Full details on the current regional Ministers in Ghana names list. Africa is a big continent divided into different countries both big and small. Our focus on this article is going to be about Ghana. I know you must have heard about this beautiful country called Ghana, Ghana was once a country with nothing to write home about, but now it is known as one of the best countries in Africa, with good places for tourist attractions and the host of others. This article will focus on the current regional ministers in Ghana. Ghana is divided into 10 regions each of the regions in Ghana has its own ministers and the ministers functions in managing the mineral resources which are associated in each region.

Current Regional Ministers In Ghana 2020

No. Region Name
1. The Greater Accra Region Ishmael Ashitey
2. The Eastern Region Eric Kwakye Darfour
3. The Central Region Kwamena Duncan
4. The Western Region Dr. Kwaku Afriyie
5. The Ashanti Region Simeon-Osei Mensah
6. The Upper West Region Sulemana Alhassan
7. The Upper East Region Rockson Ayine Bukari
8. The Nothern Region Salifu Saheed
9. The Volta Region Archibald Yao Letsa
10. The Brong Ahafo Region Kwaku Asomah Cheremeh

Current Regional Ministers In Ghana


The Greater Accra Region is the smallest of the 10 administrative region which Ghana has, with a total population of 4,010 054 in 2010. The Greater Accra region occupies a total land space of 3,245 square kilometers which is 1.4% of the total land population in Ghana. This region is the most urbanized region in Ghana with 84.7% of its total population living in Urban Centres. The Greater Accra region was first called the Accra Capital district which was geographically part of the Eastern region, it was however administered separately by the minister responsible for local government. The Greater Accra Region is bordered on the east by the Volta Region, on the South by the Gulf of Guinea and on the North by the Eastern Region and its made up of 16 administrative areas. The Greater Accra Region which has different recreational centres like the National Museum, La pleasure beach, fishing ports at Jamestown, trade fair centre, makola market and lots of other places. 1.3% of the population of the Greater Accra Region are immigrants outside of Ghana. It has one regional highway and four national highways with an international airport with an active railway line connecting Accra and Tema.

Ishmael Ashitey is the current regional minister in The Greater Accra Region, he is a graduate of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, he holds a diploma in Mechanical Engineering, he also holds an Executive Masters degree in Governance and leadership from GIMPA. He is married with four children. Before going into politics, he worked as a mechanical engineer at the Accra Brewery limited for 13 years. He is a politician and a member of the New Patriotic Party in Ghana. He served as a member of Parliament for Tema East between the period of 1996 to 2008, during that period he was appointed as minister of state for fisheries from 2001 to 2003 by former president John Agyekum Kufuor. From the year 2003 to 2004, he served as minister of state for trade and industry. In Parliament, he was a member of the foreign affairs committee, member of the committee on communications and chairman of the government assurances committee. He has been appointed the Regional Minister for the Greater Accra Region from the year 2017 till date.

Current Regional Ministers In Ghana

The Eastern region is located in South Ghana. This region is bothered to the East by the lake Volta, to the North by the Ashanti region, to the south by the Central region. Akans are the dominants ad main inhabitants of the Eastern region, the main language spoken there is English, Aka, Ewe. The Eastern region covers an area of 19,323 square kilometers which is about 8.1% of Ghana’s total landform. The Eastern region is focused on electricity generation, it is called the Akosombo hydroelectric project which contains three main tributaries; the black volta, the white volta, and the red volta and this hydroelectric project flow into the Gulf of Guinea on the Atlantic ocean. The Eastern region has lots of secondary schools and university for its inhabitants to attend. The Eastern region is divided into 26 districts. Among the other regions, the eastern region is one of the most populated regions with up to 2,633,154 and its ranked number 3.

The Current regional minister for the Eastern Region is Eric Kwakye Darfour. Eric Kwakye Darfour hails from Obo-Kwahu, 59 years of age and he is a graduate of from the University of Ghana, Legon in 1982 from the department of French and Linguistics. He is happily married with three children. Eric Kwakye Darfour was a French tutor at the Abuakwa state college from 1982-1985 and later on, he was the managing director for Ecovans ltd. From the year 2001-2005 he served as the special assistant to the eastern regional minister then from the year 2009-2012 he was the Eastern Regional treasurer of the NPP and he was elected as a member of Parliament for Nkawkaw constituency on the ticket of the NPP in 2012. During his tenure as a member of the Parliament. He served on the foreign affairs committee and the privileges committee.


One of the most populated regions in Ghana, renowned for its elite higher educational institutions and its based on an abundance of industrial minerals and tourism. The Central Region which attains many tourists attractions. It has 17 districts, with a population of 2,201,863 and its ranked number 8. This region is known to have the best schools in Ghana and its dominated by services like mining and fishing. It has some of the most beautiful beaches and regional parks. Apart from having the best beaches, recreational parks and even the elite schools in Ghana, the Central Region is known to have the best dishes, as there are so many varieties of foods there one can select from.

