Ranking of the best business schools in the UK – The United Kingdom is known to house some of the top Business Schools in the world. Most of these business schools have been ranked and charted consistently among the Top Best not just in the UK but in Europe and the World. It is unarguable that UK Business Schools produce some of the best businessmen and women in the world.

Obtaining a degree in business, management, or finance from any of these top business schools can land you a lucrative career in financial service, banking, or any corporate organization. Many individuals are surfing the net seeking for the Top 10 Best Business Universities In UK, and that’s what this article will be doing justice to.

Top 10 Best Business Schools In The UK 2020

 Rank No.  School Name  Location
 1.  London Business School  London
 2.  Judge Business School  South England
 3.  Said Business School  Oxford, England
 4.  Alliance Manchester Business School  North England
 5.  Warwick Business School  Coventry, England
 6.  Cass Business School  London
 7.  Imperial College Business School  London
 8.  Cranfield School of Management  Cranfield, England
 9.  Durham University Business School  Durham, England
 10.  Lancaster University Management School  Lancanster, England

Business schools in the UK are highly patronized annually by hundreds of thousands of students because of the quality business program and training that the institutions offer. Without further ado, below is the list;

Top Ten Best Business Universities in the UK 2020

  • 1. London Business School (University of London)

London Business School is regarded constantly as the Best Business School in the UK as well as number one in Europe for four years. The school is famous for offering postgraduate finance and management. The institution was established in 1964. The institution is a member of the University of London.

London Business School offers graduate programs in finance and administration; it is famous for its postgraduate finance and management program as well as the Master of Business Administration. Over 2000 students from various countries around the world graduate from the school every year. this University top the list of our Top 10 Best Business Schools in the UK.

  • 2. Judge Business School (University of Cambridge)

Second, on the list is the University of Cambridge Judge Business School. Judge Business School is the business branch of the University, which is one of the oldest universities in the world. it is located in southern England and was established in 1990 but has grown to be among one of the formidable Business School in the UK.

Judge Business School is popularly known for its Executive MBA, Entrepreneurship and innovation management programme. Also, it has numerous master’s degree programs which are considered to be among the top 20 business programs in the world. In addition to the facilities of the school, it has 14 research centers.

  • 3. Said Business School (University of Oxford)

This business school was established in 1990 located in Oxford and a business school at Oxford University which is accolade as one of the Best Universities in the UK and globally. The school was established with the aim of teaching management and research to its students.

Said Business School is among one of the Best Business School in the UK that offers quality business and management program, it is known for the undergraduate MSc Financial Economics, MBA and EMBA, MSc Law and Finance, and DPhil Management studies program. The school ensures that tutors mentor the students closely during their studies as well as maintaining close cooperation with each organization involved in the education process.

  • 4. Alliance Manchester Business School (University of Manchester)

This school is popular for the MBA, Business and economics program it offers. It was established in 1965 as the Business School of the University of Manchester with the aim of providing a quality program that will aid students to become efficient businessmen.

Alliance Manchester Business School is ranked number 10th in Europe by the Financial Times Survey. To achieve its vision, the school has 14 undergraduate programs with industrial experience, 16 postgraduate programs, and a flexible MBA programme and also among the business schools that have research facilities.

  • 5. Warwick Business School (Warwick University)

Fifth on our list is Warwick Business School which is the Business School of the prestigious Warwick University, and it was established in 1967. The school offers over ten undergraduate programs and 15 postgraduate programs including a full-time MBA as well as a Ph.D. program.

Warwick Business School is known worldwide for its unique and excellent study programs which is targeted toward students the deepest training of the practice of business management as well as producing quality people in business and is one of the most sought-after business schools in the world.

  • 6. Cass Business School (City University London)

Occupying the sixth position is Cass Business School which serves as the business department of the City University London. The School came to existence in 1966 as City, University of London’s business school, but the name was changed in 2002 prior to a donation from the Sir John Cass Foundation and was opened officially under its new name in 2003 by Queen Elizabeth II. and has since then grown to be among the Best Business Schools in the UK, Europe, and the world.

Cass Business School offers courses in finance, investment, management, entrepreneurship, insurance, risk management, and more. Also, it holds triple accreditation from the AACSB, AMBA, and EQUIS. Cass Business School’s international coverage is extensive and vital having a dual campus in Dubai to service the Middle East as well as delivering modules and study trips around the world and also recruiting students and academics from different nations and backgrounds.

  • 7. Imperial College Business School (Cambridge University)

Imperial College Business School is the Business Branch of Cambridge University which is currently the ninth-best university in the world. in the year 2003 Imperial College Business School was established, and this school is ranked the 45th best Business School on the World.

Imperial College Business School has triple accreditation from AMBA, AACSB, and EQUIS and attracts a huge number of international students each year. The school does not offer any undergraduate course but offers numerous master’s degree program which are the Imperial MBA, Imperial Executive MBA, Global MBA, joint Master’s program, and a Doctoral programme and also training involves both theory and practice which is aimed at exposing students to real business situations.

  • 8. Cranfield School of Management (Cranfield University)

Cranfield School of Management is part of Cranfield University and one of the oldest business schools located in the UK. The school is popular for the Logistics and Supply Chain Management, MBA programs which is the best in the world.

Cranfield School of Management was established in 1967 and has grown to be regularly ranked among the top 15 business schools in Europe as well as the top 20 in the world. The school is entirely a postgraduate institution that offers MBA, MSc, DBA, and Ph.D. Also, the school focuses mainly on research to ensure students get the real touch with business needs.

  • 9. Durham University Business School (Durham University)

Second to last on our list of best business schools in the UK is Durham University Business School which is the business school of Durham University, the fifth-best university in the UK. The business school also holds triple accreditation from AACSB, AMBA, and EQUIS.

Durham University Business School offers a Master’s degree program in business fields such as accounting, economics, finance, Islamic finance, management and marketing and also MBA program which is designed to transform students into business leaders. The main program focused on includes Accounting and Finance, Marketing, Strategic Management, and more. Students have an option to personalize the MBA with different pathways such as entrepreneurship, consultancy, or technology.

  • 10. Lancaster University Management School (Lancaster University)

Last on the list is the Lancaster University Management School (LUMS) which is among the few schools in the world that has a quadruple accreditation including the AACSB, AMBA, and EQUIS.

The Lancaster MBA program is ranked the 6th best in the UK and 42nd globally. Provision for international students is made by the school through its specialist International Student Advisory Service who informs the students about obtaining visas, traveling to Lancaster, planning costs and pre-arrival information.

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Conclusion on Top Ten Best Business Schools in the UK 2020

Those are the Top 10 Best Business Universities In UK. Obtaining an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in Amy of this Business school is worth it as you are guaranteed to be trained by experts and experienced tutors selected from around the world and more so you are guaranteed a high profile job having graduated from this institutions because they are duly accredited and are recognized worldwide.

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