NNPC Shortlisted Candidates 2019 For Aptitude Test – All You Need To Know – It has been on air that the Nigerian National Petroleum commissions have been on the lookout for fresh intakes into their cooperation, probably to enhance their cooperation’s operation; however, forms were placed online to this effect and so far, the phase one intake operation has been completed which I believe to be the registration stage, now, everyone across the country who has applied for this job is in expectant of the outcome of their registration, that is, if they were shortlisted or not. Now the Good news is, the NNPC cooperation has released the list of shortlisted candidates across the country. Now, what do we offer you? Or how do we help the situation? I believe you are right here reading this article because you want to see your name shortlisted, well, with God willing you will. Here is what we are going to offer you right in this write up;

NNPC Shortlisted Candidates 2019 For Recruitment/Aptitude Test

Copy Of Mail For Successful Applicants;

Dear Applicant

Following your online application for a position in Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), you are hereby notified of your success in the first level screening exercise and the scheduling of a Computer Based Test for Saturday 1st June 2019.

Time and venue of the Test and other required details will be communicated to you on or before the 27th of May, 2019.


  1. Validation of credentials in line with our advertised criteria will continue throughout the exercise and candidates will be disqualified if found not to meet set criteria.
  2. Candidates not qualified will not receive further communication from us regarding the Computer Based Test and other activities.


Best regards,

NNPC Careers Team.


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NNPC Shortlisted Candidates

There you have what we would disclose to you later on in this article. Now, if you perhaps haven’t registered for this recruitment exercise, well, am sorry you are going to have to wait till probably the next available recruitment exercise, that’s by the way, if you have successfully registered for the recruitment exercise, then await your call. All you need to do is just to follow the simple steps that will be laid out here later on.

  • States Eligible for NNPC Recruitment exercise

This absolutely is important information to grab, according to the information we have at hand from a reliable source, this recruitment exercise is meant for only Nigerians, which implies that all states in Nigeria can apply for this recruitment, so, you are urged not to look down on your state as not being eligible for this exercise in case that has discouraged you at first, you might as well help someone with this information so as to secure their places in the exercise. Therefore, never mind if you are from the North, West, East, or south, as far as you are from Nigeria, you are 100% eligible.

  • Latest Updates on the NNPC Shortlisted Candidates

The NNPC had already commenced the shortlisting of candidates that were found eligible for the exercise recently. However, the platform at which candidates carried out their registration has been closed, which implies that there is no more room for registration. If you have applied, check your mail for the aptitude test invitation mail.

  • Criteria for shortlisting

This is another information you should hold on to, this is just to get you cleared if you are actually going to make the list or not, now what do I mean? Before the commencement of registration, requirements are always laid out stating the set or kinds of people they want, now if you didn’t bother to check the list of requirements before rushing in to registration, you might have to get that checked to know where you fall, but if reverse is the case, you still need not to worry as God may render an assistant in this case. Just move on to checking the list.

  • How to check the list of the NNPC shortlisted candidate

Now that the list of shortlisted candidates has been released by the Nigerian National Petroleum Commission, all you have to do is check your name and move on to the next phase, now how do you check your name? Here is it; using any of your technological gadgets as long as it has access to the internet, visit https://careers.nnpcgroup.com  to begin the process for checking your name on their portal, please note that you are to discredit any information stating that your names will be revealed on any website on the internet apart from the official NNPC website. After a successful load up of this website, you will find a piece of information stating that shortlisted candidate would be notified via email. Well, that information appears to be true, if you have actually registered via the same portal with a valid Email address, then you are urged to quickly check your mailbox for notification of shortlisting from the cooperation, it is also possible that you might be notified on your mobile device via SMS.

Note: For Now, NNPC shortlisted candidates 2019 are contacted through Emails

Are you yet to receive any notification on your phone and Email? I will urge you to hold on a little while, there might actually be some sort of delays, more also, and make sure you can access your email, don’t just sit back and wait for SMS notification.

  • What Next?

If you have received a mail or SMS notification stating that you have been shortlisted, here is what you are required to do next; you should get yourself prepared for an aptitude test that would be conducted by the Cooperation which eventually marks the phase 2 of the recruitment exercise. However, this aptitude test is slated to take place at all states of the federation, therefore, you don’t need to panic about looking for money to travel elsewhere for the test as it would be conducted in your states of residence as well. This aptitude test may likely be a written test and you are expected to read for it if you want to make it through this phase as we can’t guarantee the kind of questions that would be asked in the test and no one else does know about the test, so if you probably have an information stating that the questions of the aptitude test would be revealed to you at a minimal price, please ignore such information as such are not true.

  • Items to bring to the screening center

You are not just going into the screening center just like that, you are required to come along with some documents for the screening as well, such documents for accreditation include;

  • All Your Credentials:
  • Including
    • NYSC Discharge Certificate
    • Degree certificate
    • Birth Certificate or Sworn Affidavit duly signed by the Court to verify your age
    • O’level Result
  • Security Tips for Candidates

You are advised to ignore anybody who claims to be a member of the NNPC cooperation demanding for money for your intake as selection or shortlisting are carried out by a team, not just one person.

Do not also pay cash to anyone who has been selected already and claiming to help you cause there is a 100% assurance that it won’t work, they are just fake.

Neglect any website revealing your name to have been shortlisted when you haven’t received notifications from NNPC.

Ignore calls or messages that are not directly from NNPC stating you have been shortlisted and you are required to pay a certain amount of fee to proceed.

  • Career works

In order to strengthen their operation far and wide across the country, they need people at certain areas in their cooperation which includes;

Graduate Trainees – Young Applicants with little or no work experience

Experienced Personnel – Experienced professionals recruited into senior officer’s cadres or supervisory Cadres.

  • Final Screening Stage

Actually, we shouldn’t be discussing this yet as it stands that we are just at the second phase of the exercise, but I won’t consider it too early and it would serve you right if you already know what next will happen after the aptitude test at your center of screening. Now here is what you should expect: Having passed through the second phase which implies that you have successfully passed the screening test, you should prepare for an interview (Oral Interview), don’t get nervous about this as there is absolutely no way you could escape it, it just the normal way things happen when seeking for a job, but I bet that would be the final stage and bam you are off to work.

After checking through your mail for a notification from them and you luckily got a message, I say congratulations and at the same time wish you success ahead.


Conclusion on NNPC shortlisted candidates 2019: All you need to know

All said and done, there you have the easy way to which you can find out if your name has been shortlisted or not as well as some useful tips for you to get along with, once again I would urge you to prepare for the test, it might come as a cyber-based test or as a written test, depending on the cooperation. Good Luck ahead!!

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