Types Of Nurses And Salaries In Canada (2022)

There are many different types of nurses in Canada, and they receive vastly different salaries. The difference in salaries reflect the different types of training that these professionals have received. While they are all nurses, they all fall into different levels, which give them different sets of responsibilities and privileges.

These nurses need different qualifications or experience, but another thing that distinguishes the nurses is where they work. The more challenging the field of nursing, the more pay the nursing professionals receive.

Types Of Nurses And Salaries In Canada 2022

1. Nurse’s Aide

National Average Salary: $19.12 Per Hour

Nurse’s Aides are Nurses that help doctors, other nurses, and other medical staff with simple tasks such as giving patients their medicines at the right time, ensuring that patients eat, clean themselves, change clothes, check their vital signs, and record medical histories.

They also help with administrative tasks which may include keeping records, and so on.

2. Travel Nurse

National Average Salary: $49.42 Per Hour

Travel Nurses are RNs (Registered nurses), who perform the usual tasks of a nurse depending on the particular health facilities where they are attached. However, they travel to fill in as temporary placements at hospitals or other healthcare facilities.

They are therefore like reserve soldiers; deployed whenever the need arises. This may be during large-scale health crises, or during outbreaks of diseases.

Travel Nurses then collaborate with permanently placed nurses at these facilities to ensure that patients get the best care.

3. Home Care Nurse

National Average Salary: $25.94 Per Hour

Home Care Nurses provide medical care at the patients’ homes rather than in the hospitals. These nurses typically work without the supervision of a medical doctor but they are often in touch with doctors. Home care nurses mostly manage patients with health conditions that have already been diagnosed.

Home Care Nurses may read vital signs, assess a patient’s environment, and report to a doctor whenever there are unexpected changes. Furthermore, they may oversee their patients transport options, and get them to a doctor whenever necessary.

4. Hospice Nurse

National Average Salary: $37.35 Per Hour

Hospice Nurses provide care for terminally ill patients. They aim to make the end-of-life process as comfortable as possible for their patients, making sure that they do not suffer, especially from other ailments. Hospice Nurses administer medication, communicate updates to family members, record changes in patient conditions, and consult with doctors.

5. School Nurse

National Average Salary: $32.82 Per Hour

School Nurses work in schools; they take care of children (sometimes teachers too) in school settings. They do so by performing medical assessments of the children they treat. Mostly this is done by taking student temperatures, watching for, and recording symptoms, administering basic approved medication for common ailments.

School Nurses are the first line of defense against disease outbreaks, they take care of the sick children alert the authorities when outbreaks are about to happen.

6. Triage Nurse

National Average Salary: $46.25 Per Hour

Triage Nurses are those that quickly and effectively work to determine what type of medical treatment patients require when they get to the hospital. They assess patients; taking their vital signs, going through medical history, and in case of injuries they check the extent of the injuries. All of these are done quickly and professionally. Usually, a Triage Nurse is a registered nurse.

7. Emergency Room Nurse

National Average Salary: $38.60 Per Hour

Emergency Room (ER) nurses are those that work in the heat and frantic conditions of emergency rooms where patients in critical conditions are rushed in for treatment. This could mean patients that have been involved in accidents, and that have broken bones and torn their flesh.

Sometimes, it could be other kinds of medical emergency; not associated with physical trauma. The biggest attribute of good emergency room nurses is their calmness in the face of emergency. ER nurses work quickly to assess and stabilize patients before they can see a specialist or surgeon.

8. Community Nurse

National Average Salary: $37.71 Per Hour

Community Nurses work with large groups or communities. In most cases they are attached to non government organizations, and their main focus is people that are perceived as marginalized or disenfranchised. In Canada, Community Nurses can work with native populations living in remote locations that are far from the city.

9. Public Health Nurse

National Average Salary: $41.38 Per Hour

Public Health Nurses are very similar to Community Nurses; they work to identify diseases among populations and they combat these diseases with tests, medications and vaccines. They may have to travel from place to place under instruction from the government so as to combat disease outbreaks wherever they may have been noticed.

10. Occupational Health Nurse

National Average Salary: $37.42 Per Hour

Occupational Health Nurses are experts in the field of treating injuries that may be frequent within certain occupations. A common example is football (soccer) in which players may frequently injure themselves on their shins, calves, and ankles. Having treated hundreds of such cases, Occupational Health Nurses know what to expect once they have seen the injuries.

Occupational Health Nurses may work in diverse fields; but the thing they have in common is expertise with the common injuries at their places of work. Occupational health nurses sometimes work with safety managers; the goal being to prevent unnecessary injuries or to ensure that injuries are treated promptly.

11. Psychiatric Nurse

National Average Salary: $40.82 Per Hour

Psychiatric Nurses are nurses that work in Psychiatric Hospitals or in Psychiatric Wards of hospitals. They work with doctors to provide individual care to patients within the mental health facilities described above.  These nurses are different from other kinds of nurses because they specialize in the treatment of psychiatric treatment, which is mental, rather than physical.

Psychiatric Nurses develop treatment plans alongside doctors or specialists (including dosage and frequency of medication), they also evaluate patients’ mental condition, and provide counseling, among other duties.

12. Clinical Nurse

National Average Salary: $35.27 Per Hour

Clinical Nurses are very similar to registered nurses. The main difference is that clinical nurses have advanced leadership experience, which means they are given more responsibilities within the hospital settings.

Clinical Nurses are usually on the administrative side of things; they supervise the duties of the nurses, and are involved in the patient care plans.

13. Nurse Consultants

National Average Salary: $37.76 Per Hour

Nurse Consultants are those that evaluate hospital’s overall healthcare delivery systems. They may not be attached to any individual hospitals, but may consult with the hospitals to ensure that the nurses are well managed, and doing their best. Furthermore, Nurse Consultants can also consult in individual patient cases.

They improve hospitals’ patient’s care programs by reviewing them and recommending the best courses of action. Nurse consultants also consult by teaching other staff members in the hospitals.



While researching the types of nurses and salaries in Canada; it is important to note that the driving force for entering the career path of nursing should be saving lives. Nursing, and other careers within the healthcare system are poised to save lives first; making money is only a secondary consideration. All nurses deserve respect and honor; and no matter what type of nurse a person is, he is likely going to earn far above what other workers earn on the average.