Small Manufacturing Business Ideas That Cost Little To Start in 2017

Small Manufacturing Business Ideas That Cost Little To Start in 2017 { Updated }

Its either you are curious or you have been wondering about starting up a business and which business ideas to start with low investment and low risk in this year 2017. especially with the current economy in the country.
So we at NaijaQuest brings you our top selected small manufacturing business ideas that cost little to start.

1. Fresh Fruit Juice production

this a good and needed service, by producing fresh fruit juice serve chilled in a disposable cups and cover. The producer can target school environs where most student buys fruit juice that are made of chemical, this will be seen as a better alternative.

2. Fast foods and Snacks Production

I won’t write much on this, just have the right location, knowledge to cook sweet and tasty food, neatness, then the rest is express for you

3. Ice block production

We love to party around here, and with the epileptic power supply, there is always need for large ice blocks to keep our drinks and co., chill especially during the hot weather

4. Hand Bag manufacturing and Ankara design

I guess you are wondering how easy it is to start or how cheap it is to start hand bag manufacturing with Ankara designing.
Don’t take my word for it, just enter youtube and type how to design hand bag with ankara design, and Daz all . . . you will see how easy to start plus remember hand bag with ankara design is the current trend

5. Animal feeds production

More people are looking for ways to earn more money order than there monthly income, some have decided to give agriculture a trial, with more people going into animal breeding
This new trend has create a need for something else
Need for quality animal feeds that are cheaper than what is currently been offered in the market presently

6. Soap and Detergent Production

This is still a partially explored profitable business ideas with low investment need, please am not suggesting the popular liquid soap that most people are doing. Instead take a queue from “wow detergent”, they produce a detergent of quality which is equal to the likes of omo, klin etc., and at a cheaper price.
They didn’t stop there, they create a good distribution network.
hope you get the picture

7. Ice cream production

Ice cream production is next on our list, this low entry market opportunity has not been explored to the fullest around here. which is good for you, just get the right location and production know how

Bonus: Blogging

provide content that people wants / needs, learn Search engine optimisation (SEO), build your mailing list if need be and create a means of earning from it shikena!

There you have it for small manufacturing business ideas that cost little to start in 2017, share your thought and suggestion with us through the comment box and like us on facebook @

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