The technical and Vocational Education institutions In Nigeria have been on increase these days than before because of the high rate of unemployment. It is every child’s right to be educated because education opens doors of a national potential of indigenes of a nation and also an open door of personal development of that native citizen. The overall education that supports a just getting of the certificate has been shifted recently to that part of the training that hinges on citizen’s ability to get trained on what he or she can do with his hands which are known as the acquisition of skills in a very conducive environment. 

In this section, we are going to look at some of the lucrative technical and vocational skills in Nigeria. In Nigeria, there are many passive skills that are in a very high demand that one can possibly earn cool money than a certificate acquired from committing four years in academic institutions. High in demand lucrative technical and vocational skills are listed below:

List Of Lucrative Vocational Skills In Nigeria

  • Computer Skills, Support, And Services 

There is an increased creation of technical support and experts in the computer software and equipment due to its increased demand in the market. In order to earn a good or reasonable income, just a moderate training in technology in computer support.

  • Food Services 

A skill in Food Services can easily fetch anyone that has to undergo training in Food services when they are unfit maybe due to finance or otherwise to set up their own food vendor unit. Acquiring skill in Food Services is a very lucrative skill in Nigeria because people must eventually eat no matter their position in the government or in the business and also no matter who they are if they cannot possibly prepare that kind of meal in their house due to time and other reasons. There are different bakers, caterers, and others who specialize in baking, cooking many varieties of meals, and others through the internet can comfortably earn cool or good money.

  • Digital Marketing Skills 

Digital marketing skills are one of the lucrative vocational skills that are available in Nigeria because some of the social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and others have been confirmed to be the most powerful marketing tool in promoting one’s product to the worldwide. Someone can acquire skills on how to promote a company’s products and services on a social network especially on Facebook. And a good fortune can be earned through it.

  • Hair Styling And Beauty Services 

This type of vocational skill is increased and still increasing as of today with more perfect opportunities for those who have acquired this skill and wanted to be self-reliant. Especially, those that have undergone moderate training in hair styling and beauty services in the area of the make-up artist because there has been an intense increase in their services for the bride and her bridesmaids.

  • Auto Servicing Skills 

Mechanics as generally or commonly called and known as here in Nigeria provide important services that cannot be looked down upon. Mechanics workshops can be easily be traced due to its location in every side in Nigeria which can be neither on the areas or shops in order for them to give the car or vehicles owners fast assistance and a fast comfort to those people that their vehicles might have spoil at an unusual place and a bad time. Mechanic skills, when done or carried out by experts or specialties in the field, can make a good income inasmuch as the career is untidy and it takes much energy.

  • Manufacturing Skills 

Manufactures of these products like Balm, Gum, stain removers, liquid soaps, detergents, anointments, bar soaps, and disinfectants are normally hired by the manufacturing agents.

  • Construction Service Skills 

The shelter is one of the basic needs of a man just like clothing and food. The need for roads, homes, hospitals, halls, churches, schools, and every other reason why people need to construct a building is recently on a high demand in Nigeria which make the services of constructional workers to increase as well, and those skills they acquired to construct buildings are gotten through vocational skills training and not on an academic institution that they will stay more than four years. Plungers, sand, cement, shovel, and others are some of the materials that the construction experts who must have undergone rigorous training in vocational education and training institutions use in constructing those buildings mentioned above and those that are not on the list.

  • Tailoring And Fashion Designing Skills 

The high driving force in the fashion world and also to cover our bodies against the harsh environment is one of the essential needs of man which he must get in order to survive. People especially ladies are so crazy when it comes to fashion,  they always change with the changing world in terms of fashion. They always want to be on the trend about the fashion line.

  • Photography Skills 

The photography skills deals on the development of a gorgeous and a very durable images (since people wish to keep a memory of their past experiences and events for future use, and also people take pictures in order to display them to the globe through some of the social media) through the utilization of any related equipment used in this skill or through the utilization of an image sensor. There are plenty of ceremonies and events that need the services of a photographer, and some of those events or ceremonies are housewarming event, wedding ceremony, child dedication, church dedication and programs, birthday parties, burial ceremony, and other events have aided in the increase of the photographer’s market thereby improving his income.

