Education is one of the vital factors that contribute to the progress of society. However, it is sad that the governments of some countries barely pay attention to the academic needs of the masses.

Across the world, some countries (such as Japan and South Korea) have progressively maintained remarkable positions within the category of education systems. Meanwhile, we’ve compared various global countries based on the advantages and disadvantages of their education systems and finally, we provide you a review on the most educated countries in the world.

The Most Educated Country In The World

Top 20 Most Educated Countries In The World

  • 1. Japan

For three consecutive quarters, Japan has remained the best country in terms of education. Regarded as the country with the best education system in the world, Japan merits this spot as its government vigorously pumps substantial funds into the academic sector. Moreover, the Japanese education system adopts sophisticated technology in imparting knowledge to students.

  • 2. South Korea

South Korea outclasses Japan based on some of the criteria for ranking the world’s best education systems. However, Japan still claims the first spot (above South Korea and other countries) in view of its massive spending aimed at promoting early childhood education. Therefore, South Korea maintains the second spot just behind its toughest counterpart –Japan.

  • 3. United Kingdom

UK actually merits a top position on this list majorly as a result of its steady academic advancement. At the same time, the United Kingdom has the best education system in the entirety of Europe. Each of the members (such as England and Wales) under the United Kingdom has contributed immensely to the academic phase of the country and this is actually why UK deserves no less than the third position among the world’s most educated countries.

  • 4. Singapore

Singapore is best rated for its impressive primary education and this has given it a significant edge in the attempt to outclass UK’s education system. For considerable years, Singapore has maintained a remarkable education system and records show that the country’s education system might displace that of the United Kingdom anytime soon.

  • 5. Russia

To some people, Russia should have claimed a greater rank than the fifth position –or simply considered the most educated country in the world. With a lack of adequate spending on childhood education being its major weakness, some observers believe Russia doesn’t deserve anything above the fifth position.

  • 6. Finland

Looking at each of the criteria for ranking the most educated countries, Finland misses out on the first position but again, the country has managed to appear among the top 20 countries with the best education system due to its considerable investment in education. Also noteworthy is that Finland isn’t ranked beyond the sixth position due to its childhood education that lacks adequate standards.

  • 7. Canada

Canada should have merited more than this position but the fact that the country barely pays attention to adequate childhood education has deprived it of a much better global academic stance. Significantly, Canada is the highest producer of college graduates across the globe and this is obviously why the country is worthy of mention herein.

  • 8. Netherlands

On a certain ground, Netherland should have claimed a better position at the expense of the countries above but its inadequate out-turn of high school graduates reduces its academic prestige and deprives it of a better rate. On the other hand, Netherland spends massively in promoting early childhood education but this alone is not enough to give the country a position better than this.

  • 9. Ireland

Although Ireland’s education system is associated with some advancement, the country doesn’t merit any position better than this because its government hardly focuses on the swift development of early childhood education. If the Irish government could fortify the country’s early childhood education, Ireland would bridge its competition amidst the other countries ranked above it.

  • 10. Israel

Finland is believed to have adopted the Israeli education system in modifying its own system of providing education. Meanwhile, Israel is restricted to the tenth position majorly because its government is yet to invest considerably in the advancement of early childhood education.

  • 11. China

As regards China’s gargantuan population (regarded as the largest in the world), the country is considered one of the global largest education systems. Impressively, the Chinese academic sector still manages to appear in the category of the world’s best education systems. However, China doesn’t make the Top 10 mainly because the Chinese government spends less on early childhood education. Also, there is no massive number of students competing for high school enrollments.

  • 12. New Zealand

New Zealand is associated with poor academic performances at the primary level and unfortunately, this constitutes the reasons why the country is never on a par with either of the countries ranked among the top 10 best educated countries in the world.

  • 13. Norway

Like New Zealand, Norway is restricted to a lower position because it is largely associated with poor academic performances at the primary level. If not for this drawback, Norway should have ranked higher than this because its other academic levels show excellence.

  • 14. Belgium

Initially, Belgium’s education system showed some excellent performance but at a later time, the Belgian government reduced its academic investment. Consequently, the Belgian education system was driven backwards.

  • 15. Germany

Undoubtedly, Germany is one of the world’s most powerful countries and it is believed that this should have a significant impact on the country’s education system. But unfortunately, the German governmment has failed to keep social change within its grips and this has reduced the academic prestige of Germany.

  • 16. Denmark

Denmark is rather brilliant in the aspect of childhood education, the country is still observed as maintaining average standards in all academic levels and this is why it isn’t worth being ranked high.

  • 17. Estonia

Estonia has been doing well in both early childhood and primary aspects of education. Meanwhile, it is quite surprising that the country manages to rank better than the United States in terms of education.

  • 18. U.S.A

Some observers might frown at the certainty that the United States of America is kept within the 18th position as regards the most educated countries in the world. Although the United States has global influence and is considered one of the richest countries, it is yet to focus highly on early childhood education and improve on its out-turn of high school graduates.

  • 19. France

France claims a significant point in terms of early childhood education. However, it has failed to rank well on this list due to its negligence towards the other academic levels such as high education. Consequently, the country hasn’t achieved any remarkable feat beyond early childhood education.

  • 20. Portugal

Portugal should have ranked well if not for the setbacks the European Union has posed to it. As a result of this, the country is plagued by a controversial out-turn of high school graduates. Without any doubt, Portugal claims the last and twentieth spot on the list of top 20 best education systems in the world.

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