No matter how diverse we are in this world, there is one common interest every adult has. That the desire to make money, which brought up the work on the top ways on how to make money online in Ghana. The world today has improved to the extent that you don’t need to be in a particular location before you start making money. The internet is the new wave for anyone to have the cedis in his or her pocket or bank account.


  • Drop Shipping
    • Shopify
    • Alidropship
  • Android App
  • Freelance Writer
  • Freelance Web Developer
  • Graphics Designer
  • Guru Freelancer
  • Fiverr Freelancer
  • UpWork Freelancer
  • Online Importation Business
  • V-Logging – Youtube
  • Blogging
  • Amazon Affiliate Marketing
  • Commision Junction Affiliate Marketing
  • Book Publish On Kindle
  • Selling Note On INotes
  • Story Telling On IWrites
  • Mystery Shopper
  • CV-Library


This is why in this article, we shall be dealing with the various ways to make money online in Ghana.

  • 1. Frelance Web Developer

One thing we need to know is that in this world, we are living in the gig economy. Day by day, we have come to realize that not everyone needs the typical nine to five office job, we are all struggling to have.

Being a freelance developer is knowing if the revolution that has occurred at the job factory in the world. Now you can be a where and receive services. It also gives you the added advantage as you most times get paid in dollars.

Some things you need to note is that to excel in this profession, you need to specialize in something, then you join various freelancing websites in order to build up your reputation. Create and build your network. Also, try to join an affiliate program.

  • 2. Guru Freelancer

For those who see themselves as highly skilled in a particular profession, then there is a great way to make money; and that is on guru. is one of the options websites that connect freelancers with potential employers. As a freelancer on guru, you get paid for the service you render to every employer that employs you. Never good thing about this site is that you can register free. Also, it is a great opportunity as you get to see various people that need your services. It is also to a good extent secure, so you don’t get on worrying about doing a job for free.

  • 3. Online Importation Business.

This is one of the most Trending business in Ghana right now. It has to do with bringing goods from abroad to sell in Ghana. This is done through online service

How do you get started on this kind of business?

    You need to find an area of business interest and create a market for it

    Open an account and link it to your internet banking

    Search online for foreign online market and place orders for those products you have created interest in.

    When you get the good delivered to you, you can then make an advert of the availability of the goods on your local market.

  • 4. Youtube Channel (Vlogging)

One of the easiest ways of making money in Ghana is starting a YouTube channel. This career does not need any startup investment. As long as you have a good camera phone, you are good to go.

Why this profession is lucrative is because approximately, YouTube receives on an average, 5 billion views per day. This way, you can be among those making money through this platform.

Note that this opportunity is best for people who love creating videos and being in front of the camera.

Another thing you need to be aware of is that you should try to make videos of what people will love to view.

How To Make Money Online In Ghana
  • 5. Starting A Blog.

In every of the easiest ways to make money at home is being a blogger. Unlike any other job, a blogger does not need to make money within the confines of an office. Right in your bedroom, you can be a certified blogger.

Though it is very easy and can be done anywhere, one this to take note of is that blogging can take time. So, you need to relax and be patient with your blog.

Also, learn some techniques and strategies that you need to build up your blog site and boost traffic.

This kind of profession is suitable for those that babe desire in research and writing.

  • 6. Affiliate Marketing.

This is a type of performance-based marketing in which you are rewarded with a certain amount of commission for each product bought by every customer you referred.

This online profession is good for people that possess persuasion skill and also like to talk and write.

  • 7. Publishing Ebooks On Kindle

In case you don’t know, Amazon is one of the biggest Google biggest competitors in the search engine world. So, you have an idea of how big the marketplace is if you decide to publish an e-book on Kindle.

Now a day, shoppers try to search for products on Amazon rather than using other traditional search engines

  • 8. Commision Junction.

This is an affiliate program, which demands are only on your tome. It is one of the top 20 Best Affiliate Program. It is familiar with the money-making system. What is attracting about it is that it is risk-free. It takes nothing except your time.

Your main job is to recommend the product to your online visitor and send them to the site where the product is sold. If the customer buys the product, you will definitely get paid on the agreed commission.

  • 9. Selling Of Notes.

If you don’t mind making money by selling your notes to other students then this is beneficial for you. There is a site out there that you can upload your note with its price. Once a person download is, you are being paid.

Some sites like stuvia & notes alert are good sites for this kind of business.

  • 10. IWrite

This site is recommended for kids to write their stories. It also provides publishing and leadership opportunities for our young ones

  • 11. UP Work.

This is a global freelancing platform where businesses, companies, and professionals align and connect to offer services to potential employers

For those into freelancing, up work is a suitable opportunity to get your services displayed for people to order from you.

Upwork gives you the freedom to choose your own project and clients.

One thing you need to note is that the more successful you are at your service, the more clients you will receive.

  • 12. ClickWorker

This is a freelancer site that pays registered internet workers.

All you need to do is to register to the site. You will be paid through PayPal, so it is advisable to get your PayPal account ready.

  • 13. Fiverr.

This is one of the leading freelancing marketplaces. The link freelancers and clients together with service starting from $5. Various form of services is present there.

  • 14. Web Search.

Yes, it is possible to get paid by searching the web with Qmee. It involves downloading an add-on that pops on your internet browser. And search online like you normally do.

  • 15. Sell Websites.

People don’t online build websites for personal use. Some do it to sell. So if you can build a website you can sell it at Flippa

  • 16. Mystery Shopper

People also earn money from being a mystery shopper and performing a shopping task. Visit Roamler and you will see the task you will do that will earn you money.

  • 17. CV-Library.

This is a site where you can upload your CV and you can get part-time jobs there. This is suitable for students.


That is all for now on the list.


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