Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In Australia Without A Degree (2022)

There are several high paying jobs in Australia without a degree. This is because the country has such a diverse economy with a lot of activity going on in the real sector. Many of these jobs are hands on jobs; which require the mental and physical presence of the person, rather than while collar jobs which require high educational qualifications but may not affect society so much.

It is important to note, however, that even if these jobs do not require university degrees, they may require other attributes such as experience, diplomas, technical training, certificates, and most importantly, people skills.

Many of these jobs require one to grow into them; one must have worked in similar, but lower positions thus gaining the experience which qualifies one for the positions. Depending on the employer, there may be additional requirements or not.

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In Australia Without A Degree

1. Social Media Manager

National Average Salary: $83,211 Per Annum

We all use Social Media, and so we are all familiar with what it is, and the power it carries. However, while ordinary people mostly see Social Media as a way of communicating with family and friends; big brands and organizations use Social Media as an important part of their marketing strategy, and the promotion of their brand identity.

Therefore, they pay a lot of attention to the use of Social Media; so that they can communicate directly with clients and customers, as well as the general public; thus boosting sales and awareness of their products and services. As expected; organizations pay good money to those who can give them the desired results.

A Social Media Manager oversees an organization’s social media accounts, as well as the communications and interactions with the public. A Social Media Manager will also need to devise new strategies so as to have the best results. He may devise these strategies because he keeps records of the styles of interaction and posts, and knows what gets the best results.

2. Driller

National Average Salary: $87,815 Per Annum

A Driller is a person who operates a drill rig. Drilling rigs may be used for several functions or in various industries including water sourcing, construction, oil exploration, mining, and so on. Usually, there are different types of drills for each of the aforementioned industries; but their core function is essentially the same- to put deep holes in the ground.

A Driller will therefore be in charge of operating the machines, or of supervising the operators under him. Typically, he will need to monitor pressure gauges, water levels and sample qualities. There are usually also safety protocols that need to be observed,; to ensure that the drilling operation is carried out successfully.

3. Safety Consultant

National Average Salary: $96,090 Per Annum

Safety Consultants are mostly needed in construction companies, oil companies, mining companies, production companies, and anywhere else that heavy machinery may be used, or where chemicals may be used. This is because while focused on the primary objectives of the company, it is easy to forget to apply all the necessary safety protocols, therefore resulting in harm to the workers.

In order to prevent accidents, or to ensure that the general health and wellness is not compromised; the Safety Consultant’s job is to make sure that all the necessary safety protocols are followed. He monitors the work environment, as well as tools, machines, materials including the handling of potentially dangerous chemicals, to ensure that everything is done safely.

Safety Consultants can also review safety, compensation, claims and injury policies, as well as help devise policies and rules to help the employers make the work environment safer.

Even though Safety Consultants do not need to have university degrees, they need to have undergone training, and possibly received some form of certification.

4. Senior Care Worker

National Average Salary: $96,249 Per Annum

Senior Care Workers have the responsibility of taking care of the elderly in the society. They usually work in elderly care homes, which are well organized facilities housing elderly people. Some of the duties which Senior Care Workers may tasked with include cooking, serving the food, and sometimes feeding the elderly.

Other duties may also include Showering the elderly, dressing them, and cleaning their quarters. One may also be required to assist the elderly with recreational activities, such as games, walks and shopping.

This job is not just about providing physical help; emotional support is also important, which is why they also need to listen to their patients, and to engage with them socially- thus providing emotional support.

5. Applications Developer

National Average Salary: $98,053 Per Annum

The job of an Applications Developer may not require a university degree, but it is quite a technical one. This is one of the highest paying jobs in Australia without a degree, and it is one that may guarantee the brightest future because one may be able to establish a tech company, employing other developers, and making an impact in society.

Applications Developers create applications for use in mobile phones, tablets, or computers, and these applications are usually created to solve specific problems, or to add value to users. These applications can be downloaded freely, or may sometimes come at a price.

Sometimes, the applications may be developed singly by individual developers, and other times they are developed by companies; which means the individual developers would be employees working for the companies.

Sometimes, developers may be required to make adjustments to existing applications; therefore making them faster or more efficient.

6. Site Supervisor

National Average Salary: $101,806 Per Annum

A Site Supervisor is an important officer in a construction site; his job is to go around the construction site in order to identify hazards, and then to neutralize them by implementing safety procedures. He may also inspect equipment and monitor construction progress.

Site Supervisors may specialize in residential, commercial or civil construction projects; especially as the approach to these different types of building projects may be different.

7. Security Manager

National Average Salary: $110,222 Per Annum

A Security Manager is an important personnel in any organization; he takes responsibility for the lives and property on the premises. The Security Manager oversees the operations of the security personnel in any organization, or event, or project, or company.

His job is to ensure that the people on site are safe, and also all the valuables within the premises are accounted for. His work may be to monitor security cameras so as to detect any danger, and to respond to it accordingly.

While this job may not require a degree, one may need to have had several years of experience in the security field in order to attain this position. One may also need to train the security operatives who work with him.

8. Recruitment Manager

National Average Salary: $115,489 Per Annum

A Recruitment Manager has the task of choosing new employees for an organization. This is a very big responsibility because the wrong types of employees may have a terrible effect on the company, and on productivity. If the company is to maintain standards, and if the company is to grow, then the right kinds of people must be brought in.

A recruitment manager may have to sit in at interviews therefore being part of the recruitment process. He may also be the one to develop the recruitment procedures, and also select the recruitment teams.

He may be selected to this position having spent several years with the company; therefore knowing what the company needs to move forward.

9. Human Resource Manager

National Average Salary: $118,000 Per Annum

Human Resource Managers have the duty to ensure that the company is getting the best output from its workers. This means ensuring that the right people are in the right places, and also that the workers are motivated and reasonably happy. They can therefore put in their best, and help the company to excel.

While this position may not typically need a degree, it will usually need a person with sound knowledge of administration, very good communication skills, and the ability to work with people- motivating them, and helping them to succeed.

10. Underground Miner

National Average Salary: $120,399 Per Annum

The mining industry in Australia is very well developed; Australia is a major producer of some precious metals, as well as important materials like iron and graphite. An Underground Miner can therefore earn a lot of money while facing very little danger compared to some years before now.

Underground miners can include machine operators, blast specialists, drillers, as well as technicians. They often receive higher pay than most other professionals, and they often receive excellent training so as to keep them safe and aware of their surroundings.



The highest paying jobs in Australia without a degree usually require other things such as experience, training, and talent among others. These are jobs with which one may be able to live comfortably, and to enjoy a secure future, even without having first obtained a university degree.