Alas! The PYES Recruitment Portal 2019/2020 is available. Government of the Federation of Nigeria has recently announced that P-YES recruitment 2019 Exercise will take place or commence in a few weeks from now.  All you need to know about this PYES registration will be highlighted here in this article. Many may wonder what PYES is and who are meant to apply and what the requirement is, relax, do not panic, you will find out every you needed to know about PYES recruitment portal in this article. You need to through this new update because there is a lot of change about the PYES 2019\2020, besides the news about P-YES is almost everywhere even now is tending online but the vital information you need to know is more important.  Meanwhile, this program was supposed to have started earlier before now has been rescheduled to commence anytime soon.

PYES Recruitment Portal 2019\2020 (How To Apply & Requirements) – All You Need To Know

First and foremost, before we proceed what is PYES? PYES stands for Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme, it is powered by the office of the secretary to the federal government and PYES is coordinated by the Senior Special Assistant to the president on Youth and Students affairs.  This program is presidential youth empowerment scheme, and it is the government vision to raise youth that is willing and able to fight against unemployment and poverty in the Country, it is an avenue for youth to get employed and also make them more hardworking in their various areas of specialization. P-YES job recruitment as discussed earlier in this article creates a job opportunity for a graduate who is yet to be employed and even undergraduates.

PYES Recruitment Portal

It is a program powered by the federal government, and it has five categories of the program in which you can make any choice, the plans are Agriculture, ICT, and Mobile Money, Fashion, Catering and Technical Acquisition. As good as this PYES is, it has requirement and condition before you can apply. The following are the requirement for using:

  • This PYES is made for, and only Nigeria Citizens be you male or female. Not just a Nigerian but from the age of 18 to 40 years old.
  • A Nigeria citizen must possess the National Identification Card or the permanent voter’s card (PVC), or International passport. These signify your identity as a Nigerian.
  • You must possess a Second Level Beneficiary (SLB); this will enable you to become qualified for benefits from the scheme.
  • You must have the ability to communicate well in English language or any other local Nigerian languages.
  • You must possess a specific good character and also a stable mind.
  • You must provide a guarantor; a guarantor should be a community or religious leader as preferred by PYES.
  • You must also possess the ability to secure the endorsement of a local government official.
  • The beneficiary should be able to possess the capacity to transfer knowledge and skills and mentor pairs within their communities
  • And lastly, you must also complete a guarantor’s form on It is necessary to complete this form if you need to apply for the PYES.

As discussed earlier, there are five (5) programmes under PYES, but each one will be illustrated by a little definition here:

  • Agriculture: this is the art of science of cultivation the ground, including the harvesting of crops, and rearing and management of livestock, including tillage, husbandry, and farming.  This is meant for people of like passion for agriculture and the likes.
  • ICT and Mobile Money: ICT is information and communication Technology; it is an extended term for information technology. ICT is a broad subject, and the concepts are evolving, ICT covers any product that will store, retrieve and manipulate, transmit or receive information in a digital form. Mobile money is a payment solution that enables you to pay for goods and services with your mobile phones.
  • Fashion: this is the ability to make, build and construct.
  • Catering: Catering is a business of providing food and related services

Technical Acquisition:  this provides client, or customers get informed about what they are getting

The following are the PYES Recruitment 2019 Application selection process

  1. You will write a test; this is one of the requirements
  2. If you make success in the test, it will qualify you for selection into the PYES program.
  3. As soon as you are selected for the program, you will get a congratulatory message on your phone or your email.
  4. The word carries a link; this link will enable you to search on the selected site using your phone number This message takes a link allowing you to search on the chosen location using your phone number for the LGA, your Local government area will determine where you would do your physical verification.
  5. Finally, you expected to proceed to your Local Government Area to attach your name on the selected site for your physical check.

It is, therefore, necessary to note that during the selection and application period no fee either registration o whatever fee is required to be paid by applicants.

Luckily, PYES Registration And Application 2019 \ 2020 can be performed online, which make it easier. How then can you apply online?

Step By Step Guide to applying for PYES Registration 2019 Exercise Online

  • First thing you need to do is to visit the site on your browser via this link
  • On the site provide your username and password
  • After this, connect your profile with any of your social media either Facebook or Twitter
  • Then, Click on a post on Facebook or Twitter
  • After this, you can now further to change your password
  • Then provide your State of residence and LGA of residence
  • After successful registration, proceed your profile to edit some of the biodata and fill I the correct information
  • You can do this by clicking on “my profile” then do the necessary editing here. Change bank detail for payment, ensure you change the number to your number and make sure the bank details you used belongs to you.

As The P-YES Recruitment 2019 application will be open for both Graduate and Non-Graduate Category, the requirement will be extended more here as I will list out other conditions for PYES Recruitment And Application, which means before to proceed to apply for PYES you must have the following:

  1. Applicant must have, at least, one valid means of Identification
  2. Applicant must have Degree certificate, SSCE/NECO/NABTEB
  3. Applicant must possess NYSC discharge certificate
  4. He or She must have NYSC Number
  5. Applicant must have a CV
  6. He or she must possess a Passport photographs
  7. He or She must maintain an Active email address.


  • PYES Benefits
  1. There will be a monthly stipend
  2. There will be entrepreneurial and employment skills
  3. There will be a National skills qualification
  4. There will be a computing device containing all necessary information for the required and specific engagements.

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Conclusion On PYES Recruitment Portal 2019\2020 (How To Apply And Requirements) – All You Need To Know

It is essential to take note that the portal will soon be open within few weeks, you can keep checking more information regarding P-YES Recruitment and Registration 2019 \2020 and as you do you will keep updating yourself on proper and detailed news. This is an excellent opportunity for youth who are ready to be diligent in their various aspect of competency. Do not take this opportunity for granted.

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