Top 10 Richest Families in New York 2023

Imagine becoming so rich that you have to drop your last name because it doesn’t allow you to move freely. That is exactly what some of the richest families in New York have done. Their wealth and reputation have overshadowed their personalities; forcing them to live somewhat obscure lifestyles.

Money makes life a lot easier, but too of it can cause more damage than it solutions. Old Money families in New York have founded charities to give away some of the money so they can sleep better at night; they have even donated buildings and monuments so that the common people can benefit from the wealth they have attained.

They want to be left alone but curious people still go to great lengths to discover all they can about the wealthiest families in New York, and how they live.

Top 10 Richest Families in New York 2023

1. Koch Family

Net Worth: $100 billion

The Koch Family is one of America’s most influential clans. The Koch Brothers as they are best known have spent several millions of dollars to sway public opinion on key issues. They have bankrolled political candidates, and backed political voices.

The Koch Family was established by Fred C. Koch, who developed a new cracking method to produce gasoline from heavy crude oil. However, after he died, his four sons started legal battles for control of his company.

The two brothers David and Charles Koch remained together and built Koch Industries into one of America’s biggest companies by revenue. The Koch Family remains one of America’s richest and most influential families; running their business and political affairs from their headquarters in New York.

2. Mars Family

Net Worth: $33.6 billion

The prominent members of the Mars Family today are Valerie Mars, Marijke Mars, Victoria Mars, and Pamela Mars-Wright. They are heirs to one of the biggest fortunes in New York presently. The Mars Family was established by Forrest Mars Sr. who established the candy and confectionery company. Some of the products he designed; M&M, Mars, and Milky Way are still immensely popular, and form the backbone of the company.

The Mars Candy company is still family owned; the members of the family stated above each have shares of the company; some of them are on the board, while others head divisions of the company.

The Mars Family has steered the company for over 100 years, it controls a company that records over $37 Billion in annual revenue, and employs 130,000 people.

3. Lauder Family

Net Worth: $32.2 billion

The Launder family is some of the biggest socialites in New York. The family was established by Estee and Joseph Lauder, who established the beauty and skincare company Estee Launder back in 1946. The company has grown to become one of the best known beauty brands in the world; generating $14.29 billion in revenue from e commerce and retail sales avenues.

Estee Lauder is today run by William Lauder, while other members of the Lauder family are Jane and Aerin. Jane currently serves as an executive vice president and chief data officer for the company, while Aerin who worked for the company since 1992, has recently established her own cosmetic and lifestyle brand called Aerin.

4. Newhouse Family

Net Worth: $30 billion

The Newhouse family is old money; by the 1970’s they were already one of New Yorks wealthiest clans. The family’s wealth comes from a publishing empire that was established by Sam Newhouse in 1922, called Advance Publications. The family is now headed by Donald Edward Newhouse; who is estimated to be worth 12.3 Billion Dollars.

Some of the family businesses include; Condé Nast; which has several magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, and The New Yorker. The family also owns several newspapers like; The Star-Ledger, The Plain Dealer, and The Oregonian. Other companies controlled by the company include; cable company Bright House Networks and Discovery Communications.

Some members of the Newhouse family include Jonathan Newhouse, Steven Newhouse, Samuel Irving Newhouse III, Wynn Newhouse and Pamela Newhouse.

5. Cox/Chambers Family

Net Worth: $16.6 billion

The Cox/Chambers Family is a billionaire family in every sense of the word; all listed family members are billionaires! Of course with a 16 billion dollar fortune they need to be few if the billions are to go round.  The family was founded by James M Cox, who founded Cox Enterprises; a diversified investment company with operations in automotive services, communications, and media.

Some of the members of the family today are Katharine Rayner, Margaretta Taylor, and James Chambers. The family company today employs 50,000 people, and has revenues of over 19 Billion.

6. Goldman Family

Net Worth: $13.3 billion

The Goldman family is one of the biggest landlords in New York today. The company has over 700 properties including a part of the World Trade Center in Manhattan, New York. The family was established by Sol Goldman who started buying up foreclosed properties in the 1950’s with his brother and partner Irving.

Now Sol and Irvin’s side of the family control their interests through separate companies, but together there is hardly anybody who can challenge them in the New York real estate scene. Some of the Goldmans today include Diane Kemper, Amy Goldman Fowler, Jane Goldman, and Allan Goldman.

7. Rockefeller Family

Net Worth: $10 Billion

The Rockefeller Family was one worth more than $24 Billion; but over the years they have given away so much of the wealth that only about $10 Billion of it is left. In the history of New York, no other family has attained this much fame and fortune. The family has given away so much real estate that many public buildings including libraries, museums, and many more are part of the Legacy of this great family.

The Rockefeller Family fortune is spread around about some 70 individuals; which means no single Rockefeller can lay claim to being one of the richest in the city or country. Nevertheless, collectively these are some of the richest and most powerful people in the city. They also wield considerable influence in the energy sector; considering the companies they control, although in 2016 the family Fund announced that it would start divesting away from oil.

8. Tishman- Speyer Family

Net Worth: $7 Billion

The Tishman-Speyer Clan is actually two houses that have been united by marriage. Not much is known about the origins of this family before Tishman Speyer Properties was established in New York in 1978. The family is led by Jerry Speyer.

The family is one of the biggest real estate owners in New York, and it has enjoyed at least three generations of wealth. The family controls the Rockefeller Center, and many other properties in New York.

9. Astor Family

Net Worth:

The Astor Family is one of the oldest families in New York, the family was established by John Jacob Astor who made a fortune in the fur trade, and also by smuggling Opium into China. The Astor Family was heavily invested in Real Estate, but they later gave much of away, to the city of New York.

The Waldorf Astoria Hotel; one of the most iconic hotels in America was established by the Astor Family, and remained under its control for many years, although it is now operated by an international conglomerate.

10. The Vanderbilt Family

Net Worth:

The Vanderbilt Family is no longer as wealthy as it once was; but the name still opens doors. There are several illustrious members of this family; some of who have reached status of importance in business and politics. The family was established by Cornelius Vanderbilt who made his fortune from rail roads and shipping.

Today, companies under the Vanderbilt name include Vanderbilt Industries and Vanderbilt Business School.

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The richest families in New York have largely dwindled over the years. While New York remains one of the world’s wealthiest cities by concentration of wealth; it seems that the balance of power has tipped to New Money.