Top 10 Posh Areas In London (2023)

The posh areas in London are some of the most sought after pieces of real estate in the world. For the sake of emphasis, London is real estate capital of the world; the world’s wealthiest citizens have been in a mad rush to grab every available piece of real estate they can find.

This concentration of rich people in these areas of London has made the city quite lavish; in order to cater to the needs of these high net worth citizens businesses have sprang up in every corner of the city in order to provide services like fine restaurants, night clubs, hotels, cafes, and so on.

These have added to the experience of these areas, making them not just the richest neighborhoods in London, but also the most desirable places in the city to live.

Posh Areas In London 2023

1. Kensington And Chelsea

Population: 143,375

Kensington and Chelsea are really two different areas, although they are grouped as one. This residential area is classed as London’s most luxurious borough, and with a population of about 143,375, it means that there are more rich people in the city than most people realize.

This neighborhood is made up of big residential buildings, many of which are luxury apartments, and there are many historical landmarks in the city as well. The neighborhood also has a vast commercial district, which has many shops, including those owned and operated by big designer brands.

There are many attractions like a private Ferrari museum, Underground Swimming Pools, Posh Night Clubs, and Kensington Palace, which is the official residence of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

2. City Of Westminster

Population: 204,236

One thing attracts people to seek residence in Westminster- safety. With Buckingham Palace, and the House of Parliament located in the area, this is one of the most protected locations in the UK.

The area is popular among professionals looking to be close to the heart of London, and is also to those looking to invest in rental real estate. Tourism is also big in this area, as many people come in to see the many attractions.

There are many places to relax and unwind; Hyde Park is one of them and the area is also great for walks, and for riding bikes. The area is full of fine restaurants as well as pubs and such places to spend quality time with those you love.

3. Camden

Population: 210,136

Camden is a mostly residential neighbourhood; one that is older than most neighbourhoods in London. There are single family townhouses, row houses, tenements, and more modern duplexes occupying the area.

There are markets in the area; including the Camden Market; a popular place where families go to stock their shelves. Camden also has several spots where residents go for live entertainment. There is a top theatre in the area as well, and the area is full of artists and actors and the artistic sort of people.

4. City Of London

Population: 8,583

The City of London is a small district in the London. This neighborhood is located next to Canary Wharf, which is the central business district of London.

This area is attractive to professionals who prefer to live close to their workplace. Financial and legal organizations mostly occupy this neighborhood, and around 500 banks have their headquarters in the area.

This is a wealthy area; the cost of living is quite high.

5. Hammersmith And Fulham

Population: 183,157

Hammersmith and Fulham are among the posh areas in London; it boasts Europe’s largest urban shopping mall, Westfield London. This neighborhood has townhouses, luxury flats, and mini mansions lining its streets. Many of these are gated compounds, with lawns, trees, and gardens.

The area also has some great private schools, and then there is the Imperial College London, to cater to the educational needs of your children.

Hammersmith and Fulham has some nice places to relax, such as Wormwood Scrubs and Bishop’s Park. There are also beautiful theatres where rich people go to enjoy their own kind of entertainment.

6. Richmond Upon Thames

Population: 195,278

Richmond Upon Thames is located alongside the River Thames. This is a somewhat suburban area; one that is ideal for the couple or family that wish to avoid the hustle and bustle of city life.

The neighborhood has single family homes, as well as smaller tenements and apartments, some of which are very comfortable, if not luxurious. Some of the residences in this area come with gated compounds, with trees and lawns. There are also nice restaurants in the area, as well as pubs where refreshments are available.

Richmond Upon Thames is also home to the Twickenham Rugby Stadium- making it a great spot for sports loving families to live in safety and comfort, and still enjoy what they love.

7. Islington

Population: 216,589

Islington is best suited to young people who have good jobs and therefore money to spend. The neighbourhood has many historic buildings that have now been repurposed to serve as shops, commercial areas, café, gyms, and so on. Islington has a beautiful and imposing town hall, and there are many shopping centers in the area as well.

Islington has an exciting nightlife scene; there are posh clubs in the neighborhood, where young professionals meet to socialize, and to explore the dating pool.

8. Hackney

Population: 259,146

Hackney is an area in East London, filled with tenements, and row houses. This is an old, historic neighbourhood with many historic buildings and landmarks. There are also parks for the young ones to play, and restaurants for the adults to spend some quality time.

The neighborhood has a lively market where one can stock up on groceries, and then there are also nice shops where one can buy quality designer goods.

9. Wandsworth

Population: 327,506

Wandsworth is an area located in the inner city of London. This a neighbourhood where one can find luxury apartments, condos, and other types of accommodation.

This neighbourhood has great shops, restaurants, cafes, pubs, and parks. The transport scene is great; the rail station is within walking distance, and many residents enjoy riding bikes or walking. The roads are also good, and traffic is not so bad.

There are also highly rated schools in the neighbourhood; meaning that the kids’ learning does not have to suffer.

10. Haringey

Population: 264,238

Haringey has both single family homes that give a suburban feel, as well as flats and tenements that are more familiar with urban dwellers.

This is a multi ethnic area that has several shops, shopping centres, a market, and many cool spots where people can hang out. There are also many schools in the neighborhood, so there is no need to worry about the children’s education.



The posh areas in London are spread out all over the city. This shows that the city is very robust in terms of wealth, and that the real estate market is very well developed, and that it has many opportunities for one to secure wealth for the future.