Top 10 Richest Houses In The World 2019 – A home is a place where you can get all the comfort you need on earth, and to an extent, the top 10 richest houses in the world, pave way for more than comfort, as they also give peace of mind to a very large extent. In the olden days, people were better off with their mud houses close to the stream, at night, they had an artificial air conditioner that helped them to make love in peace at night, but soon enough, technology took over everything.

People began to feel uncomfortable, staying in a house that only has mud plastered all over the wall, they began to become more enlightened about the kind of home they wanted to live in. Time and time again, people thought about the kinds of houses they wanted to live in, and how the structure of the house is to be.

At a point in time, people began to build houses known as skyscrapers, this new invention was the new deal that everyone wanted to have no matter what, but choice differs when it comes to people. Some people want a home that feels homely, with a lot of luxury and a lot of things to make life easier for them, some other people are all about the luxury and would love for people to be impressed when they step into the doors of their homes, that is if, they even have door.

Some people make use of lifts to enter into their apartments, while some other people have glass frames surrounding every inch of their home that they need only touch a button on the remote control to open or shut it completely.

Like it was earlier stated, people want different things when it comes to how their homes should be, and how it should look like. Some people prefer the elaborate view, while some people look for something that is comfy and very natural for them.

This article would look into the world’s top 10 richest houses in the world, and how they look and what they are worth would be generally talked about in the article. This would help to give readers insight into the way people who have been tagged to own the richest homes, present their homes in general. This would also help readers to know who really is fit to be tag rich fellow when it comes to wealth.

Picking out the top 10 richest homes, does not in any way mean that other homes do not cut it or are not luxurious enough, this just simply means that these set of people have invested largely in their homes more than anyone in the world, and though they have enjoyed every bit of living in such a luxurious house, people have to know how rich these houses are just in case an argument springs up at work or at the gym about the richest homes in the world, then as one who has had the opportunity of reading this article, you would be able to confidently defend your stand and point of view and discern wisely amongst your friends. Do thank us later for this added knowledge to your pile.



This house relatively costs nothing less in digit than $1000,000,000. Picking from the amount spent on this house, you should already know why it is listed as the number one richest house in the world, not in the state or in the city of London, but in the world as a whole.

Antillia is also regarded as the 1-billion-dollar home, which is expensive in look, style and even in structure. This lovely home is situated in Mumbai city, and it is everything you think it to be in your heart and mind. The home is a 27-story building, and it has 6 large floors for parking.

You begin to wonder how many centuries it took to come up with such a large building. There are a lot of luxurious things like the Jacuzzi, ballroom which is dancing, and a lot of bedrooms with bathrooms. The place is said to be affiliated with an Indian tradition known as Vastu Shastra, which means positive energy. Every floor of the building has its own style and design, and it just gets better when you go from floor to floor.

Antilia – The Richest House In The World

This home has been talked about for so long by many different people in different parts of the world, and so many people wish to see for themselves how mighty this house is. When next you visit Mumbai in India, make it a point of duty to grace your eyes with this building, and you would understand what is being talked about.


VILLA LEOPOLDA – Among The Richest Houses In The World

This home was built with $736 Million and is ranked the second richest home in the world. The home was owned by a Belgium King known as Leopold II in the year 1902. You can find this home on the French Riviera, and it was later bought by a billionaire who is a Russian, and he was known as Prokhorov.

Although this billionaire met with a major loss when the economy crashed, he had enough money to purchase this house and paid in full. People often said that the garden in the home is so large that it requires 50 gardeners to keep it tidy. The home is a 27-story building home, and it has a total of 19 bedrooms inside it, with well-furnished and mind-blowing bathrooms that are large enough to be a house.



This house is worth and was built with a total of $198 million, and it is listed as the third richest house in the world. The home is owned by Ari Rennert, and he is part of the Orthodox Synagogue, as he is a chairman.

He caused a lot of ruckuses when he built such a large home in the city of Sagaponack New York, and though people could not believe how he could cover a large space of residential areas, soon they began to see the beauty in the home.

Some people were enraged, as they believed that Ari Rennert wanted to use the home as a spa or a hotel, but Ari Rennert told them that he was not interested in that lot, and rather he built the house for himself and his family to live in as a home. They later apologized to him, and definitely let the house stand.  The house is said to be a very vulnerable house, and it has a total of 29 bedrooms and a total of 39 bathrooms. There is also a basketball court, two tennis courts, and two squash courts.


THE HEARST MANSION – Among The Richest Houses In The World

This house was built with a sum total of $165 million, and it is ranked as the fourth on the list of the richest houses in the world. Without further ado, this home was the home used in the movie titled “The Godfather”, a honeymoon took place in this home by JFK, and this home is said to be the most expensive home in the United States of America. There is a total of 29 bedrooms in this home and it has 3 different swimming pools, which means that you can host multiple pool parties in the home without disturbing one another.



This home cost a total of $161 million, and it is on the list of top 10 richest homes in the world, occupying the fifth position. The way to the swimming pool is very narrow as it is located underground, and there is a total of 10 bedrooms in this home.

The home is made up of five-story buildings, and it also owns a movie theatre. The house has a lot of fancy and bright looking designs in it, and people cannot just get enough of it. The house is situated in London City.


Just as the name implies, it is a pinnacle to behold. It cost about $155 million, and it occupies the seat of the sixth most expensive home in the world. The owner if this home is Tim Blixseth, and it is located in Montana.

This house has unique features and lovely designs, and it also owns a lift that takes people to a ski resort from the house.

  • 7. THE MANOR

Have you ever heard of The Manor? it cost about $150 million, this is a residential estate in the USA, and it is the most expensive one in the USA.

The owner if this home is Aaron Spelling, and has a square foot of about 56,000. There is a whole wing in the house, that covers only Aaron Spelling wife’s wardrobe, and it also has a bowling area in it.


French people always make the list no matter what. Coming in eight positions among the richest houses in the world, this home was built with a whopping sum of $125 million. It is a 41,000 square feet home. There is just one surprising thing about this house, and that is; it owns 15 complete bedrooms and zero amount of bathrooms which is more than surprising.


This home is ranked number 9 on the list of richest houses in the world, and it cost about $100 million. This is a single-family home, and it owns about 5 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms.

Judging from the number of bedrooms, you would think that this home does not cut this list, but it does in every single way. There is pool outside the house, and there is one inside the house, just in case you are too lazy to make it outside. The home is fancy and very homely too.


This house is the last and one of the richest houses in the world, and it cost about $95 million. Can you guess who owns this home? That is right! It is owned by the current president of United States of America, known as Donald Trump. The home includes 18 bedrooms and has a large number of bathrooms which is 22 in number.

Donald Trump’s ex-wife Elena Rybolovlev demanded this house during their divorce when she accused him of infidelity, and this house would no doubt be dream come true for so many.



Looking at how expensive all these houses are, and the types of designs they all have, it is very imaginable what the next few decades would be like when it comes to houses and how they are built.

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