Religious conflicts in Nigeria are prevalent, owing to a number of reasons. The Jos crisis, book haram terrorist attacks are examples of the various religious crises that have plagued the country in recent times. Here we briefly examine the root causes of the religious crisis in Nigeria and how they can be mitigated. It is often argued that a religious crisis is more political than religious.

Causes Of Religious Conflicts In Nigeria

  • 1. Poverty

Poverty: The high rate of poverty is a common cause of the religious crisis. Poor people have little or no access to proper education. Poor youths are taken advantage of by people that want to cause chaos in the country. They are taught doctrines that are based on violence and murder all in the name of religion. Since the poor are not really exposed, they accept such doctrines hook line and sinker. Youths are made suicide bombers after being enticed with money for their families and assured of a heavenly reward. This is predominant in the Northern part of the country.

  • 2. Mass Unemployment 

Mass Unemployment: Idle educated youths are also used as tools to wreak havoc. Idleness exposes them to bad doctrines. They become easy to be bribed and bought over.

  • 3. Fear of Domination And Intolerance

Fear of domination and intolerance are key causes of religious conflicts in Nigeria: Religious crises can also come about when it seems the dominant religious group in a particular area is afraid of domination by the other. This can be due to an increase in the population of the other religious group. An example is the frequent Jos crisis between Christians and Muslims.

  • 4. Division Between Indigenes And Settlers 

The division between indigenes and settlers is also among the major causes of religious conflicts in Nigeria: Indigenes of a particular place prefer settlers that are of the same religion to settlers of a different religion. In the event that it seems most of the settlers are practicing a different religion from that of the settlers, there is usually a conflict between the two religious factions.

  • 5. Poor Security 

Poor Security: The security system of the country is so porous and disorganized. Hence the failure on the part of security agents to curtail conflicts when they arise.


  • 1. Dialogue 

Dialogue: Religious groups, indigenes, and settlers should always resort to dialogue and mediation if any issue arises between such groups. this will prevent crisis and unwanted religious violence in Nigeria

  • 2. Sanctity Of Life 

All religions should always preach about the sanctity of life. God is not to be portrayed as a God who delights in the death of his creation.

  • 3. Improved Security 

Improved Security: The government should work more on improving the security system of the country. This is to ensure adequate protection of lives and property.

  • 4. Job Creation

Job Creation: Youths should be taught how to start up their own business. This increases creativity and engages youths. The government can also work on avenues to create more jobs. This should be done with a view of reducing the poverty rate.

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