UAE is now the gateway to the Middle East. The country has been very peaceful since the 1950s and has become a very important place for business and trade. There have been billions of dollars in investments in the UAE; the government has done a lot to market the country as a modern place; accessible to people from all over the world.

Dubai, for example, is an important hub for trade; companies dealing in fashion, electronics, jewelry, and so on, choose Dubai as their trade post of choice because traders from Africa and Asia come to the city to make bulk purchases. The hospitality industry in Dubai is very good, and the people are quite friendly.

3. Qatar    

The Kingdom of Qatar is a popular one; this is one of the modern countries in the Middle East. The Royal Family has done much to open up the country within the last few years; investments including real estate, hotels and resorts, medical facilities, and standard aviation industry are some of the investments that have been made in Qatar to make it attractive.

The country even hosts a yearly car racing competition; The Qatar Rally is a well-recognized international competition.

4. Singapore          

Singapore is one of Asia’s rapidly growing economies; it is known for technology, banking, education, and commerce. Singapore is largely accepted to be a very peaceful country; it largely stays away from international conflict, and also it is not engaged with any other country in any territorial dispute.

Singapore became a sovereign Republic in the year 1965. The country has maintained cordial economic and social relations. Singapore has the lowest rate of crime, the global peace index rates the peace and safety of Singapore at 1.347. This country is also known as one of the most methodically arranged countries in the world. The country has lots of safe and healthy urban areas. Lots of tourists and travellers make Singapore their holiday destination, in Singapore the law and punishments are strict and offenders are punished severely. The country also keeps on working with the United Nations frequently and promotes global organizations in order to keep world peace.

5. Finland                

Finland is a Northern European country; it is without a doubt one of the safest countries in the world because the country has no interest in international conflict, no intentions of the proliferation of nuclear weapons, and a very low crime rate. Finland is focusing on creating a high quality of life for its citizens; education, health, and transportation are subsidized by the government.

In Finland, there is no presence of corruption and there is a tiny probability of a distraction in class. This country is ranked as having the best system of education and also one of the calmest countries in the world. The country has long and chilly winters and this is very good for those who love the cold.

6. Mongolia

Mongolia is a country that is very close to China. This is one of the most peaceful places in the world; a land where the people still live in accordance to ancient traditions.

Most people in Mongolia still get around by horseback, they do not use firearms, and they raise sheep and other livestock for food. Mongolians are very keen on their customs; they have festivals during which the people gather in large numbers, sing, dance, and take part in wrestling contests.

7. Norway

The Kingdom of Norway is one of the Nordic countries of Northern Europe; it is one of the most attractive places in the world because it is safe, peaceful, and has a very high human index.

Education is compulsory by law in Norway, and the government provides it free for most citizens. Norway is one of the most in-demand travel destinations; people from all over the world love to come to Norway for immigration, work, school, and also for tourism.

Norway has a very rich history; the culture is celebrated with festivals that feature eating, drinking, dancing, storytelling, and other activities.

The government of Norway always gives priority to keeping peace within the country. The constitution also allows any person to camp or even hike anywhere they wish to. The Nobel peace center is also based there, so what do you expect from the country. The view is very beautiful and there are lots of splendid lakes and caves.

8. Denmark            

Denmark is another Nordic country in Northern Europe. The country is very well organized; very peaceful, and very rich. Denmark is a country that has no interest in international politics; rather than increase the size and capacity of their army, they have spent money to build infrastructures such as power plants, hospitals, schools, and others. The country has one of the biggest sovereign wealth funds; through which investments for the future are made.

Because of the high taxation rate, many believe that Denmark cannot be safe. Denmark is a very safe country, visitors to Denmark have little to worry about in terms of crime and women do not need to fear any kind of harassment. Although some cities like Copenhagen in Denmark which is rated as the largest city in the country and it’s also a very busy city face just little crime rates like pickpockets, with the current research, you are assured that the city only has 0.3 homicides for every 100,000 residents. Denmark is actually a very safe place and the Global Peace Index ranks Denmark at 1.316.

9. Canada

Canada is a calm and beautiful place; one of the most peaceful countries in the world. Canada is located in North America, and shares a border with the USA.

But despite this; it has not assimilated the negative aspects of American culture. Canada is like a new country; a land of opportunity, open to people from all corners of the world, as long as they are willing to contribute to the economy of their new country.

Canada has a very organized system and even low crime rates. Canada is a country that has a large number of immigrants every year and they still manage to maintain peace and order in the country. Canada also provides its citizens with the best health care.

10. New Zealand    

New Zealand is a country in the Pacific Ocean, very close to Australia with which it is closely associated. New Zealand is still very much connected to the politics of Britain, but this is a very peaceful country.

New Zealand is an open society; one that does not discriminate based on a person’s ethnicity or religion. New Zealand is a peaceful country; there is a very minimal crime rate; and the people enjoy a high quality of life.

