Top 10 Jobs That Pay 80k A Year Without A Degree In Canada (2023)

The good thing about living in a country with a thriving and diversified economy is that your earnings are not determined by what kind of certificate you have, but by the value you can give. The jobs that pay 80k a year without a degree in Canada typically are jobs that offer great value to society, and therefore guarantee job security.

These jobs may pay a lot less than the stipulated amount at entry level; but as a person gains experience and reputation, the earning potential exceeds 80k per year. Some of these jobs even afford one the opportunity to establish a brand through which one can employ people, and earn in millions.

While a degree may not be required, other factors like experience, natural ability, certificates and diplomas may be needed to get these jobs.

Top 10 Jobs That Pay 80k A Year Without A Degree In Canada 2023

1. Realtors

Average Salary Range: $39,000 – $205,000

Realtors are basically salespeople; although their market is houses. This job needs one to be a good communicator, and also to be very good with people; they need to trust you even after just having met you. One also needs to be able to sell; selling is an art on its own.

Academically; one only needs a high school diploma, a real estate training course and a license. This is something you can do from home, although as the business becomes bigger you may need to have an office, and employ a few people.

It is important to note that there are good times and bad times in the real estate business; depending on the market, a realtor can make a lot of money quite quickly. This business will also enable you to build your own real estate portfolio as you discover incredible bargains in the market.

2. Welder

Average Salary Range: $37,000 – $86,000

Welders work with metal objects; joining them to produce specific shapes, sizes, and strength. They are important workers in the fields of construction, manufacturing, and energy extraction. Welders always seem to be in short supply; they are always in demand.

While a degree is not required; one needs to pass through some training so as to help one learn how to handle the welding tools. This can also be gained from apprenticeship programs; they are very good avenues of gaining these skills.

A high school diploma may be required to enable one get this job, and one may need to move to areas that are seeing rapid infrastructure and housing developments. Western Canada seems to a place for this work at the moment.

3. Electricians

Average Salary Range: $39,000-$91,000

Electricians work on the electrical connections of houses, offices, and all other kinds of buildings. They work on existing buildings whenever there are faults, and electricians also work on new buildings, as well as buildings that are being renovated. Electricians can therefore work with electrical companies, or with construction companies.

The more entrepreneurial ones can start their own firms, and maintain their own list of clients. The best part about this job is that you can first chat with the client so as to gain some idea of what the fault might be; and then armed with this information, one can quietly go about the business of repairing the fault.

While electricians easily make more than 80k per year in Canada; one can become a millionaire with this gig, employing others and earning recognition at the same time.

4. Executive Chef

Average Salary Range: $41,000 – $91,000

Executive Chefs earn between $41,000 and $91,000 in Canada on the average; but there is no reason why you should be average. An Executive Chef can work in a big hotel or restaurant; preparing exquisite meals for both local and foreign patrons. He is in charge of the kitchen and all the people inside it.

As nice as it sounds, this job can be quite demanding and hectic; one has to learn and master hundreds of dishes, and still make out time to experiment with new recipes, and create something completely different. Furthermore, your cooking will be reviewed by associations, magazines and other experts. One bad taste is all it takes to ruin a reputation.

Even though degrees are not needed, trade certifications, however, will likely be required, as well as management training. The job can be rewarding; one can own his own restaurant, as well as television show.

5. Sommelier

Average salary range: $30,000 – $89,000

A master sommelier is a person who curates wines for big hotels and restaurants. This is not a very common job, and many who try to become proficient in this art lose their way. This is because there is a lot of tasting to be done, both in-house, and also in the various vineyards.

These tastings often mean a lot of alcohol consumption, and that is where many people lose their way. Nevertheless, if one can build sufficient alcohol tolerance; there is quite a lot of money in this profession.

The Sommelier works with the Chef to pair wines with meals. They can work without certification, but they need experience which comes with years to be proficient in this art.

6. Accounts Manager

Average salary range: $38,000 – $93,000

Accounts Managers can work with companies and firms to keep their books and accounts, and to make sure that everything is as it should be. Sometimes they may be employed by big accounting firms, small accounting firms, the client companies themselves, or they can work on their own; keeping a list of clients they visit.

The job is quite stressful, but if a person is good at the job, it can open many doors, and afford one the opportunity to mingle with some powerful people in society. Building and maintaining relationships is part of what makes one a good accounts manager.

7. Actor

Average Salary Range: $24,000 – 215,000

On the average; actors earn between $24,000 – 215,000 in Canada, while the more successful ones can be worth hundreds of millions of dollars, which once again begs the question of why anyone should want to be average.

Of course this is something that one should better not attempt unless he is confident that he has the talent. Many of the wannabe actors who end up doing drugs in Hollywood must have convinced themselves that they have the talent, which is why the talent must be visible to others before one delves into this career path.

A successful actor is covered in money, fame, and influence. It may be worth the shot.

8. Automotive Service Technician (Mechanic)

Average salary range: $31,000 – $80,000

Auto Mechanics are very important personalities; we all need them to keep our cars and vehicles running. Auto mechanics can be employed by big auto shops, or they can establish their own practices. Apparently, the kind of money that mechanics can make depends of the location of their shops; clients in certain areas can pay much more than those in other areas.

Nevertheless, one thing that is quite certain is the fact that there will always be money to be made because cars will always need maintenance.

9. Land Surveyor

Average Salary Range: $40,000 – $95,000

Land Surveyors inspect land before the commencement of any building on it. They check the topography, slope, and soil texture. They are very important people as far as the construction industry is concerned.

Some training, and a professional license are required to do this work. At the beginning the pay may not be so attractive, but with time a six-figure income is achievable.

10. Theatre Practitioners

National Average Salary: $43,420- $150,000

Theatre practitioners may start out on less than $43,420 per year, but they may be worth several millions by the age of 50. This is not a job that requires a degree, but one that requires talent, and a lot of training. As a stage performer one must have discovered his talent at an early age, and then joined a drama group or a theatre company so as to develop the talent over time.

One would work with directors and agents; and then one could even start his own theatre company, whereby one would employ and develop other talent.



The jobs that pay 80k a year without a degree in Canada can even pay 100k and more, depending on how far a person is able to go in his career. The best thing about some of these jobs that have been listed here is that they offer a potential limitless earning capacity in that a person can establish his own brand and business, thereby employing other people.