How to apply for PYES registration 2019/2020 and PYES application requirements. Over the few months after Federal Government of Nigeria announces the Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme (P-YES) program under the President Muhammed Buhari first term tenure which was just few months to the March 2019 election, the portal for the scheme registration was open for registration for youths with criteria and all that is needed to complete the program, ever since then, there have been a series of questions on PYES Registration 2019 Update, and to be candid only few platform has genuine information for the question been asked youths outside there to seek for clarification and to know what next to do, but take your time to read along, we will be giving you full information on PYES Registration 2019 Update and everything you may need to know. But before we go to the full gist, here are the complete questions that are asked by applicants of this scheme

  • When Is the PYES Screening?
  • When is the List For Shortlisted PYES applicants be available?
  • How to Register PYES on My Phone And Mode of Registration
  • PYES Registration 2019 Update – All You Need To Know
  • PYES Codes

These and many more are the questions that are asked by various reads, we will be doing justice to some of these questions, and we will keep you abreast as we heard about any updates and information.

PYES Application And Registration {Requirements & How To Apply} – All You Need To Know

It will interest you to know that there are a number of applicants always refreshing their browsers on website, all of these applicants are eager to know about new information and if there is at all any list of shortlisted candidates for the PYES scheme, little do they know that Federal government are still tactical on mode Operandi to deploy in candidates screening, some who already created PYES codes cannot access the portal yet to complete their biodata and to move to the next stage of their selection.

Before we go deeply on PYES Registration 2019 Update, it is imperative to know what the scheme is all about. As we have rightly stated in the first section of this piece, PYES means Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme which was borne out of the government plans to cushion the rate of unemployment in the country and to alleviate poverty to the barest minimum especially among the youths and of course graduates.

  • PYES Registration 2019 Update – All You Need To Know

Some days ago, the federal government assured the general populace searching and on the top toes to know new development as touching PYES registration, it was made known through the press that Recruitment exercise for 2019 will commence shortly

Government of the Federation recently announces P-YES recruitment 2019 Exercise is to begin in a few weeks from now. Also, for readers that wished to follow the trend and get first class information about this scheme, you may check this trend frequently for latest updates as touching PYES, or you may also stay updated through the project PYES platform, you can refresh this page always to get maximum information and update.

Please do well by disregarding some rumor mongers that has started publicizing false information from unidentified source that the Scheme has released the names of shortlisted candidates, also some also are all in the street updating guys about commencement of the scheme recruitment, we are using this platform to emphatically debunk such information, as we all know knowledge is power, even though the scheme prepared to start eh recruitment exercise by January 2019, but due to electioneering processes hopes were dashed, and the atmosphere became intense, there is little the federal government and people in charge of this program could do, but it is of utmost believe that the processes may be delayed due to preparation for democracy day and swearing ceremony for the second phase of the president Buhari Lead administration. But before then, it is advisable for all candidates to get all necessary documents prepared because, there may be limited time the moment the exercise begin, as you all know, the platform was opened for all, and it received a massive application from applicants so to improve your chances of getting full benefits that comes with the scheme, you also need to be prepared there may be no room for excuse because you already have enough time for yourself.

  • What You Should Know About PYES Programme

Under the PYES program, there are five distinct areas you may choose to apply from, and they include

  • Technical Acquisition: this area are for youths who are ready to learn new technical skills to create a source for employment for themselves; you must have at least secondary school leaving certificates to partake from this area.

Agriculture: a graduate in any related discipline in Agriculture should enroll for this area of the scheme

Fashion: this is for people that need to improve in their fashion field, they will be trained and given new ways of doing their fashion styles and modern ideas in the fashion industry

  • ICT & Mobile money: this is one of the areas that is the perspective of every future, technology, and information, so here in this area of the scheme, you will be empowered on information and communication technology, you will train on how to use essential technological tools, how to deploy it for your day to day activities and business.
  • Catering: yes, nutrition is essential, not just about cooking there are more to catering than cooking, so new ways of preparing different delicacies, how to use modern cooking tools for cooking and many more will be entrenching into applicants.

Step By Step Guide for P-YES Application Requirements and Selection Process.

  • As an applicant, you will be required to write a test
  • After you pass the test, then you are qualified to be selected for the P-YES program
  • After you have been shortlisted, you will receive a message to congratulate you for emerging as one of the beneficiaries of this program.
  • In the message you will receive, there is a link for the search for your selected venue, and your phone number will be sued as your LGA to perform the physical verification screening

Step By Step Guide On How To Apply For PYES Registration 2019 Exercise Online

  • First thing you need to do is to visit the site on your browser via this link
  • On the site provide your username and password
  • After this, connect your profile with any of your social media either Facebook or Twitter
  • Then, Click on a post on Facebook or Twitter
  • After this, you can now further to change your password
  • Then provide your State of residence and LGA of residence
  • After successful registration, proceed your profile to edit some of the biodata and fill I the correct information
  • You can do this by clicking on “my profile” then do the necessary editing here. Change bank detail for payment, ensure you change the number to your number and make sure the bank details you used belongs to you.

Here are the required documents for P-YES Recruitment

  • As an applicant, you must ensure you have at least one means of valid identification (National Identity card, International Passport, Permanent Voters Card- PVC)
  • You must either of Degree certificate, SSCE/NECO/NABTEB
  • You must have your NYSC discharge certificate
  • applicants must have NYSC Number
  • applicants are expected to have their CV
  • you must have a recent Passport photographs
  • applicants must have an Active email address.


Conclusion On PYES Application And Registration {Requirements & How To Apply} – All You Need To Know

We all know the state of the nation as at today, the majority of graduates are not employed not to write about able ends that have little education, so PYES is one of the avenues the federal government is looking for a way to alleviate poverty and this time around, the empowerment program is targeted towards the teaming more significant percentage of the youths who are ready to create hubs of employment within the nation.

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