Top 10 Posh Areas In Glasgow (2023)

The posh areas in Glasgow are the major targets for real estate investment, although it is not always easy to find properties in these places because the there is a literal rush for these places due to the safety, comfort, and the thriving social scene. Posh areas are mostly inhabited by posh people who live posh lifestyles.

Aside from the beautiful and impressive residential buildings, these are the places where one can find the finest restaurants, best roads, and the most impressive shopping centers. Nevertheless, it seems that the best thing about these places is that by moving here one is able to meet with a nicer class of people.

Posh Areas In Glasgow 2023

1. Bearsden

Bearsden is a neighborhood in the northwest area of Glasgow. This area has some history about it; the town’s growth has been linked to the rail station that was built in 1863. In this place, you find expensive homes, which are ideal for established people with substantial wealth to their names.

Young professionals with young families can also find this area appealing; for one thing it is very easy to commute via train. There are also some very good schools in the neighborhood so there is nothing to worry about when it comes to the children’s education.

Bearsden also has several shops, restaurants and diners, and all the services one could need. This is a proper town, where one can live in safety, and make friends with fellow professionals.

There are a few attractions to mention, such as the Roman Antonine Wall, New Kilpatrick Church, an ancient Roman bathhouse, Westerton Garden and Bearsden Cross.

2. The West End

The West End is one of the posh areas in Glasgow; it is also one of the most popular places. Due to the popularity of this area, it is quite difficult to find a home for sale here; even when one is found, you will soon find that the slightest hesitation is costly. There are different types of houses in this neighborhood, such as; Cottages, townhouses, tenements, apartments, and bigger private homes.

The West End is an impressive place to live- the area is very safe. You can enjoy quality time with your loved ones at any of the fine restaurants in the area, or any of the shopping centers, or some of the tourist attractions such as the Botanic Gardens, or the Kelvingrove Park, or the University of Glasgow Library.

3. East End

East End is on the other side of the map, but it is equally impressive. This is an area with many well developed neighborhoods where one can get immersed in the local culture, and yet enjoy the lively social scene. Aside from the lovely houses, many of which are inside gated communities, one can also enjoy fine restaurants, bustling pubs, and shopping centres.

Football is a big deal on this side of Glasgow; some of the main attractions include Celtic Park, the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome, and the Emirates Arena. The Tollcross Swimming Centre is also an important place for recreation.

4. Southside

Southside is not really different from the other parts of Glasgow mentioned above; there are many cottages, townhouses, and tenements. Many of these houses have lawns and trees, and are spacious enough for the kids to run around with their pets. The road network is also quite good, and the trains are always on time.

Southside also has plenty of shopping centres where one can get supplies of all the things he needs. As for recreation you can spend quality time with family at the Bellahouston Park, or check out any of the fine restaurants in the area.

This is also a place to go hiking, or biking. The area is pleasant and one can go for walks with loved ones.

5. Hillhead

Hillhead is essentially part of the West End; it is in the north central region of Glasgow. Some of the homes in this neighborhood are row houses that are very well designed. The University of Glasgow is located in the neighborhood, and as such there are many students living in the area, as well as academics working at the university.

Hillhead is therefore a great place to live among professionals, and maybe make some professional connections. There are also some great restaurants in the area, as well as many shops and other such things to make living in the area pleasant.

There are many top rated schools in the area, so there is no worry at all about the kid’s education.

6. Shawlands

Shawlands is a Glasglow area with an urban vibe, and a lively crowd. There is a bit of history to get immersed into; this was the location of the famous Battle of Langside. This neighborhood is a well developed area; with well paved roads lined with trees. The houses differ in types and sizes; including the tenements.

Aside from those, the neighborhood is also known for its fine restaurants, cafés, public parks, and the lively art scene. This is a nice place for young professionals and young families, and offers plenty to keep the family happy and occupied. There are many attractions such as a greenhouse, tennis courts, a golf course, a boating pond, and then there are playgrounds for the kids.

7. Giffnock

Giffnock is another beautiful area; this time in the south of Glasgow. This has frequently been mentioned among the richest neighborhoods in Scotland; it is a place where you will find gated villas as well as tenements.

Giffnock also has shops and restaurants, as well as cafes lining the major roads. This area has transformed from an agricultural settlement to one of the most desirable neighborhoods in the whole country. Buying a house in this area is the dream of many young professionals.

8. Scotstoun

Scotstoun is a nice neighborhood that is most attractive to young professionals as well as the working class in general. There are many High rise tower blocks with modern living and amenities, and then the local rail station helps one commute without much stress.

Scotstoun also has single family houses, many of which are designed in the Victorian style. There are also small cottages, with lawns and trees. This is a truly amazing neighbourhood.

9. Dennistoun

Dennistoun is a neighborhood somewhat in the center of Glasgow. It is a mostly residential district, and it is located north of the River Clyde. There are some important landmarks close to this area, but it is somewhat an enclave without any town adjoining it directly. This is a very safe neighborhood.

10. Merchant City

Merchant City has a somewhat deceptive name; some may think that it is a wholly commercial area, but in fact it is also residential. There are many apartment complexes, and many other luxury residences in the area. Transportation is also great because the road network is very good.

Merchant City also contains offices, flats, retail shops, restaurants, and bars. Many designer shops are located in the area; and then part of the University of Strathclyde occupies the area.



The posh areas in Glasgow are also some of the most expensive parts of the state. However, they are also some of the safest parts of town, and the areas where you can make valuable connections. These are places that are most sought after by young professionals looking to secure their future with real estate purchases.