Nigerian Banks USSD Codes for Recharging Mobile Airtime

Nigerian Banks USSD Codes for Recharging Mobile Airtime

These days one doesn’t have to buy a recharge card or be stranded because you cant get a place to buy or an atm. You can easily recharge your phone directly from your bank Account as most banks in Nigeria now use these service. All you have to do is dial a short code on your phone and instantly you will be credited with your desired amount.


Below are the banks, their various ussd recharge codes and daily limit of recharge:

  • Guaranty Trust Bank GTBank Airtime Recharge Code

    • For quick self-recharge, dial *737*amount# and Dial on your mobile phone (This must be the from the mobile number registered in your account). E.g. *737*1000#
      To recharge for other numbers, dial *737*Phone no*Amount#. E.g. *737*08055500555*1000# (Note you will be required to verify the transfer by entering the last four digits of your ATM card)

  • Diamond Bank Airtime Recharge Code

    • The USSD Code is *302*amount# for example; *302*1000# this is for customers while for non-customers; *710*555*phone number*amount*pin#
  • Fidelity Bank Airtime Recharge Code

    • For self-recharge, dial “*770*amount# and SEND from your mobile phone (This is accessible using all types of mobile devices). E.g. *770*1000#
    • To recharge for family and friends, dial *770*Phone no*Amount#. E.g. *770*08023456789*1000#.
      Daily Limit is 5,000 Naira
  • First Bank Airtime Recharge Code

    • For FirstBank account holders, you can top-up your mobile lines directly and instantly by dialing *894*amount#
      E.g. *894*1000#

    • Daily Limit is ?3,000 Naira
  • Sterling Bank Airtime Recharge Code

    • With “Go Recharge,” tap your way to seamless, stress-free airtime top-up. Kindly dial *822*Amount#
      E.g. *822*1000#

  • Skye Bank Airtime Recharge Code

    • For Skye Bank, to top up your mobile phone with your desired amount, dial the USSD code is *833*amount# for example; *833*1000# note that the limit recharge amount is 5000 naira
      E.g. *833*500#
  • United Bank for Africa (UBA) Airtime Recharge Code

    • UBA customers,

    • to recharge your phone with any amount of airtime kindly dial *919* Amount#
      For example if you need N600 airtime: *919*600#
    • To recharge other phone: Dial *919*phone number*amount# for example; *919*08050505050*1000#
  • EcoBank Airtime Recharge Code

    • Ecobank customers, to recharge your phone kindly dial *326*Amount#
      E.g. *326*500#
  • Zenith Bank Airtime Recharge Code

    • Zenith Bank customers should Simply dial*966*amount# for example; *966*1000# note that the recharge limit for this bank is 5000 naira
  • Stanbic Bank Airtime Recharge Code

    • Stanbic Bank customers should Simply dial *909*Amount# and Send from your mobile phone
      Eg: *909*2000#
      Daily Limit is 5,000 Naira



The USSD code is *322*214*amount# for example; *322*214*1000#

  • Access Bank Airtime Recharge Code

    • Access Bank customers should Simply dial *901*Amount# and Send from your mobile phone
      Eg: *901*750#
    • To recharge for non-customers; *901*amount*phone number# for example; *901*1000*08050505050#
    • Daily Limit is ?5,000 Naira
  • First City Monument Bank (FCMB) Airtime Recharge Code

    • FCMB customers should Simply dial *322*214*amount# and send from your mobile phone
      E.g: *322*214*500#

  • Wema Bank Airtime Recharge Code

    • Wema Bank customers should Simply dial  *945*amount# on your registered phone number and you can recharge for family and friends or third party by dialling *945*PHONENUMBER*AMOUNT#

The USSD is *389*032*any amount you wish* for example; *389*032*1000#


The USSD code is *322*082*any amount# for example; *322*082*1000#. Note that for this particular bank, the recharge limit is 3000 naira.