Moving into New Zealand or even visiting there as a tourist, you are guaranteed safety. I am not saying there is no crime, but the rates are very low in New Zealand than in other countries. New Zealand is one place that is recommended for lots of tourists to stay in OR even come to visit. The people there are very loving and caring, the only danger expected from the country is animals, not actually wild animals but mainly the ones around you. The country is mostly noted for its wines.

11. Australia             

Australia; is one of the most peaceful places on earth; it has very little to do with the wars and politics of the world.

Australia, like New Zealand is a vestige of Britain, and like Canada, it is like a new land of opportunity; one that encourages people from all over the world to come with their skills, talents and money to participate in its economy.

Australia has a very low crime rate; a very good and diversified economy, and a society that is adventurous and playful. This is possibly the best place in the world to work and live.

Many would not actually believe that Australia made it to this list despite its history for racism. This country has a population of 20 million people, the residents of the country are known to be very loving and caring.

Australia offers a unique culture and tradition, has a low crime rate, and a political system that is stable and immensely provides good health care for its residents. Australia boasts of spectacular wildlife, the climate is pleasant and the country is known for having large numbers of tourists and travellers yearly in the country. Despite the case of racism, Australia is a very calm country and the global peace index rates in Australia at 1.419.

12. Bahrain

The Kingdom of Bahrain is located in Western Asia. This is an Island country that comprises about 83 islands, and that is a famous location for tourism.

The people of Bahrain are too busy building their country to get involved in the politics of the world. Bahrain has been the site if an ancient civilization; even before conquest by Alexander the Great, this has been a peaceful hub of commerce. The country was famous for its pearls during ancient times, and continues to be a significant port for pearls as well as other jewels.

13. Cyprus

Cyprus is a country in Europe; actually in the Mediterranean. It is a small country of about 1.2 million people; and one that is not a war zone in any sense of the word. The country is a peaceful one; and has good relationships with its neighbors Syria and Turkey. The country is visited by tourists, investors, and by people researching ancient Greek culture. Cyprus is a very interesting place indeed.

14. Switzerland       

Switzerland is a mountainous country in Europe. This country is regarded as one of the safest places in the world because it is very peaceful. Even during the Second World War, it was neutral territory, and has largely continued with the tradition of staying away from warfare. Switzerland has a very high standard of living; its citizens live in peace, comfort and security.

The country is rich in culture; Switzerland has been an important place since ancient times when it interacted with the Roman Empire. This is now a favorite location for tourists and researchers from all over the world. The Swiss banking system is also legendary throughout the world.  

15. Austria                

Austria is a country in Europe, which has largely been at peace since the Second World War. The country is a mountainous place; great for education, studying European culture, and holiday making. Austria has a very low crime rate; the people are educated and employed, and so have very little reason to venture into crime.

Austria is actually a small country, teenagers in Austria are given the freedom to vote. Travelling to this country does not mean you should drop your guard completely. You should know that areas which attract a high number of tourists lure local pickpocket, so tourists are advised to be careful.

16. Estonia                

Estonia is a country in northern Europe. The country is one of the most diverse places on earth; there are forests, beaches, castles, churches, and fortresses all over the country- making it one of the most unique places in the world.

Thankfully, the country has no nuclear weapons, and is not involved in any wars. This beautiful country that is frequented by tourists has a very low crime rate as well.

17. South Korea      

South Korea is still technically at war with North Korea; but there has been a cease fire for almost 30 years. The country is not engaged in any form of hostility; but has spent its time and energy making solid investments for the future. Korea has a good and diversified economy and is home to hundreds of thousands of foreigners including students and workers.

18. Kuwait

Kuwait is an oil rich country in the Persian Gulf. The country is largely peaceful, even though it has recently been involved in a skirmish as it was invaded by a league of Arab countries.

Nevertheless, the country has very little internal strife, and a very low crime rate. Kuwait is therefore considered one of the safest places in the world.

19. Saudi Arabia     

Saudi Arabia is a model country to much of the Arab World. This country was established via a treaty with Britain several generations ago, and has now become a wealthy country, with a high standard of living, where citizens enjoy peace and comfort.

Saudi Arabia receives millions of visitors every year; it is a hub for Islamic Pilgrimage. These Pilgrimages are conducted peacefully, showing how safe the country is.

20. Germany            

Germany is one of the most well-organized places in the world. This European country has been at peace since the close of the Second World War and has since focused its energy on building infrastructure, developing its economy, and providing a good standard of living for its citizens.

Germany is a hub of technology development, education, and medical research. The country is also very rich in culture.

Germany is host to millions of people who come in to study, to work, and also to experience its rich culture.



The safest countries in the world are mostly in Europe; this is the continent with the highest human development index, where the people are educated, productive, and cared for by their governments.

They are therefore less likely to cause or resort to violence to be heard. It is, therefore, no surprise that most people want to travel to Europe where they can find opportunities to better themselves.

Wealth does not actually mean a country will be safe. Although it’s actually a good way of solving security problems and all that. The list below will show us the list of the Top 20 safest countries in the world to live in or travel to for holidays. Being safe or rather for a country to be safe requires lots of things.