We continue our airtime recharge from the comfort of any location you with Zenith bank USSD code { known as Zenith bank airtime recharge code }. One of the leading commercial bank in Nigeria with a huge customer base and top-notch management team. Are you fed up with the way you use to queue on the ATM machine? And you are a Zenith Bank Account Holder?

Then, your life will get a better turn as this Bank has made the world a better place for you. The Bank has developed USSD code that will enable you to recharge your phone directly from your account. One beauty about this is that you will not only be able to recharge your mobile phone but also be able to dash out or recharge your loved ones e.g. Family, friends etc. And it doesn’t mean the type of phone you are using be it Android, Apple, Nokia 3310 or any other type of phone, for you will be able to recharge your phone. So, you either recharge your mobile through the application or through the code. The USSD Codes include:

How to Recharge your Mobile from Your Bank Account With Zenith Bank Airtime Recharge Code?

    1. *966 ⃰ Amount you want to recharge# e.g. if you want to recharge let say 2000 from my Zenith Account, I will just dial ⃰ 966 ⃰2000# and I will receive a message notifying me of the success of my transaction.
    2. Also, another code is ⃰904 ⃰ Amount you want to recharge from your account#

However, if your choice is to recharge your one of your loved ones, you just have to get his mobile number and press the following code on your mobile phone and then follow the following format in dialing the code-  ⃰ 966 ⃰ Amount you want to recharge for your loved one from your account ⃰ Phone Number of your loved one#.

E.g. Assuming you want to give your brother with the mobile number-08092907684- a recharge card of 4000 from your Zenith Account. You will dial the code as ⃰966 ⃰4000 ⃰08092907684#.

Recharge For Self

  • *966*Amount#
  • *904*Amount#

Recharge For Others

  • *966*Amount*Phone Number#

The airtime recharge provided by Zenith EasyBank only deals with four mobile networks which include Glo, 9mobile, MTN and Airtel networks. Thus, with your mobile phone having one of this network, you can top up your line in any corner of the world that you may be. However, not that only people having an active account with Zenith can enjoy this good. Also, that even if you have an account with them, you still need to register your mobile line with them so that it will be in their database.

Zenith Bank has been increasing over the years and as such, they will definitely come up with a more effective method of dispensing their services to their customer.

History And Mobile Services

Zenith Bank, founded in May 1990, was licensed as a commercial bank by the nation banking regulator, Central Bank of Nigeria together with other twenty-five banks in Nigeria. It is one of the oldest leading commercial banks in Nigeria The bank is a Nigerian based bank having its headquarter in Lagos with about five hundred branches across the 36 states in the country, including Federal Capital Territory.

On the international note, the bank maintains subsidiaries in Gambia, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Ghana and Sierra Leone. Also, the bank has representative both in South Africa and China. Zenith Bank was founded by Jim Ovia, who is the Chairman of Board of Directors. As part of its commercial activities, Zenith Bank has developed arrays of banking services that provide satisfaction for its customers since its inception.

Also, as we are now in the twenty-first century and in the computer age, all organization including the banks are exploring the opportunities to enhance their service provision. Among them is the introduction of online banking through their mobile application called EazyBanking. With this app, you can perform various banking services including interbank transfer, intrabank transfer and even mobile recharge. The bank has Umar Ahmed as its Executive Director.

Presently, the number of patronizing customer of the bank is on the high side and as such they need to develop even a more better technology in order to ensure effective and efficient service delivery to them. Incorporated into the mobile App, Eazy Banking is mobile recharge that will enable you to recharge your mobile from any part of the world that you may be.

This application works on an Android phone. However, Zenith Bank also take people that do not have an Android phone into cognizance. Thus, they develop USSD code that can also be used to top up your mobile line. With this, Zenith has reduced if not completely remove the stress of you going to join a long queue on the ATM Machine or looking around for a recharge card seller.

For you to be enjoying all the goodies attached to the Zenith Bank e-banking application, you have to have an active account with them and also have a registered number with them. After you have all this and you have an Android phone, then you can proceed to download the application and have it activated. After all this, you now have full access to your application. Zenith Bank created the application to close the gap that might exist between you and your account whatsoever.

Thus, at any point in time, you have access to your account through your phone without you going to the ATM machine. From your house, you can perform a lot of services incorporated into the application as easy as ABC.  The USSD code developed by the bank can be dialed from your phone at any time and you will get a full response. Those without an Android phone are however not left out as they can also perform the mobile recharge simply by dialing the codes.

Even though the highest amount of money you can recharge from your account is #3,000, you can recharge two different lines from your account in a day, so far the amount leaving your account did not pass the required amount. For you to have a successful recharge, you have to have the required amount of money you want to recharge into your mobile on your account, a little fund on your mobile phone and of course, your line must be registered in their database. Thus, the service is just only for Zenith Bank’s Active Account Holder.

That’s all, as simple as that without any stress on your side. Note that the code *966# is also for mobile banking services, e.g account opening, checking account balance, money transfer etc.


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