GoTV has made it easy for subscribers to recharge their decoders through various options such recharge cards, scratch cards, mobile phones and online facilities. With a view to expanding its customer base in Nigeria, they made it easy for subscribers to purchase the scratch cards in all the cities its services have been extended to. Many subscribers have attested to the convenience GoTV Nigeria guarantees its subscribers in the event of recharging their decoders with the various recharge options in place, so we are taking a detailed and step by step look into this post on How To Recharge GoTv Using Recharge Card 2018, Scratch Cards, Mobile Phones and Online plus more.

How To Recharge GoTv


How to Recharge GoTV Subscription Using Recharge Card?

It’s pretty interesting to imagine how you could recharge your GoTV in no time and just with the use of the scratch card. In past moments, many subscribers encountered a lot of stress in the event of recharging their decoders. Despite the amazing moments of digital entertainment guaranteed, a multitude of Nigerian subscribers lodged serious complaints about the stress sustained in order to recharge their decoders successfully. With the view of expanding its customer base and delivering satisfactory services to its customers, GoTV Nigeria launched a new system of recharge which enables subscribers to recharge their decoders by purchasing scratch cards.

Currently, many subscribers embrace this recharge system because it happens to be the fastest and the most convenient recharge system they can afford to use. As contained in a statement made by Mrs. Elizabeth Amkpa –the General Manager of GoTV Nigeria – they introduced a new payment system that enables customers to recharge their decoders with ease and from the pleasure of their homes. Also, the general manager emphasized that GoTV Nigeria came up with this medium as a convenient subscription method that would grant subscribers unlimited access to the excellence of digital entertainment.

As designed by GoTV Nigeria, the recharge cards are available in two price variants. The first price variant of #1,500 is for those subscribing to GoTV Plus while the second price variant of #100 is specified for those subscribing to ordinary GoTV. To purchase these recharge cards, customers can visit any nearby outlets or vendors. Also, these cards can be purchased in all the Nigerian cities or regions GoTV has expanded its services to. If you have nearby dealers in your locality, it won’t be any bother to purchase the recharge card suitable for your kind of GoTV.

With the information above, you must have been convinced that the recharge card is the best subscription facility you can afford in order to remain glued to GoTV’s world of digital entertainment.

If you have already purchased a suitable recharge card for your GoTV, here are the easy steps you can follow to renew your subscription and continue enjoying the delight of GoTV’s digital entertainment:

To renew your GoTV subscription after buying a recharge card, look for the recharge card number

  • Before that, be sure you already have your IUC number in place
  • Before you proceed, make sure your GoTV decoder is switched on
  • Now create a text message containing your IUC number and the recharge card number
  • You will find some numbers at the back of the recharge card. Send the text message to either of these numbers

That’s all! And if you can comply with the instructions above, you will testify to the convenience guaranteed when renewing GoTV subscription with a recharge card


How to Recharge GoTV Using Mobile Phones

If you are in extreme need of one of the best GoTV subscription methods, I guess you have come across one. The task of renewing GoTV subscriptions becomes easy through your handy device –any mobile phone whether internet-enabled or not. In reality, there are many kinds of subscription options for GoTV users but the actual thing that bothers subscribers is the most reliable and convenient payment system. Nobody embraces distress or other sorts of frustration and that’s just why your mobile phone –as a user-friendly device –is just one of your solutions in renewing GoTV subscriptions.

  • eTranzact

eTranzact is one of the safest and fastest mediums for renewing GoTV subscriptions on mobile phones. Many subscribers make use of eTranzact and if you want to be part of these subscribers, all you need is to dial a certain USSD code and the number of your smart card. To ease this task:

Just dial *389*9*smartcardnumber#

After that, comply with the subsequent on-screen instructions to complete the transaction for the renewal of your GoTV subscription.

As implied earlier, your mobile phone is one of the most convenient mediums for GoTV subscription renewal and to further substantiate this, Stanbic Mobile comes as another easy way for GoTV subscribers to renew their subscriptions without encountering any hitch.

  • Stanbic Ibtc Mobile

As a facility for subscription payment, Stanbic Mobile adopts the USSD code 909 to ensure your subscription is completed in no time.

