Top 10 Best Automatic Gearbox In The World 2019 – There is a huge difference between manual and automatic. It is not that the manual things are underrated or put aside, there is just a very clear difference between manual and automatic. While the manual is operated in a very old-fashioned way, automatic has better features and has the capacity to undergo better things compared to the manual. { Best Automatic Gearbox In The World }. We would not only be talking vaguely about automatic and manual, rather, but this article would also base its findings and facts on automatic gearboxes that are the best and the fastest in the world.

Before moving forward to talk about the top 10 best cars that own the best automatic gearbox in the world, it would be better to have an in-depth understanding of what a gearbox really is. So many people have called it so many names in time past, and when the world was still operating on a low technological knowledge, the use of a gearbox was not really identified in care.

Which Cars Have The Best Automatic Gear Box In The World?

Many people just knew that they bought cars, and instead of spending time walking like the early fathers in the oldest generations did, it was better to sit comfortably inside something that could take you from place to place without getting tired or getting worn out for no reason. It did not really matter, if the car moved almost at the same pace that the legs did or at the same pace that the bicycle did, people just loved the idea of having a car that could serve as a means of transport for them. Aside from a car, one wonders if the fastest means of transportation in the olden days that has nothing to do with technology was the horse.

Many people who could afford a horse could ride all day long from one place to another without stopping, but this did not still seem to solve the problem for a lot of people concerning transportation. In other words, a fast horse was still not enough for a number of people. People wanted to make and invent, they did not want to dwell on what was handed to them from the past, they also did not want to remain in the shadows and be regarded as a generation that lived off of their forefathers for everything. It was ideally a matter of a general that wanted their existence to count no matter what. It was a matter of making every bit of their existence worth it, and so technology was birth into the world.

Best Automatic Gearbox In The World

Some say it is a coincidence, but others say that a new generation who did not want to accustom themselves to an old-fashioned way, are the ones that came together and started thinking in a new dimension. It was soon discovered that it was not even about beating the older generation to their game, it was solely about a generation wanting to make a difference no matter what. We cannot say that the way it used to be in the past was not the best for them, but we can say that it was definitely not the best for us, as we have found new and even better things for ourselves.

Different generations have experienced different parts of technology, and usually, what people would say is, “it was the best I ever had”. The best has however been yet to come. Many cars have been made in the past few years, some have turned out to have better features than the other, and others have come out looking sleek and almost every man’s choice.

People, however, have different tastes when it comes to cars, it depends on speed most times, and other times it has to do with the kind of features that they operate. Some people loved peace and quiet when it came to driving, but some other people began to seek for cars that had one of the deepest basses of all time when they are playing a rap song on the stereo. Other people began to crave for a comfortable inside their various cars, and these features were added no doubt, to suit the taste of everyone who wanted to own the cars. In the first place, it is what the customer demands that you do, and not what you have in mind as a manufacturer. Looking at all these features, it is ideally said that the use of fast cars came about as per the desire of many people who wanted cars for different reasons.

The manufacturing of these cars that are specifically made to outrun a number of cars during a street race, does not necessarily mean that these cars are bad or incompetent, every car has its specific features and these set of cars are just found to be the best when it comes to their gearboxes and how fast they are.

This article is focused on the top 10 best automatic gear in the world, this would be rated no doubt on how fast they are. Before going into the matter of the day, it is important, that readers understand the meaning of a gearbox.

What is an Automatic Gearbox?

The first thing you need to be conversant with when it comes to a gearbox is that it is usually found in a car. It came about with the introduction of knowledge into the world at large. A gearbox is known to be case filled with or made up if different gears used for the powering of a car. It is said to be a power transmission tool, used to provide power into a car.

The gearbox is not only responsible for sending power into the car, it is also responsible for making the powered car into a thunderbolt, which means it helps in the speed of the car. It provides the car with just enough speed to get to its desired destination as fast as possible. Now that we have examined the meaning of a gearbox, the next thing on the agenda would be to identify the world best gearboxes in the world.

Top 10 Best Automatic Gearbox In The World


Mercedes E Class Has The Best Automatic Gearbox In The World

This vehicle has the fastest and best gearbox in the world, and as beautiful as it is, it is the world’s most expensive kind of the car to acquire. It is rumored to be a comfortable home inside of a car, and many people call it a mini saloon with comfort in it. It is known as a saloon model kind of car and a car that is very dog-friendly also. The E-Class is the best choice if you are not looking into the costs and how slim your account balance might be just after you have acquired it.

  1. HYUNDAI I10

HYUNDAI I10- among ht best automatic gearbox

This is known as a five standard door vehicle, that is very comfortable to sit in, even when you go over bumps on the highway, the car would not make you feel uneasy or uncomfortable in any way. It has the second best automatic gearbox in the world, and though it is a bit noisy, it is still one of the highly sought-after cars on the list of cars. The car is mature and spacious enough to harbor 5 adults in it, without any issues or problems.


Skoda Fabia – One Of The Best Automatic Gearbox In The World

The features embedded in this car is one of the best in the world, and though it is not a very popular car, it is said to be well managed by people of high ranks and fat accounts. This car owns a DSG automatic gearbox which is the third best in the world today. It has a unit speed of 7, and if not careful, one step on the accelerator and you are aiming for the sky.



This is a widely known type of car used amongst so many celebrities in the world today. At a point in time, it looked like, if you did not own this car as a celebrity, then you probably have not owned anything all your life. This car has the fourth best gearbox in the world, and it is as fast and swift as the wind itself. The interior part of the car is just as beautiful as the name of the car, but getting inside the car, feels like you are in a cinema, and waiting for the large screen to come on. It owns a unit of 8 speed automatic gearbox. When changing gears during as you drive, it is very smooth and fast to do so.

  1. BMW X1

BMW X1 With One Of the Best Automatic Gearbox In The World

This is ideally known as a sports car, and though it might not look like the big and daring car some people are looking for, this car has stood in places and has dared to drive through the highways that even the best cars have driven and has come out unharmed. It is fun to drive in, and it is very fast and ideal for a light travel or for a birthday or anniversary gift.


This owns the sixth best automatic gearbox in the world, and if you are looking for a crazy looking car, that deceives people on the outside, but has the best of the best features on the inside, then you should go after this car no doubt. It owns a DSG automatic gearbox and has a very smooth feeling when you are behind the steering


This is one car that most people use to chase down their victims in action movies, and every single time, it has caught the bad guys. It owns the seventh-best gearbox in the world, and even as little as it looks, it rocks in land and slightly watery places.

  1. MAZDA CX-5

This car is said to be very sophisticated and is the kind of car you spend time taking care of because it is an egg that you cannot afford to crack open. It is designed the same way as an SUV, and it has an enormous space in it.


This is the kind of car you show up for a meeting in, and your colleagues from another organization know that you mean business. You have not even opened your mouth yet and the deal is yours already. It has a nice and good-looking boot, that can harbor a number of cartons of groceries, the way it is designed is known to be the very best in the world.

  1. BMW i3

It has automatic features that are very simple to learn and know. On the gear selector, it only has three inscriptions which are; D, N, and R for any type of selection a rider is willing to make. It is also enlisted on the world best gearboxes as it has one of the very best gearboxes anyone can think of. The acceleration features are swift and very sensitive to touch.



In other to pick the best choice of cars, which owns the best gearboxes in the world, this article would no doubt be helpful for a healthy selection. Enjoy your car.

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