25 Fun Unusual Things To Do In Cape Town Under R200

Cape Town is already well known as one of the most beautiful cities in Africa and the world. However, many people who come in to visit the city are curious as to what the city has to offer that is different from what they are used to in Europe and America. This is a compilation of 25 fun unusual things to do in Cape Town under R200, because a great experience does not necessarily have to be expensive.

These are fun activities that can be enjoyed by loners, couples, and families, and they can also be enjoyed by groups of friends. By reading and trying these fun ideas visitors can get a taste of what life in Cape Town is really like; aside from the surface activities which visitors engage in, one can get to see and feel what makes the city tick.

25 Fun Unusual Things To Do In Cape Town Under R200

1. Visit Cute Animals At DARG in Hout Bay

Cost: Just A Small Donation

DARG (Domestic Animal Rescue Group) is a pro-life organization that works independently of the government. What they do is they rescue domestic animals that have been abandoned, neglected or abused. The organization cares for, sterilizes and finds good homes for these animals.

When you visit this animal shelter they will gladly let you adopt one, or if you cannot, they will gladly let you walk one, or feed one, or assist with any other thing in the shelter. You can think of it as a beautiful rent a pet service.

2. Check Out Babylonstoren Magical Garden

Cost: R10 Per Person

Babylonstoren is a huge garden; but it is not just an expansive acreage; you will find a farm, winery, a farm shop, boutique, hotel and spa. The restaurant has won a few awards, it is called Babel. This beautiful garden in the heart of the Winelands is a masterpiece of design, and of artistic ingenuity.

For just R10 a person you can take your loved ones on a tour to see what make South African wine so famous. The entrance fee is used for the upliftment of the community.

3. Visit Africa’s Largest Bird Park in Hout Bay

Cost: Adults R120, Children R45

There are not that many parks dedicated exclusively to birds that can match this one; which is why the World Of Birds is a truly remarkable place to visit, and a truly important project for the sustenance of Planet Earth.  World Of Birds is on 4 hectares of tropical landscape, and is located in the Hout Bay valley, which is just 15 minutes from Cape Town city centre.

The park has about 3,000 birds from 400 species. It is a great place for the family to spend time watching how birds interact with one another in their natural environment. The park is open from Monday to Sunday from 09:00AM to 5:00PM.

4. Pick Strawberries At Polkadraai Farm

Cost: From R40 to R190

The Polkadraai Farm is located near Stellenbosch, and offers you the chance to have some good, clean fun with family members. Not just will you have fun; you get to go home with baskets-ful of Strawberries which you picked by yourself.

This activity lasts from October to December every year, and everyone is invited. The farm is open from 09:00AM to 5:00PM.

5. Oranjezicht City Farm

Cost: Free

Oranjezicht City Farm is not just a farm; it is a futuristic project that shows the world what low-impact, sustainable community living is all about.

The farm welcomes everyone to see how the human population can live without destroying the planet; you can purchase some fresh produce such as; home-baked bread,100% natural milk, free-range eggs, honey, and so one.

You can even try out some delicious cooked and raw foods. It is something different, and the organizers hope it can catch the attention of visitors.

6. Learn Some Of South African History

Cost: R40 Per Person

You can visit the famous District Six in Cape Town, which is a reminder of South Africa’s brutal history; Apartheid. In 1965, the government moved into District Six; forcibly removing its residents and declaring the area a “whites-only” zone. Not only were thousands of families displaced; but a dark chapter in the country’s history was written with that action.

The District Six Museum Foundation was established in 1989, and the museum proper was opened in 1994. The museum is open from 09:00AM to 1:00PM.

7. Attend A Free Show

Cost: Free

Many visitors to Cape Town fail to see the artistic side of the city. That can be remedied by visiting the De Waal Park on a Sunday afternoon, where you can catch some of Cape Town’s musical community.

This is one of the unusual things to do in Cape Town; it is an experience to remember; this is a launch pad that has produced some of the exciting musical talent in the country.

8. Visit The Traditional Market

Cost: Free

The Traditional Market is more than just a place to buy and sell; it is a place to relieve a bit of tradition. Every Wednesday evening and Saturday morning, there is a Parade with singing and dancing.

The traditional marketplace comes alive with merchants selling all kinds of goods including plastic kitchenware, traditional pots, shoes, clothing and so on.

9. Hiking In Lions Head

Cost: Free

The name alone is something that should catch the imagination of visitors. Well this freely accessible hiking trail is sure to give visitors an experience they will never forget. There are valleys, mountain ranges, and everything else.

