Top 10 Safest Neighbourhoods in Barcelona (2023)

Barcelona is a Mediterranean city with excellent weather, good beaches and football as well. It is the capital of Catalonia and the largest as well. This city is known to be very great as there are lots of history asides football that is attached to it. Barcelona is famous for so many things especially the Barcelona football club and Gaudi architecture. This city is so lively that there is always something to do from Historical parades, Open Air festivals, shows, religion, traditions or even street markets. The citizens in this city are open and friendly that does not mean everywhere in the city is safe, this is why we would be giving you a detailed list of the safest neighbourhoods in Barcelona.

Top 10 Safest Neighbourhoods in Barcelona (2023)

1. Gràcia

This is a neighbourhood that can be great for families and even for raising kids. It is very calm and quiet and very safe. It is uncrowded as you hardly see any tour buses in this environment and the traffic is minimal. Gràcia has so many independent boutiques, alternative bars and shops that are perfect for getting you that which you so much desire. This is a neighbourhood that is affordable and one where locals can live and work.

2. Sants

This is a neighbourhood that is very welcoming and free to live in. Sants is the perfect place if you would wish to start up life as soon as possible. The Plaça d’Osca is one of the trendiest spots in the neighbourhood, home to craft beer bars and contemporary places to eat. There are a great number of independent chain shops and foods to eat.

3. Sarrià

This neighbourhood was known to be an independent village and was annexed by Barcelona as the city expanded. Sarrià is known as the most traditional neighbourhood in Barcelona and this is a place where elegant houses are found. There are so many things that one could do nearby as there are outdoor and recreational activities for the family. It is popular with young families and the quality of schools there is very good. There are shops, wine bars, friendly cafés and the famous Bar Tomas is located there as well.

4. Les Corts

It is the third smallest in Barcelona and it is an easy one to locate. It is a very busy neighbourhood with great transport connections to the airport, train stations and city centre. It has a university and it has placed near the famous Camp Nou stadium. There are two sides to Les Corts which is a modern side and it comprises tall buildings and uprising office blocks it is particularly noisy over there and there is another side that has tall historical buildings as well; Plaça de la Concòrdia where you’ll find the stunning Modernist edifice, Can Deu.

5. Sant Antoni

This is a neighbourhood that lots of tourists shy away from and it’s often called one of Barcelona’s best secrets. The structures in this neighbourhood are very unique and the major attraction is the Sant Antoni market which is big, has a unique design and structure and is said to attract so many visitors to this neighbourhood. This area is home to so many exciting cafés and tapas bars. There is so much that you would love about this neighbourhood and it is nice in raising a family.

6. The Old Left of the Eixample

This neighbourhood is close to all the metro stations and attractions and it is easier to get around. This is the best location to find accommodation in Barcelona and it was developed in the 19th and 20th There are lots of high shops and restaurants, galleries and modern architecture that is available.

7. Sant Gervasi – Galvany

If you are looking for a neighbourhood that has modern apartments then this is the best one. It is very affordable and safe and there are so many young people living in this place. It is home to high-end shops, cocktail bars, clubs and many more amazing others that anyone would love. There are other side attractions in this place and there is so much to do.

8. El Born

This is one of the safest neighbourhoods in Barcelona that offers designer boutiques and cafes. There are clubs and samba as well during the night but amidst all of this neighbourhood is very safe. There are restaurants, museums and archaeological sites that you could visit. This neighbourhood is safe for the family and there is so much that you will enjoy while being there.

9. El Poblenou

This is just 15mins from the centre of Barcelona by Metro and there is a lot that you would see and feel in this neighbourhood. There is lots of sightseeing in this neighbourhood as there are several things that you can do. One of the most important things about this neighbourhood is the safety that it gives and not every neighbourhood can give you that. If you are a lover of outdoor or recreational activities then this neighbourhood can connect you to the city in 15mins and this is very great as you can easily navigate your way around. There are restaurants, bars, clubs and café around.

10. Poble Sec

This area is residential and it is considered safe. There are many restaurants, cafes, shops and bars around. It has a very good nightlife if you are a lover of nightlife and there are so many activities that go on in this area. This place is very good to stay in and it is mostly quiet and there are places that you could visit.


Barcelona is a good city to live in as there are tons of activities that take place there yearly. Where the problem lies is picking out the safest neighbourhoods to stay in this big city which might be difficult this is why we have given this information as it will make it easier to choose a place that one can live in or even buy a home.