First Bank Airtime Recharge Code, How To Buy Airtime / Credit from Your Bank Account

Have you been queuing on the ATM for almost 4 hours because you want to recharge? And you have an account with First bank? Then do not worry again as you have actually opened an account in a bank that cares for you. You do not have to queue again before you recharge your mobile phone even you don’t have to leave your house as you just have to dial the first bank airtime recharge code I am going to state below and your phone will be recharged instantly. Here are the codes

First Bank Airtime Recharge Code, How To Buy Airtime from Your First Bank Account

  1. To recharge your own mobile phone, dial *894*amount you want to recharge# and instantly, your mobile phone will be recharged.  For example, you want to recharge your registered mobile phone with #2000, simply dial *894*2000# on your mobile phone and you will be recharged. Isn’t it easy?
  2. To recharge your friend, family or fiancée, simply dial *894*Amount*Phone Number# and provide your five digits pin for the transaction to be successful. For Example, you want to recharge your friend with the number 08189567342 a sum of 200 Naira from your account, just dial *894*200 * 08189567342# and he or she will be recharged.
How TO Register You Phone Number For First Bank USSD Code

Please note that you must have an active account with First Bank before you can use the service and the maximum you can recharge is #3,000.

Recap Of The First Bank Airtime Recharge Code – How To Step Guide

To recharge For Self

  • *894*Amount#

To Recharge For Others

  • *894*Amount*Phone Number#
First Bank Airtime Recharge Code USSD

Facts, History And Mobile Services

First Bank of Nigeria also called Fbn is the largest retail bank in Nigeria with over seven hundred and fifty business location both locally and internationally. Among the international relation, the bank formed is with Abu Dhabi, Beijing, and Johannesburg.

The bank was given birth to by the British during the pre-independence period. In 1894, the founder of First Bank in the person of Alfred Lewis Jones who was a shipping magnate sees to the need of a place where exchange and deposit of money will be possible rather than the trade-by-barter that was practice then. As at this time, most of the people that enjoyed the services were the colonials. The services were extended to indigenous Nigeria after the independence period in the 1960s. This led to more build-up of trust in the minds of Nigerians to patronize British Bank since the finances were controlled through an independent control mechanism. As the services are expanded, the name, originally called Bank of British West Africa was changed to New Bank of West Africa.

As time goes on, different modifications occurred to the bank until in 2012 when the name was officially changed to First Bank of Nigeria. Other names the bank has acquired in the past are Standard bank of West Africa in 1965, First Bank of Nigeria Limited in 1979 and First bank of Nigeria Plc in 1991 and then finally back to First Bank of Nigeria Limited in 2012. Currently, the bank has over ten million active customers that enjoy the vast commercial services provided.

Because of the unique services provided to its customers, for five consecutive years, the bank has been named:

“The Best Bank Brand in Nigeria” in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 by The Banker magazine of the Financial Times Group.

The Bank has its headquarter housed in 35 Marina, Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria with almost eight hundred branches spread across the states of the country including the Federal Capital Territory. Currently, First Bank has Mrs. Ibukun Awosika has the chairlady of the Board of Directors. The bank has a staff of about eight thousand as at 2016. In line with the services provided to its customer, First Bank in 1994 introduced the first university endowment program in Nigeria with the aim of contributing its quotas to the development of education in Nigeria.

Over the years, different commercial banks have been exploring the opportunities that the ICT world tends to give in order to enhance the quality of commercial services that is been provided to their customers. One of the opportunities explored by the banks is the introduction of instant mobile recharge service where you do not have to go to the bank before you recharge your mobile phone. The services provided by the banks through the exploitation of the technological services are of different types but the one that seems to be easy and accessible to all customers is the mobile recharge service. The banks ensure this by the acquisition of a USSD code that is unique to the bank and through this code, mobile recharge can be easily done without going to the bank or looking out for recharge card sellers before you recharge your mobile line.

As First Bank’s aim is also to ensure the deliverance of the best quality services to its customers, the bank has also gone to explore those opportunities and as such acquire its own unique USSD that its customers can now use to top up their mobile phone without having to go to the bank. This service is of high importance as you do not have to go and join the long queue at the ATM before you recharge your phone or you must not have money with you before you top up your line. Just like other commercial banks, FBN introduces the service in order to make life easy for you as its customer.

However, this service is only for First Bank Users as it was designed only for them to enjoy. Thus for you to use the service, you must be an active account holder of First Bank account in addition to you registering your line with the bank. However, if you use to receive credit/debit alert on your mobile line, you do not have to bother yourself as your number has been automatically registered in their database. But, if you do not use to receive messages, then you have to register your line with them in order to enjoy the service as a customer of FBN. And irrespective of the type of account that you register with the bank be it current or Savings account, you can recharge your mobile phone without any stress. Also, irrespective of the type of mobile phone or the network you use on your mobile phone, you can make use of the code so far you have registered your line with them and you have the required amount of money in your bank account. Unlike other banks, you are not going to be charged for the transaction. And the maximum and minimum amount of money you can recharge on your phone is three thousand naira (#3,000) and fifty Naira (#50) respectively.

That’s all about First Bank Airtime Recharge Code, How To Buy Airtime / Credit from Your Bank Account.


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