Sterling Bank Airtime Recharge Code, how to Buy Airtime from Your Sterling Bank Account

Are you a Sterling Bank Account Holder? Are you fed up with the way you use to queue every day because you lived where there is no recharge card seller? Well, I think Sterling has made your life sweet ae honey. You do not have to struggle with people on the ATM before you top up your phone as you can now do that in your house, even in your washroom. If you have a registered mobile number with Sterling Bank, you just have to dial the following code I am going to provide in order for you to be able to recharge your mobile phone.

How to Recharge your Mobile from Your Sterling Bank Account?

  1. To recharge your own mobile phone, simply dial *822*Amount you want to recharge# e.g. you want to recharge a sum of 500 Naira on your mobile phone, just dial *822*500# and you will be recharged instantly.
  2. To recharge for your friend, fiancée or family, just dial *822*Amount you want to recharge*Mobile-Number of your friend# For example, you want to recharge your friend’s phone with the number 09096756342 a sum of 1000 naira, simply dial *822*1000*09096756342# and your friend will be recharged.

Recap On Sterling Bank Airtime Recharge Code How To Recharge

To Recharge For Self

  • *822*Amount#

To Recharge For Others

  • *822*Amount*Phone Number#
Sterling Bank Airtime Recharge Code USSD – How To Recharge Your Mobile Phone From Your Bank Account

Facts, History And Mobile Services

Sterling Bank Plc, as it is usually called, is a certified commercial bank by the Central Bank of Nigerian with the symbol STERLNBANK. It is one of the commercial banks that provides a wide variety of commercial services to individuals, small business and even large corporations. During the earlier days, Sterling bank Plc operates under the name ‘Nigeria Acceptances Limited’ during the independence era.

{{Later in 1972, the bank became fully government owned and it was managed together with other banks like Continental International Finance Company Illinois, American Express Bank Limited and Grindlays Bank Limited between 1974-1992. The bank was fully privatized as a result of the government selling its residual interest to a private sector.

Twelve years ago, the bank Nigeria Acceptances Limited was merged with other four banks to form the today Sterling Bank. The merger banks are Magnum Trust Bank, NBM Bank, Trust Bank of Africa and Indo-Nigeria Merchant Bank (INMB). Currently, the bank operates with over one hundred and ninety branches all over Nigeria with its headquarter centered in Lagos state. Also, the bank has about eight hundred ATMs across the country. Apart from provision of financial services to the customers, Sterling bank has help to contribute massively to the development of educational standard, maintenance of a clean environment and empowerment of youths for a better Nigeria.

As we all know that almost all the banks in a Nigeria are on the run in order to provide the best quality services to their customers. Also, Sterling Bank has also joined the race even though the bank has never relented in the provision of its services to the community. Most of these banks are employing the vast advantages that the technology gives in order to give a better service to their customers. One of the ways most of these banks are doing this is via the introduction of online mobile application that enables you to have access to your account in any part of the world that you may be. In addition to this, recently most of the banks have tried their best in order to see how recharging one’s mobile phones without having to go to the bank will be possible. In line with this, most of the banks including Sterling Bank have gone to acquire a unique USSD code that will enable their customers to be able to recharge their mobile phone without seeing the counter. One thing again about this service is that it reduces if not removed the stress of you going to the ATM and joining the queue just because you want to recharge your mobile phone. With the Sterling Bank Instant Airtime Recharge, you can now recharge your mobile phone irrespective of where you are in the world. This will of course also reduce the rate at which you look for recharge card sellers in a remote area as you can easily recharge your phone even on your sleeping bed.

Sterling Bank has made the world an easy place for you because you just have to know the code designed for the airtime recharge and simply dial it on your mobile phone, after which you will be recharged. However, you must have an active account with Sterling Bank before you can make you of the service as it was designed only for Sterling Bank Account holder. In addition to this, you must also have your mobile number registered with them in order for them to have it in their database. However, if you use to receive credit/debit alerts on your mobile phone, you do not have to go the bank for registration again as that means that you have been registered and as such you are qualified to use the service. And do bother about the type of phone and mobile network you are using as the USSD code can work on any type of phone and any type of mobile network be it Glo, 9mobile, Airtel etc. The only you just have to do is to ensure you have the required amount of money you want to recharge in your account as you also do not have to pay for the transaction charges.

Whether you are using current or saving account, Sterling Bank has designed the service to be used by both account holders at any point in time anywhere anyplace in the world. However, please note that the maximum amount of money you can recharge on your mobile phone is three thousand naira only (#3,000) and the minimum is fifty naira (#50). Also, the service has been extended to the extent that you can recharge your family, friends or fiancée through your own mobile phone without any transaction charges. The only thing required of you is to have the amount in your account, you do not even have to connect to the internet before you enjoy the service.


That’s all about Sterling Bank Airtime Recharge Code, how to Buy Airtime from Your Sterling Bank Account.


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