It is a well-known thing that before you can find yourself in government-owned organizations like the Nigerian Security and civil defense (NSCDC), there is an Aptitude Test which applicants must take. The test is compulsory for all applicants, and only those that successfully pass it would be embraced into the system. 

Therefore, it is not enough to wish to be employed, but you must be ready to do all it takes to pass the examination and get into the agency. Therefore, wisdom demands that applicants should have begun searching for proven strategies that they can use to pass the exam, so they can get it. Indeed, it is appropriate that applicants start preparing for the NSCDC Aptitude Test henceforth, so they can be on a safe side. 

Of course, one of the major ways to appropriately prepare for any type of exam in this country is via the study of previous questions. The NSCDC Screening and Aptitude Test is not an exception, and should not in any way be taken for granted. To prepare yourself adequately for this exam so that you will stand out among others, then create time to study with the Civil Defence past questions.

NSCDC Past Questions And Answers PDF Download 2020

There are various Nigerian Security and civil defense (NSCDC) Past Questions available online though. Nevertheless, you have to be sure that you are working with the right ones. While some people sell their compilations for a fee, you might get it for free elsewhere. Nevertheless, irrespective of how you got it, ensure you practice with it and study appropriately.

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One of the beautiful things about practicing with past questions is that there are always chances of seeing the questions being repeated. If you are familiar with the way institutions set exams in this country, you should have observed that many times, they usually choose to be lazy in terms of setting new questions. Hence, they simply reshuffle past questions and throw them to those writing the exams. Therefore, those that have adequately studied the questions will simply have it all easy for themselves and will emerge with flying colours – if all things being equal. 

NSCDC Examination 

One major thing we should stress is the need to eradicate fear. Yeah, you might be so eager for this employment, and you can’t imagine yourself missing out again. Nevertheless, you should realize that fear and anxiety has the capacity to take this out of your hands. Therefore, you should retain your calmness and send fear away. 

After confirming your exam date, simply go to your centre as early as possible to avoid unnecessary issues. You should settle properly and relax your nerves before the start of the exam. The reason for this is because there have been cases of people who allowed their anxiety to get the better part of them, and it came with such tension that pushed them to failure. 

According to people with experience, the questions you will see are a mixture of Mathematics, English Language, and General Knowledge/Current affairs.

Although the questions are not quite hard, you should be prepared for anything (considering the huge number of aspirants). Even as you practice with the past questions, please try to widen your scope too. The officials might choose to set some questions from some areas you are not even expecting. The more questions you get correct, the higher your score, and the higher your chances of making it. 

For mathematics, it will likely be basic stuff (although they might make it look complicates). So, try to carefully solve whatever they came up with so you can pick the correct answers. The same is it with the English language. Take your time before you choose any answer.

One thing we should not forget to talk about is the need to be time conscious. Many people fail exams like this, not because they are not brilliant or they don’t know what they are doing, but simply because they couldn’t appropriately manage their time, and they paid dearly for it. Therefore, while we admonish that you should not hurriedly choose answers that will turn incorrect, we are also advising that you should be time conscious, so you can finish everything adequately. 

In conclusion, know that there are different ways to prepare for an examination: the right way and the wrong way. When preparing for an examination, one must be very smart and tactical. It is possible to see a very intelligent person not scoring as much as someone average in an exam. For instance, the intelligent person might spend weeks reading beyond the scope of the exam unknowingly, while the average person is simply working with the past questions, and he will know what to expect when the day comes. 

Therefore, try getting your hands on NSCDC Past Questions And Answers PDF and work dedicatedly with them. Study them appropriately and don’t leave any stone unturned. Remember, you can’t afford to allow this opportunity to slip from your fingers. One of the major things you should not forget to do as you are studying the past questions is to ensure you are checking the marked answers to ensure their correctness. It is necessary to note this because there are times when some of the answers marked in some of these past questions are incorrect. Therefore, so you won’t get your fingers burnt, please go ahead and check things out yourself. It might be strenuous, but don’t forget that when the results come, you will be happy. 


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