Top 10 Posh Areas In Birmingham (2023)

The posh areas in Birmingham are not necessarily those with the tallest buildings. Birmingham is generally accepted as England’s ‘second city,’ but it makes no attempt compete with London in terms of urbanization. Birmingham is a more traditional city; one that has plenty of green spaces, and a captivating cultural scene.

Birmingham also has a very good social scene; there is some old money in the city, those who live in mansions and manors, and have horses in their compounds. There are plenty of cafes, breweries, and parks. Young professionals will find this a great place to make friends as well as professional connections.

Posh Areas In Birmingham

1. City Centre

The City Centre is a neighborhood in the heart of the West Midlands. This is a fine mix of residential and commercial buildings. There are many things that set this city apart; it has some of the biggest shopping centres in the world. The city is also home to the historic Rugs Market, where rugs from all over the world are sold.

There are plenty of cafes, restaurants, clubs, and all kinds of places to unwind. City Centre is right at the center of the city, and so there is plenty of housing. The problem is that the homes in this neighborhood can be quite expensive.

This is a great place for students, young professionals, and established people looking for a place to settle down.

2. Jewellery Quarter

Jewellery Quarter is a neighborhood with a rich history. It has always been the center of the Jewellery Business. There are over 500 jewellery shops throughout the region. Many of these shops have been in the same families for generations, as have been the many family-run restaurants and pubs and cocktail bars.

This has often been named as one of the best places to live in Birmingham; it is a famous neighborhood indeed. Jewellery Quarter has over 200 buildings listed as heritage sites. Due to the many attractions in the neighborhood there is plenty of foot traffic. This is therefore a great place for business, although it is equally a great place to live.

3. Harborne

Harnorne is a favorite location for students; accommodations go from £99/week to £110/ week. The neighborhood is suburban; it is a small community where by one can become familiar with some faces and possibly make some friends.

Harborne also has plenty of green spaces, and leisure hot-spots. There are also many restaurants in the neighborhood which makes this a foodie’s paradise.

This is a great place for young people; not just because it is affordable, but because there are so many potential friends to make in the neighborhood.

4. Solihull

Solihull is on the outskirts of the city Birmingham. This is one of the posh areas in Birmingham; it is a favorite spot for those who are rich enough to afford the fine things in life such as fine restaurants, theatres, and cinemas. The nightlife in this neighborhood is exquisite- the entertainment is upper class.

Solihull has a historic market, and another attraction to the community is the Solihull College and University Center. This makes the neighborhood quite attractive to young people; but there is a fine balance between the younger and older generation when it comes to demographics.

Many people in this neighborhood opt to walk to the train station, although the roads are great and traffic is usually not a problem.

5. Edgbaston

Edgbaston is a neighborhood in Birmingham that is much like Solihull; although it is known for its busy green spaces such as the Birmingham Botanical Gardens and Edgbaston Cricket Ground. This neighborhood is great for young professionals, and those who have become well established in their careers. The neighborhood is a great place to bring up kids; it is not too crowded, and not too noisy.

Students also find this place attractive; although these are the kinds of students who are not very out-going, and who do not care much for nightlife. It is a great place to make friends, and to make professional connections.

6. Digbeth

Digbeth is a neighborhood that is drawing a lot of attention from all over the country; The Sunday Times is calling it ‘Britain’s coolest neighbourhood.’ The whole country is proudly showing off this neighborhood; it hosted some of 2022 Commonwealth Games- basketball and volleyball were played here.

There are many cool residential buildings in this neighborhood, but then you can find restaurants, cafes, pubs, and gyms all in the area. Shopping is also easy because of the nearby shopping center. If your job requires you to commute, the area is served by both the Birmingham Central Train Station, as well as the local Bus Stop.

7. East Side

East Side is regarded as the main gateway to Birmingham. This is a very brainy neighborhood; it is home to both Aston University and Birmingham City University- which are the two most important educational institutions in the city. There are also many young professions, many of who own IT startups.

There are many apartment buildings occupied by students, and then there are more spacious houses for those who have become more established in their careers, and want to own homes with their families.

This neighborhood also has some nice hang outs, pubs, and cafes. It is a great place for young people, and the young at heart.

8. Erdington

Erdington is a neighborhood to the north of the Birmingham city centre, and the distance is just 5 miles. This is a nice neighborhood with townhouses, row houses, and apartment buildings. The best part is that it is very accessible by train or by road.

There are many restaurants, cafes, and pubs in this neighborhood, and the fact that there are many young people also makes it fun. This is the kind of place to enjoy intelligent conversations with young people over a drink.

9. Brindleyplace

Brindleyplace is a kind of Venice; it a place interconnected by bridges and canals. Nevertheless, the quality of the restaurants alone makes this one of the most attractive places in Birmingham for posh people who love to live the good life. There are several highly rated restaurants in the area- wining and dining is something that the people here love to do.

This is also a great place to buy a house; it is a place that many start-ups and technology companies now call home. This is a great place to build a professional network, and to grow as a professional.

10. Aston

Aston is a mix use area; it is both residential and commercial. There are many fine houses in the neighborhood, and the real estate market is also very robust. In terms of commerce, there are many shops, cafes and bars in the neighborhood, as well as several green spaces, some of which are specially designed for children.

Aston also has a great community spirit; there are many community activities and a few historic buildings serving the community.


Closing Remarks

The posh areas in Birmingham are some of the most beautiful and fun places in the city. Here, one has the opportunity to mingle with posh people; doing what posh people do- restaurants, theatres and wine. These are some of the best places to make professional connections and to climb the financial ladder.