Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In Canada Without A Degree (2023)

Canada is a fast growing, and diversified economy; one that offers so many opportunities to whoever is able to provide value. The highest paying jobs in Canada without a degree are some of those openings that offer attractive pay, and good working conditions; comparable to highly specialized jobs that require degrees.

Of course, a degree is just one of the possible criteria which could possibly qualify a person for a job; even without needing a degree, most of these jobs would still require some experience, as well as other things like training, diplomas, and even certain character traits so as to enable the applicant fit in well.

Highest Paying Jobs In Canada Without A Degree (2023)

1. Mobile Developers

National Average Salaries: $80,778 Per Year

Mobile Developers can work alone or for big companies. The job does not require a degree; but it is quite a technical. Mobile Developers design and build mobile applications to meet specific needs, or to carry out specific functions. This is something that can be done from home, or in a small office. A person can develop a mobile application, and can make billions from it.

Mobile Developers can also work for already established companies so as to develop applications or to work on existing ones; therefore making them better.

2. Maintenance Manager

National Average Salary: $76,025 Per Year

Without maintenance even the most well built houses, machines, factories and equipment will soon fall into disrepair. Companies realize that it is a lot more expensive to repair or acquire new ones, than it is to maintain what they already have; which is why they spend a lot of money on maintenance.

Maintenance Managers therefore make the maintenance time tables as well as the procedures, implements them, inspects the facilities, and identifies potential problems before they become big problems.

3. Chefs

National Salary Average: $63,788 Per Year

Chefs are culinary experts; they know all about preparing, cooking and serving food. Chefs are the masters of the kitchen; they direct all the activities in there. All the kitchen staff therefore take directives from them so that they can work together to produce exquisite tasting, and looking foods at the right time.

Chefs can work in big restaurant or hotels, and they can also work with government to cook for high ranking government officials. These days Chefs can even become celebrities; aside from having their own restaurants they can also have TV shows, as well as culinary channels on social media.

Chefs have various avenues to make stupendous amounts of money; as long as the flair for cooking is really there.

4. Miners

National Average Salary: $43,420 Per Year

Mining is an important contributor to the Canadian economy; the country has vast deposits of various minerals. Miners are responsible for digging the ground and finding those minerals like iron, gold, aluminum, coal, and so on. Many of these minerals are important for manufacturing, for construction, and for finance.

Miners are therefore the pillar holding up not just the mining industry, but also other industries such manufacturing, construction, and so on. That explains why miners earn such good salaries.

Miners primarily dig holes into the ground to extract these minerals; they may also carefully use explosives to break large rocks or ores into smaller bits so that they are easier to transport to the surface, and to the processing sites.

They receive extensive training on safety protocols.

5. Theatre Practitioners

National Average Salary: $43,420 Per Year

Working in the field of theatre requires talent; not degrees. A person who is successful in theatre would have usually discovered his talent at an early age, and would have spent a lot of time learning how to sing and dance so as to deliver impressive theatre performances to audiences.

To prepare oneself for a career in theatre; one must have joined a theatre group, or worked under a maestro who would help develop the trainees skills. It may also be necessary to attend auditions, and to accept small parts in plays before becoming a star.

One would need to work with agents and directors, and attend costume fittings and rehearsals. This is a career that takes a great deal of sacrifice and passion to make it work.

6. Landscape Technician

National Average Salary: $42,560 Per Year

Landscape Technicians transform barren grounds to beautiful, lush, and impressive landscapes. They do this by planting grasses trees and flowers, applying fertilizers, installing sprinklers, and identifying and treating plant diseases. They also design pathways, and garden areas.

Landscape Technicians therefore envision these gardens, and then bring them to life. This is therefore a kind of an artistic job; one that does not need a degree, but requires proficiency with mechanical equipment like lawnmowers, knapsack sprayers, and weed trimmers.

7. Claims Adjusters

National Average Salary: $51,987 Per Year

Claims Adjusters work with insurance companies, or with clients of insurance companies to scrutinize insurance claims in the form of damage of property or personal injury. They look at the extent of damage on the person or property, and then collate information from several sources to evaluate insurance liability.

They also need to interrogate witnesses and claimants and communicate with engineers and policyholders. After that, they still need to determine if the damage in question is under the insurance policy; and then they calculate the payment to be made to the claimant.

8. Translators

National Average Salary: $47,420 per year

Translators have one of the highest paying jobs in Canada without a degree because communication is essential to business, commerce, to administration, to education, as well as to many other sectors of the economy, and aspects of life. Translators can work as facilitators for conferences and other events, and they can also work in studios converting audio and text recordings from one language to another.

They convert materials to multiple languages as well, and they help with trade, politics, research, and so on. Translators can also prepare subtitles for online and video presentations and also do other related work.

9. Receptionists

National Salary Average: $33,880 Per Year

Receptionists are the first people who visitors meet at any office or establishment; they are also called front desk officers. Their duties include welcoming the guests, and then directing them to the persons they wish to see; depending on whether the official is busy or accepting guests at the time.

Receptionists may not need to have degrees, but they need to have people skills, and they also need to be able to communicate effectively with people. They need to be courteous and to behave professionally.

Receptionists also need to know how to use office equipment like computers and photocopiers. They need to write very well, and they need to know how to use office stationery.

10. Warehouse Worker

National Average Salary: $33,040 Per Year

Warehouse Workers are very essential workers in Canada; all production and trade companies would never function a single day without them. Warehouse Workers may work for production companies, retail companies, shipping companies and so on; they may work in specific industries like healthcare, cosmetics, weapons, and general goods.

Warehouse workers may also be involved in loading, packing, wrapping, labeling, and shipping of the goods; senior workers may have to take inventory, and ensure that certain goods are always available at the warehouses.



The highest paying jobs in Canada without a degree are some of the most important jobs, as well as some of the most exciting jobs. These positions may not need a degree; but they certainly need experience gained in lesser positions of a similar nature. Therefore, these jobs still choose the most suitable workers to fill the positions, despite not requiring paper qualifications.