NSCDC Shortlisted Candidates 2020/2021 – How To Check Your Name

Due to tons of reasons, a lot of Nigerians are usually eager to work with government agencies and institutions. In  Nigeria of today, everyone knows it is not too easy to find one’s way into certain government-owned organizations (particularly the likes of the Central Bank, NNPC, and the rest). Nevertheless, it is still easy to some reasonable extent to get into an agency like the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), and so, many Nigerians always push vigorously to find themselves there. 

Therefore, it is not surprising that currently, you find lots of people that have participated in the recruitment process now asking all manner of questions that has to do with when NSCDC Shortlisted Candidates will be known, and how to check if they are part of the fortunate lots that will be selected. 

How to Check NSCDC Shortlisted Candidates 2020

As things stand now, the Nigeria Civil Defence Authorities will soon release the list of shortlisted candidates. But then, they have made it known that those that made it to the next round will be reached out via email and text messages. So, now, what you should do is simply to stay alert and ensure you keep an eye on the email address and phone number you registered with some time ago. If you registered with someone else’s phone number, you should inform them already, so they will watch out for you.

There are some important things that must be first noted. First, those that will find themselves being shortlisted are not yet embraced into the agency yet. In simpler sentences, you should note that the fact that your name is part of those shortlisted doesn’t mean you have been employed now. Those that are shortlisted for the screening exercise are to proceed to check their names to ensure their eligibility for the final interview. After the final screening, if the agency decided to bring you in, it will be made known. 

Secondly, it has been noticed that many applicants are eager and tense. We understand the situation of things in the country currently as regards unemployment. However, you should be very careful not to lose the little in your hands to scammers. We are aware some scammers are parading themselves as officials of the agency, telling applicants to pay some money so they can help them maneuver their way into the system. It must be noted that the Nigeria Civil Defence doesn’t ask anyone to pay anything to get shortlisted. It has never happened before, and it won’t start now. 

If you are a short-listed candidate, you will be contacted and invited for an Aptitude Test. If you are worried about missing out if you are shortlisted, you don’t need to be worried. As far as you submitted your right email address and phone number, you will be alerted via e-mail and SMS.

All You Need To Know About The Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC)

  • The agency is actually a formation of the Nigerian national assembly, established as a paramilitary institution back then in 1967. Since then, despite various challenges, it has remained one of the country’s strongest paramilitary institutions.
  • The major reason behind its creation is to provide measures against any threat that could be brought up against Nigeria as a country. It is meant to tackle any disaster or attack that is aimed against Nigerians. 
  • The Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) is statutory that is empowered by the lay Act No. 2 of 2003.
  • The first time the Act that led to its establishment was amended was in 2007 (it was actually amended by Act 6 of 4th June 2007). 
  • The Nigerian law has empowered the Corps to institute legal proceedings against those that commit offenses in the country. 
  • It started as an agency whose job is simply to get citizens sensitized about the consequences of war (remember that it was established during the era of the Nigerian civil war). During its infantry period, the commission simply gives the public directions on how to protect themselves against attacks.
  • One of the major reasons that ensured the upgrading of the commission is because of the unpleasant state of the country’s security. Nigeria has been battling with security issues for some time now, and so, it was suggested that the agency should be strengthened to play a role in fighting the menace of insecurity. 
  • The agency is not out to undermine the works of the police or substitute their responsibility. Their major task is to work hand in hand with the police to protect the lives and properties of Nigerians. 
  • Only Nigerians are allowed to join the civil defense, and any Nigerian (irrespective of their tribe, region, language, colour, and gender) are allowed to be part of the team. For those who don’t have what it takes to join the army and police, they can settle for the civil defense. 
  • The commission conducts a recruitment process to bring in new members every now and then. Members of the public are usually advised not to pay anyone promising to help fix them in the civil defense. The recruitment exercise is made public, and those that passed the criteria are made members. Any Nigerian with a passion for the security and safety of the country is free to join. 
  • There are different levels and rankings in the commission. Generally, it is an agency that offers the satisfaction of helping save one’s country. The management has been admonished to bring in only those who are competent, and they usually look toward that aim. 
  • As an employee of the agency, be ready to learn lessons in various important regards – in the area of leadership, in the area of service, in the area of selflessness and loyalty, etc. Nevertheless, it should be noted that there are challenges therein too. Someone who knows the system has made known that there are challenges one must face working there. One thing you should not ignore is the static upward growth found in the agency. So, if you are a person that is seeking progressive career development, this might not be for you. The way the system is, if you have the consciousness of quick career growth, you might likely feel stuck here. 

In conclusion, the Nigerian Civil Defence is a reputable organization quite alright, and there are lots of advantages to being there. Nevertheless, you must know that there is the challenge of motivation, and the management must do all it takes to put in more effort. Additionally, there is also the issue of inadequate encouragement for growth in the agency.

So, working for the agency can be rewarding quite alright (if the person is set to do it wholeheartedly with a passion). Nevertheless, be ready for slow career advancements. The advice is, if you are bent on the quick progress of your career, you should stay away from this. But then, you will be cool with the reasonable salary being paid each month. Additionally, the agency comes with nice and good working conditions, and you are meant to like and enjoy the experience.


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