The USSD code is; *322*030*any amount# for example; *322*030*1000#


The USSD code is *322*215*any amount# for example; *322*215*1000#


In the olden days, people kept their cash inside the ground or in a form of handmade bank. These people were known to keep their cash very safe from the prying eyes of people around, but this was not nearly enough in any way. Many people could still steal each other’s money wherever it was hidden, and this method did not seem to solve the problem of savings for a lot of people. In the olden days, most men and women were farmers and traders of different kinds of goods and services, and most of them had to go out in the hot sun or harsh rain to sell their goods, or even engage in a barter system.

This way of making money was very rampant in the olden days, and no one really cared about education, everyone was just concerned with following the legacy set aside by their parents. Most parents taught their children very early enough, how to go about farming, just in case something bad happened to them, they were very sure that their offspring would take on the legacy that they had set aside for them as children. Most children inherited houses and farmlands from their parents, and as their parents breathe their last breath, they became the new generation of traders in the town or community.

Nigerian Banks USSD Codes for Recharging Mobile Airtime

Many people would go as far as walking miles to their farmlands just to bury an amount of money that would be used later in the future either for their kids or for themselves. These people would at one point in time meet untimely deaths, and no one would have an idea about where they had kept all their wealth, this sort of life would then be counted as wasted as there would be no legacy left behind for the children to continue in.

Some of these children would later go into being thugs or street hoodlums without any promising future. This way of saving money was not sufficient and beneficial to the people involved and their extended families. Many children were put out on the street because their parents did not leave anything for them, or even if they left something called inheritance for them, it was not found, and so the children had to face the wrath of their parent’s actions.

Everything seemed to go bad for these people and in a matter of time, technology began to surface in the world at large. Many countries were colonized by foreigners and people began to be enlightened about how to save money and how to do a lot of things with their money, called investment. This proved to be very helpful, and soon enough, the bank was brought to the awareness of people in the communities both in the Rural and Urban areas.


What the Bank signifies

The bank came about as a way of helping people who were into business to save money and be rest assured that their cash was well taken care of. The use of the bank was shown to all, and many people began to buy the idea of keeping their cash in the bank for safe keeping. Businessmen and women and even the middle-class people took to the banks in their areas to save their earnings in a private account that only them could access, and if any bad situation like death happens to such a person, then the bank would be ordered by a court to transfer all the saved earnings to the next of kin of the deceased.

This style was largely used by a lot of people, and soon enough, everyone adapted to the banks and made it a form of saving money for their future and especially for their kids. Some people began to keep money in the bank the moment they noticed that they were pregnant with child, as a way of saving for the future of the unborn child.

Many times, some women die during childbirth, but leave instructions that if anything were to happen to their child, then such a child should be given access to his or her inheritance that has been safely tucked away in the bank for the child till he or she comes of age, and usually, the ideal age is 21 years for some people, while some go with the rightful maturity age which is 18 years old.

It became a norm to go to the bank to keep cash and even till the present day, many people make use of the bank to keep all their earnings for future purposes. The bank issues a card that can be used in a machine to withdraw funds from the personal accounts of people, and so far, everything has gone smoothly, aside from little mishaps like bank robberies, which is not in any way the topic or focus of the day.

Making little reference to the bank, people do not only use the bank for keeping money just as it was explained above, there are so many functions of the bank which people engage in. There are different kinds of the bank in Nigeria that are used for different purposes for different purposes.

The different types of banks would be listed below along with their various USSD codes for recharging mobile airtime. There are steps to these things, and this article would definitely list out the steps to be taken, as it is not only recharging airtime that bank USSD codes are used for. There are other features like transferring money to other banks and other accounts within your bank and other features.

The first bank that started with this feature is known as Guaranty Trust Bank, shortly known as GTB, and after that, many other banks joined the list to make recharging very simple for their customers. Although every bank has its personal mobile app, that people can recharge their phones from, but this app does not work without the use of data network, and usually, am emergency can come up where one needs airtime and does not have data to access his or her mobile app.

This was the main reason why this feature came into reality, and so far, it has saved a lot of people from pain and even death.

Conclusion On Nigerian Banks USSD Codes for Recharging Mobile Airtime

Looking squarely at the list above, it is safe to say that this article would in every way be helpful to people who find it very hard to recharge from time to time. As long as you have an account with any of the banks listed above, you can recharge by yourself at any point in time.


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