Top 10 Posh Areas In Dubai (2023)

As one of the world’s major hubs of international trade, Dubai is one of the most desirable places to live. The posh areas in Dubai are some of the most exquisite places in the city, and some of the iconic buildings which serve as the most important landmarks in the country.

These neighborhoods are obviously designed to be impressive; the authorities in Dubai have the long term goal of becoming one of the world’s most famous hubs for tourism by creating landmarks that draw people in from all over the world.

The whole of Dubai is amazing, but these places are the most impressive; the places where the big shots from all over the world live and do business when they are in Dubai.

Posh Areas In Dubai 2023

1. Jumeirah Village Triangle (JVT)

Jumeirah Village Triangle (JVT) is a luxurious residential area with over 5,000 properties. This neighborhood is located near The Springs Souq and Meadows, which are equally exquisite neighborhoods. This neighborhood has townhouses, villas and apartments.

It is popular with expatriate workers in the big companies and financial institutions, many of who have families. Jumeirah Village Triangle is a well designed neighborhood; there are also shops, cafes, and dining places. The roads are wide and spacious, and the streets are lined with trees.

The neighborhood is also close to major economic hubs in the city; which means it is probably close to the office for most people. It is near The Springs, Dubai Production City, Jumeirah Village Circle, and Dubai Sports City.

2. Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah is close to Jumeirah Village Triangle; this too is a luxurious neighborhood. There are proper residential buildings including luxurious villas and penthouses where super rich people live. The neighborhood is youth-friendly, safe and ecological. It is also a favorite spot for visitors; some of who come to the big restaurants, lounges and hotels in the area.

As mentioned above there are highly rated hotels in the neighborhood; and these are also luxurious places where people come from all over the world to see.

Palm Jumeirah is a beautiful neighborhood where rich people spend their days, and then come out to the fine restaurants in the evenings to socialize, or enjoy quality time with their loved ones.

3. Downtown Dubai

Downtown is one of the posh areas of Dubai; there is luxury everywhere you look, but the best part is that there are people from all sides of the economic ladder in this neighborhood. Most of the residences are exquisite apartment buildings, some of which are luxury lofts.

Downtown Dubai also has some beautiful and popular hotels, where people come in from all over the world for business or pleasure. The neighborhood also has many fine restaurants, cafes, diners, world-class shopping malls, and some shops operated by some designer brands.

Some of the major attractions to this area include the Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Fountain and Fashion Avenue.

4. Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR)

Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) is a well planned out neighborhood that is made up of high-rise buildings which are apartment buildings with balconies and underground parking spaces. It is close to the Marina Beach, and is a proper neighborhood for those who can afford it.

People who work in tech or who have startups usually find this neighborhood as an excellent choice because they can easily set up shop in the area, or turn their apartments into offices.

5. Emirates Hills

Emirates Hills is a wealthy enclave in Dubai; it is a community made up of gated villas, some with expansive land areas. This is for the established businessmen; the captains of industry who want to control their own security, and have their space to their families alone.

Emirates Hills also has a commercial area so that residents do not have to travel far distances. There are shops, stores, restaurants, and a luxurious golf course. The neighborhood also has beautiful parks, and well laid out roads which are good for evening strolls and for biking. The neighborhood is very safe.

6. Al Barari

Al Barari is one of the most luxurious areas in the region, but also stands out because it is environmentally sensitive. The neighborhood is mix- use; it has a fine mix of residential and commercial buildings. The commercial buildings come in different types including apartment buildings and single family houses.

The baseline is luxury; these buildings are all luxurious and comfortable in the highest sense. To complement the residencies there are also fine restaurants, shops and much more.

7. Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT)

The Jumeirah Lake Towers is a luxurious neighborhood made up of high-rise apartment blocks with corporate towers. These tall buildings provide a great view of the man-made lakes and all the beautiful greenery surrounding them. This is great for young professionals, and also for young couples with a taste of beauty.

Many offices, start ups and the likes are located here; which is great for the workers because the views can be quite relaxing; and then they don’t have to commute far especially if they live in any of the luxury neighborhoods in Jumeirah.

8. Umm Suqeim

Umm Suqeim is close to some of the most famous attractions in the city such as Jumeirah Beach, Kite Beach, Wadi Water Park. This is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Dubai; it is great for young couples with money who like to enjoy the good life.

This neighborhood has both old and modern villas, and the neighborhood has been made famous by the Burj Al Arab, which is known all around the world.

9. The Lakes

The Lakes is a housing development that is close to Emirate Hills. There are many different types of villas in this neighborhood, and they are all luxurious. The Lakes is probably the most peaceful place, where one can live without stress.

The best part is that the neighborhood is located near Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah, and Dubai Media City.

10. Arabian Ranches

Arabian Ranches is neighborhood in Dubai which is a purely residential area. This neighborhood is a gated villa community that is made up of luxury houses, and then there are some establishments like the Arabian Ranches Golf Club, the Dubai Equestrian Club, and the Polo Club.

Arabian Ranches is a nice place that is far from all the hustle and bustle of Dubai city life; but gives one all the convenience he could ask for.


Closing Thoughts

The posh areas in Dubai are some of the most famous neighborhoods in the city; they are the places where the richest and affluent people in the country tend to be found. Dubai as a whole is well planned; it a place that is deliberately designed to be imposing and captivating.