Top 10 Best Medical Schools In The World 2020

Deciding to become a medical practitioner in the world today is hugely rewarding and an excellent choice for a career. Speaking of the Top 10 Best Medical Schools In The world, these schools are responsible for providing students with quality education as well as breeding gurus across the world in line with the said course.

Today, Across the globe there are numerous numbers of fake medical practitioners probably due to the fact that they didn’t attend an accredited school for this career course.

The universities we will be having shortly have notably bred up series of great medical practitioners in the world that are known and noted for greatness, although, getting to the peak of this career profession entirely depends on the level of determination a student puts to the career, looking at this from another perspective, the school they attend also contribute a lot more to the lives of the upcoming medical professionals in the world, take for instance, if they are not provided the adequate equipment and facilities necessary for the job, what will become of the students? Or let’s say they are not equipped with enough practical works, how do they cope when they come one on one with surgery? Or let’s say the institution does not offer a quite conducive environment for learning or there are quite numerous numbers of distractions, would becoming great still be determined by the students in such cases? Well, to be candid, the determination of the students and institution they attend counts a lot for this job, and I also believe one thing, which is, if you finally become probably a medical doctor and an emergency case arrives which happens to be critical, you wouldn’t feel comfortable calling another medical doctor to come to your rescue due to the fact that deep down inside you, you don’t know what next to do in such emergency case, which is the more reason why you should have undergone severe training for this job because it isn’t all that easy as you think.

Right in this article, we bring you the list of the Top 10 Best Medical Schools In The World. Come to think of it, before a particular school can be placed on a world list, that school must have produced great men and women in this profession as there are lots of Universities around the world and climbing up to the top 10 list is quite astonishing, let’s get going.

Top 10 Best Medical Schools In The World 2020

  • 1. Harvard University

This University happens to be quite a fantastic University that has been found on the list of best Universities for other course or career profession and now it’s popping up on this list as the number one best medical school in the world. This unique University is located in Boston, Massachusetts in the United States of America, although the degree type offered for this professional course is the master’s degree, nevertheless, it opens you up to great opportunities across the world as you stand a chance to be highly recognized everywhere across the globe.

Come to think of it, who would neglect the services of a professional and go for the services of a quack? Practically no one, or let’s take it from this angle, who would notice that a specific medical doctor is from one of the best medical schools in the world and choose to settle down for just any institution’s lad? Practically, I bet you wouldn’t do that, talk more of another individual that virtually requires the attention of a medical doctor.

Studying in the great Harvard University requires you are really prepared to pay the price, as we know that no great University will offer their services in breeding up a professional for free, Harvard University offers this course for the price rate of $59, 800 which is technically equivalent to £46, 020, however, this unique school happens to be in collaboration with the prolific MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in offering an alternative health science and technology.

  • 2. University of Oxford

University of Oxford or Oxford University, technically any you choose to call it, this outstanding school would never be left out on this list, as it stands to be one of the best medical schools in the world also.

I firmly believe everyone should be familiar with this great University, and if you happen not to have heard of this University, it practically implies that you were born a few seconds ago into this world or probably if you are grown up, implies that you fell out of space, and you definitely know nothing, because this University is popularly known and noted for greatness as It has brought forth great professionals termed as geniuses or rather gurus in the medical field.

Not to talk much, this school offers you its services at the rate of  £9, 250 which is equivalent to $12, 020 for internal candidates, I mean UK/EU based students, while their services are offered to foreign students at the range of £18, 620 ($24, 200) to £32, 895 ($42, 750) depending on the region. Quite a costly right? Well, that’s the price you have got to pay for greatness and professionalism.

  • 3. University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is another university you should definitely have heard, and now if you have not really heard about this, then I don’t know what to really say to you, but nevertheless, let’s keep moving as we unravel the great deeds of this university as well as things you should know about them.

The University of Cambridge stands to be a rival of the University of Oxford probably why it is coming next after Oxford in terms of the best medical schools in the world as this school is often known to rub shoulders with the excellent Oxford University, now, before a University anywhere in the world could try to compete in academy with another top-rated university, notably, such University must have achieved quite much in this field.

The University of Cambridge is noted for breeding up the likes of Leuan Huges who is now a renowned pediatrician, Barbara Sahakian who is distinguished clinical psychologists and lots of other great professionals in the field. Less we neglect the fees, for this course to be studied in this University requires the payment of £ 9, 250 ($12, 020) for students based in the United Kingdom (Europe) and £ 70, 131 ($91, 135) for international candidates who wish to apply, now this is quite higher in fee than the previous University for foreign students, nevertheless, if you can afford it, then it would be a great pleasure having you there.

  • 4. Stanford University

Stanford University is located in Palo Alto, California, USA. Speaking of uniqueness and standardized method of teaching, this university is right here to offer that. This University is known for its master’s degree programme and also recognized for its technological achievements as well as its influence within Silicon Valley which is located nearby the institution. Stanford University is notably a world-renowned university for offering a medicine program.

However, the shortcoming of Stanford University, although looking from another point of view isn’t a shortcoming is that the school isn’t easy to get admitted into as it proves to be one of the most challenging Universities to get into, nevertheless, if you could pave your way through, you stand the chances of being recognized widely. Meanwhile, not neglecting the tuition fees for this University in case you are lucky to get in, this University demands the sum of $56, 229 aside other administrative costs, and you should be prepared for that.

  • 5. Johns Hopkins University

The Johns Hopkins University is situated at Baltimore, Maryland, USA, this great school also offers you the master’s degree program of this career course, moreover, this school is in partnership with a very famous hospital named “Johns Hopkins” which stands tall as the oldest medical research University in the United States, there are notably four colleges in this institution of which as a result of this, the students of this school are pushed or rather say encouraged to cultivate a competitive spirit.

Moving down to the tuition fees of this University, it is discovered that this great University offers its services for the rate of $53, 400 (£ 41, 090) aside from other administrative fees. So if you are going to bump into this school, you should as well be prepared.

Other top-rated best medical Universities in the world to make up the complete list of the top 10 best medical schools in the world includes the following;

  • 6. Karolinska Institute (free for EU/EEA applicants and $26, 680 for international students)
  • 7. The University of California, Los Angeles ($40, 714 aside other administrative fees)
  • 8. Yale University ($59, 630 alone exam and insurance fees)
  • 9. The University of Melbourne ($68, 544 for students in Australia and $ 81, 344 for international students,
  • 10. University College London ($12, 020 for internal candidates and $43, 735 for international candidates)


Conclusion On The Top 10 Best Medical Schools In The World

Like a wise man would say “Attain professionalism before money” which implies that when you have reached the peak as a professional, money comes looking for you, and getting to be a professional practically requires the services of these schools.

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