10. Cycle Around Cape Town

Cost: R70 for 1 hour

A lot of people do not know this; but cycling around Cape Town is already a favorite past time for many wealthy citizens of Europe and America. It is a great way to exercise, and free the mind from the stress of work. You can even go as a family.

11. Stand-Up Paddling

Cost: R220 for 1 hour

Many people know all about canoeing, but have never tried their hands on Stand-Up Paddling. The fee you pay includes the rental and a lesson to help you grab the basics.

12. Market On The Wharf

Cost: Free

Now it seems like Cape Town is full of markets. This time the market is on the wharf, where the cool sea breeze, and the lively atmosphere create another experience altogether. There is plenty of fun, and dancing, as well as food and drinks. There are all kinds of stuff to buy.

13. Springbok Experience Museum

Cost: Adults R75, while Young Ones and Pensioners R50

“The Sprinkboks” is the national Rugby team of South Africa, and it is a team that is both admired and feared all over the world. The Springbok Experience Museum is a place to relieve some of the history of this great team, and the cultural effect it has had on the country.

14. Enjoy Art In South Africa

Cost: Free

Not many people know that South Africa has a thriving art community. Cape Town is one of the top centers of Art in the country; the Galleries are absolutely alive with displays from Artists from all over the country.

These galleries are open on the first Thursday of every month, from morning until the evenings. Whether or not you are an art enthusiast, it is certainly fun to check out these works by South African artists.

15. Visit Bay Harbour Market

Cost: Free

Hout Bay’s Bay Harbour Market is another market that is more than just buying and selling; this is another avenue to display South African culture. You can find art, craft, fashion items, décor, as well as delicious cuisine.

16. Earth Fair Market

Cost: Free

The Earth Fair Market takes place every Thursday in the St Georges Mall thoroughfare, which is in the Central Business District of Cape Town. There are different kinds of organic foods from all over the world on display; and you can even get the recipes from the merchants.

17. Checkout Bree Street

Cost: Free

Bree Street lies in the centre of the city. It is a place full of culture and tradition; full of bars, boutique, restaurants, galleries and so on. There are many international designer shops where clothing items from all over the world are sold. Bree Street is a very lively place to be.

18. Try HintHunt In Woodstock

Cost: R192

HintHunt is a group game that is becoming increasingly popular. It is a game where you hunt for clues to solve mysteries like a detective. This is great fun for families, and it is something to develop the mind.

19. Watch Old Movies At Labia Theatre

Cost: R50

The Labia Theatre building was opened in 1949 by Princess Labia; hence the name. It is an interesting place to watch old movies, and interesting most of the patrons are actually young people, most of who just enjoy the experience of watching old movies. There are also meals served in the complex, so there is plenty of fun to be had here.

20. Watch Acrobatics At Zip Zap Dome

Cost: R100

Zip Zap is a circus with a difference. These guys are so good that they have performed at important festivals across the world including Mandela’s 77th birthday, the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne in 2006, and the International Circus Festival in Monte-Carlo in 2001.

Watching them swing and juggle is an experience that would last in the minds of visitors.

21. Sightseeing On The Hop On, Hop Off Bus

Cost: R200

This is a great way to see the sights in the city of Cape Town; the British Double Decker bus will take you around; stopping at important sights. It moves slowly; you can even hop on or off at will.

22. Weekend Morning Tea

Cost: R195

The One & Only Resort’s Vista Bar & Lounge offers great tea of several different variants. The lounge is designed to give you an epic view of the mountain. This is a great way to start the day; and a great place to meet nice people.

23. The Orphanage Cocktail Emporium

Cost: From R90

Admittedly, this is not for everyone; but if you can hold your liquor, and you don’t mind a few bad jokes, then perhaps the Orphanage Cocktail Emporium is the place for you.

24. The Galileo Open Air Cinema

Cost: R100

If someone told you that a cinema can be held in the open you would probably refuse; yet here we are! The Galileo Open Air Cinema is at several locations: Bloemendal Wine Estate (Tuesday), Kirstenbosch Gardens (Wednesday) and the V&A Waterfront (Thursday); although only in the summer months.

25. Bike And Wine Tour

Cost: R150

There is actually a range of packages that may suit all budgets. The Bike and Wine Tour is also for those who can hold their liquor, you get to savor wine, and then ride around on the estates of the winery.



There are very many things to do in Cape Town, but these activities are fun things that you can do for under 200R; they will hardly leave a mark on your wallets, which is why they are selected on top of the list. Ensure you get a map of the city or talk to a guide to make the holiday even more fun.