Top 10 Safest Neighbourhoods in Brooklyn (2023)

Brooklyn has been transformed into a very beautiful, and one of the hottest boroughs in New York City. It is known to have the largest population in the state of New York and the second most densely populated county in the United States. Brooklyn shares a border with Queens and it is located on the westernmost edge of Long Island it has several bridge and tunnel connections to the borough of Manhattan across the East River. Brooklyn might be very intimidating to get an apartment or even a home and this is why we have given you detailed information about the safest neighbourhoods in Brooklyn.

Top 10 Safest Neighbourhoods in Brooklyn (2023)

1. Borough Park

This is a neighbourhood that is located in the southwestern part of the borough of Brooklyn, it has also been known as the safest neighbourhood in Brooklyn with a much-reduced crime rate. It is known as one of the most economically diverse neighbourhoods in Brooklyn and has one of the largest concentrations of Jews in the United States and the largest Orthodox Jewish communities outside Israel. It offers residents a modern city life and a suburban feel as well, the streets are lined with restaurants, bakeries, stores and speciality shops.

2. Bay Ridge

If you are a lover of family, dogs and a slow and calm life then Bay Ridge is the perfect place for you to stay. Filled with tall trees, a calm environment and lovely people around. This is one of the best places anyone would want to stay with family. It has a large percentage of the elderly population and it has been called a retirement community often. It is known to have so many ethnic restaurants, and bars which are said to be more than anywhere in the world and it is known to have other special places for families as well. It is known to have a large amount of Muslim population in this neighbourhood and a huge amount of reduced crime rate.

3. Park Slope

Park Slope is within the area once known as South Brooklyn. It is filled with old-style buildings and has its credit brownstones and row houses that are worth millions of dollars. It is known to have quality public schools, dining, nightlife, shopping, access to public transit, green space, safety, and creative capital, among other aspects. There are lots of spaces available in this neighbourhood that are ready for so many things and there is a bar called the Union Hall and which is one of a kind of bar that covers 5000 square feet with bookshelves and leather couches.

4. Kensington

This is a diverse worldly neighbourhood that is surrounded by people from all races. This place gives the feel of old New York and it has unique architecture. There are different kind of houses in Kensington which includes; brick row houses, detached one-family Victorians, and apartment buildings. Pre-war brick apartment buildings dominate the Ocean Parkway and Coney Island Avenue frontage. There are abundant spaces in the neighbourhood and this is something that everyone does not have there are local restaurants that severs diverse residents and many more.

5. Midwood

This neighbourhood is located in the South Central part of Brooklyn in New York City. When it comes to family-friendly settings and calm and quiet environments then it’s all Midwood. The name Midwood derives from Dutch (midwout) which means middle wood and there are so many things to experience and feel in this neighbourhood. There are quality schools in Midwood and the healthcare system is great. This is one of the safest neighbourhoods in Brooklyn and the homes here are affordable.

6. Williamsburg

This neighbourhood is mainly occupied by young couples, young professionals and young families. It is known as one of the liveliest neighbourhoods in Brooklyn and it is very unique as there are so many fun activities that you could participate in. This place is populated by artists and immigrants and it is known to have a high sense of fashion and food life in the neighbourhood. Most residents in Williamsburg own their homes and if you are a lover of nightlife then this is the best place for you to hang out.


DUMBO is an acronym for ‘Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass’. Visitors explore this place after a walk over from the Brooklyn Bridge and this place has been used for so many iconic movie shots. This place has a world-class waterfront park, and a flourishing food scene and is known to have one of New York City’s most instgrammable hotspots.

8. Gravesend

If you are a lover of beaches then this is the nearest neighbourhood to get what you are looking for. Gravesend has so much to offer and it is a family-friendly environment with outdoor activities that are okay for kids and families. This town is notable as the only colonial town that is founded by a woman, there is so much history to this place.

9. Dyker Heights

This is a residential neighbourhood that is founded in Southwest Brooklyn and is known for its famous Christmas lights decorations yearly. If you are looking for a neighbourhood that is filled with love and perfect to raise a family then Dyker heights are one that you can come across. It is known as one of the safest homes in Brooklyn and there are so many activities that you can carry out.

10. Carroll Gardens

Carroll Gardens offers residential shops, artisanal shops and so many more. Some so many creative residents who live in this neighbourhood. If you are a lover of art & craft then this is the best neighbourhood you can live in.


There are so many reasons that you would need to move to Brooklyn, the arts and culture are very unique, such as the entertainment scene, the activities and the food. Brooklyn is a very lively place to live in and there is so much to enjoy once you are there.