  • Carpentry Skills 

This type of skill involves productions, wood carving, and repairs. Because almost all the furniture that is in the schools, recreational centers, homes, churches, hospitals, offices, and other places are all made by carpenters and this has made his services to be on high demand in Nigeria thereby increasing their income.

In this work, we are going to see what a vocational education and training is, its importance to human life, lists of the lucrative vocational skills that are available in Nigeria, the conclusion and then reference.


  1. The individual can easily make a positive contribution towards a societal and community development and also become an independent person through the assistance of Vocational Education and Training Institution. A graduate that has unique characteristics and can easily outweigh other graduates in the group is the type of graduate an employer of labor is now looking out for instead of those that just acquire only the certificate. Right from graduation, graduates are advised to have a skill education as a back up to the certificates they acquired in order to adapt to the changing economy in the world since the economy is now tending towards the globe. Technological development and education which helps to enhance and to compensate creativity and its human resources and the material being channeled for the purpose of production is attained through the Vocational and Technical Skills in Nigeria.
  2. The production of self-independence indigenes which is a result of Nigeria Youth Empowerment in this recent century called the 21st century comes into existence through the introduction of Vocational and Educational Training. The graduates of this type of Education and Training at the end of their training are expected to utilize what they learned from this school, which is the skills they learn from this institution. In order for the groups of men and women that came out of this institution to be self-independent and at the same time be one of those active members that are in the field of politics, these institutions should strive to have a cordial relationship with some prominent firms so that their graduates can easily fit in perfectly well.
  3. For self-reliant in the fields of distribution, production, and consumption of goods and services in those areas in which they are experts in the society, the economic and the social empowerment of youths which is made possible through the introduction of Vocational Education and Training which has helped in increasing the situation of Nigeria economically and also it will be beneficial to the graduates because they will be able to build their own businesses and films in the long run just like what is happening in some nations like India, China, Japan, Turkey, and others.
  4. Learning Style: Experimentation, hands-on training, and then trial and error are the styles that been used in these institutions by its lectures to their students.
  5. Practical Skills: Vocational Education and Training base especially on the practical or experimental skills that the trainees can be utilized almost immediately after they must have been graduated. Carpentry, Tailoring, auto maintenance, medical assistance, and other skills are all examples of those skills that are been lectured to students through a practical task performance.
  6. Time Frame: To become a graduate from the Vocational Education and Training is easier and faster in terms of time frame than to graduate from the other institutions known as an academic institution due to particular career sectors are been offered to the student from this institution at most two years, that is to say, that it might be less than a two years course duration but it must not exceed beyond that duration of two years. Additionally, students from these institutions can start up their saving habits through their earnings from their career fields they are been trained on whereas in an academic institution, its graduates can barely get employed, and even if they do, they usually get hired in the sector that they are not trained on which will result for them to be underpaid after committing at least four years in school during their educational career.

Still on the training of technical education and a list of vocational skills in Nigeria.


Nigeria is a country that is located in the western region of Africa. Nigeria got her independence on the 1st of October, 1960. Nigeria got her name “Nigeria” from the two main rivers situated in the country by name River Niger and River Benue, and the name was given to Nigeria by a foreigner by name Lord Luggard.

There are thirty-six states in Nigeria and the federal territory of Abuja which serve as the nation’s capital state. Nigeria is one of the few countries that are a chief exporter of petroleum and its products, apart from the exportation of petroleum and its products which serves as the main source of income for them, they are also exports cocoa, agricultural products, and others. Most of the products and services that are been utilized or consumed by the residents of Nigeria are mostly imports from another nation.

Different varieties of tribes and languages can be seen in Nigeria, but the most prominent ones out of those tribes and languages are Igbo – Igbo language, Hausa/Fulani tribe that speaks the Hausa language, and then Yoruba tribe that speaks the Yoruba language. Nigeria is one of the nations that are referred to as English speaking countries because its official language is the English Language. Nigerians are predominantly Christians though there are many religions that are available in the country.



It is not always when one passes through academic institutions can he or she will be gainfully employed. In other words, passing through tertiary institutions is not a sure way to be a successful individual that can contribute positively to the development of a given society. These days, it is even those that have acquired skills through vocational training that employ the services of those that just acquired a certificate from academic institutions after committing less than three years in school.

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