The Current regional minister for the Central Region is Kwamena Duncan. Kwamena Duncan is 50 years of age, he is a politician, happily married with three children. He attended the University of Ghana, Legon where he holds a bachelor degree in Agricultural Science. He has been teaching for 22 years in senior high school and married with three children. Kwamena Duncan has been the Central regional secretary of the New Patriotic party and a member of the Party national council since 2005.


The Western region is located in southern Ghana, which spreads from the Ivory Coast border in the west to the Central Region in the East. This region has 22 districts with a total population 2,376,021 during the 2010 census and it is ranked 4th. It has the highest rainfall in Ghana, and fertile soils, small and large scale gold mines with offshore oil platforms which dominate the Western region economy. The Region also attracts tourists attractions like the Ankobra river, the Bia river, the Pra River and Tano river. In terms of education, the Western region has many post-secondary schools which include two universities with teachers and nursing colleges.

The Current regional minister for the Western region is Dr. Kwaku Afriyie. Kwaku Afriyie is 53 years of age, he studied medicine/surgery from the University of Ghana Medical School, a Master of Public health from Tulane University New Orleans and is a member of the Ghana college of physicians and surgeons. He worked at the Korle Bu teaching hospital, the Effia Nkwanta hospital and became the director of the health service at the Bibiani government hospital from 1982-1994, former managing director of Greenshield hospital from 2005-2014. Kwaku Afriyie served as minister of health from 2001-2005 and minister of lands, forestry, and mines in 2001. He did lots of works while he was health minister, he implemented the National Health Insurance Scheme, introduced the national postgraduate training program for doctors, introduced National ambulance system in 2004, introduced the Ghana college of physicians and surgeons for postgraduate training of doctors.


The Ashanti Region which is located in the South of Ghana and it’s the third largest out of the 10 administrative regions. It is occupying a total land surface of 24,389km2 which is 10.2% of the total land area of Ghana, making it the most populated region with a population of 4,780,380 according to the 2011 census. This region is known for its major production of cocoa and gold bar with lots of places for tourist attraction like Rattray parks, Centre for National Culture; alongside, the Ashanti region also has historic sites like Kumasi Fort and Military Museum, Armed forces museum and lots more.

Simeon-Osei Mensah is the current regional minister of the Ashanti region, 55 years of age, married and he holds a master degree in Economic, finance, and banking. He has served in various positions and he has made a positive impact in Ghana and truly he is worthy of the position.


The Upper West region is located in the northwest corner of Ghana. It covers 18,476km2 of Ghana and represents 12.7% of the total land area of Ghana. It is the seventh largest region in Ghana and made up of 11 districts. The major economy of the Upper West region is Agriculture and they grow crops like maize, peanuts, okra, shea tree, and many others. Apart from all these, they have lots of secondary schools in the region.

The current regional minister of the Upper West region is Sulemana Alhassan, 62 years of age and he is trained as a professional teacher at the Bagabaga teacher training college in Tamale, he was a mathematics tutor for 33 years before assuming the role of director and he is married with four children.


Located in North of Ghana and it’s the second smallest of the 10 administrative regions, occupying 8,842km2 or 2.7% of the total land area of Ghana. The Upper East region is known to have lots of parks like the Paga Crocodile pond, Tongo rocks, Sombo bat sanctuary and lots of many other tourist attraction sites.

Rockson Ayine Bukhari is the Current regional minister of the upper eastern region. He is 67 years of age, hails from Gambibgo, Boltaganga, holds teachers certificate from the teachers training college at the Kantom training college. He is married to two wives and 11 children.


The Northern region covers an area of 70,384km2 and it is divided into 14 districts. The Northern region is drier than the southern region of Ghana. 75% of the economical agriculture produce are from the northern region.

Salifu Saheed is the current regional minister of the Northern region. He holds a masters from development management in GIMPA and also a bachelor of arts in integrated studies from the University of Development Studies in Tamale., he holds a degree in peace and conflict prevention in Tamale.., happily married with one child.


The Volta region is located west of the Republic of Congo and divided into 25 districts. It’s known to have lots of land mass and much agricultural produce. The current regional minister of the Volta region is Archibald Yao Letsa, 69 years of age, a medical doctor by profession from the University of Ghana medical school. He obtained masters from the department of public health from the University of Leeds Uk. He has been giving back to the community since then even before attaining his current position.


it is located at in the South of Ghana. It is known for its large cocoa production and agricultural industries. The region is also known to be good in sports and also their educational sector is also stable. The region is home to 2,310,983 and has 27 districts.

The current regional minister of the region is Kwaku Asomah Cheremeh, 52 years of age and is a barrister at law, married with three children and he has been serving well as the regional minister of the Brong Ahafo region.


In conclusion, we have given you credible information about the current regional ministers in Ghana, not only that we have given you information about each of the region and little facts which you need to know about them.

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