But first and foremost, you need to attempt a registration process so that you may enjoy this service.

Are you ready for the registration? If yes! Follow the instructions below:

  • Dial *909# and wait for the on-screen command. After this, press 4
  • From the next on-screen options, select Register
  • Now you will be required to provide some customer details
  • Enter the customer details in the required fields and submit them
  • With the registration successful, you can now complete your GoTV payment by simply
  • dial *909*60#

Still, On Our Complete Guide On How to Recharge GoTV Using Recharge Card, Scratch Card, Using Mobile Phones and Other Online Facilities …

How to Renew GoTV Subscription Online

If you prefer renewing your GoTV subscription online probably because your mobile phone is internet-enabled, Stanbic Mobile still makes it convenient for you to achieve your purpose. You may feel it’s better to use the online payment system especially if the internet coverage in your area is strong and reliable. Just like the methods aforementioned, the online methods for renewing GoTV subscription is simple and straightforward.

Also noteworthy is that various online facilities are now in place for GoTV subscribers to renew their subscriptions. Undoubtedly, this is important because it paves the way for subscribers to choose from a broad range of options. In that case, a subscriber may decide to opt for another option if the chosen option is not suitable. This article provides you a beautiful list of valid and efficient online facilities you can safely use in making GoTV payments. So, stick with this post to find out the online facility that befits you.

Steps to Recharge GoTV via Stanbic Mobile

  • Open any browser on your mobile phone and enter the URL
  • On the home page, click on Mobile Money
  • From the next options, select Register
  • Fill in the required customer details and submit them
  • With that done, Stanbic Mobile will direct you to the GoTV page where you will complete the subscription payment

Steps to Recharge GoTV via Quickteller

On QuickTeller, subscribers are provided with subscription accounts into which they can make payment for various renewal purposes. Meanwhile, QuickTeller uses a web link that allows subscribers to attempt the renewal of services in no time. QuickTeller is greatly admired for its expeditious and automatic renewal system that helps subscribers with the re-connection of expired services in a matter of few minutes. In order to pay for your GoTV subscription via QuickTeller’s online facility, here are the steps you should follow:

  • In case your account is no longer connected, you will have to switch on your GoTV decoder
  • After that, log in to your account by visiting the link
  • Choose your GoTV bouquet –you can choose between GoTV Plus and ordinary GoTV
  • Provide the required details which include mobile phone number, IUC number, and e-mail address
  • Tap the NEXT button
  • Fill in the GoTV subscriber’s name
  • Then verify that you provided your IUC number accurately
  • Tap the PAY button
  • Select the type of debit card you want to use for the transaction
  • Fill in the details of your debit card (Details such as expiry date and card number is shown on your debit card)
  • Now provide your PIN (This is your 4-digit PIN for transaction purposes)
  • After that, tap the PAY button (Be sure you don’t do this more than once)

This successful transaction renews your GoTV subscription and brings back your digital entertainment

Steps to Recharge GoTV via Paga ePay

Paga ePay now makes it possible for you to complete your GoTV subscription renewal by using its online facility. To renew your GoTV subscription via Paga ePay, follow the steps below:

  • Open any browser on your mobile phone and enter the URL
  • Now, you will be required to sign in to your account
  • The next on-screen information shows you the various online payment methods supported in your country
  • To proceed with the payment, click on Paga e-Pay and comply with the instructions that follow

Steps On How to Recharge GoTV via GlobalPAY

GlobaPAY is another online facility that offers you convenient access to pay for your GoTV subscription renewal. To use GlobalPAY in this manner, follow the steps below:

  • Open any browser on your mobile phone and enter the URL
  • Now you can sign in to your account
  • Navigate to the PAY page and click on the GlobalPAY option
  • Enter the required payment details
  • With that done, select Complete Payment This eventually takes you to the website of GlobalPAY
  • On the website of GlobalPAY, choose your Card Type
  • After that, present your Card Number and then press the pay button
  • This takes you back to the GoTV Eazy website where you’re able to access your account

Steps to Recharge GoTV via Eazy Money

Eazy Money offers users the convenience to make online payment for GoTV subscription renewal. If you already have an Eazy Money mobile wallet, you’re free to enjoy this service but in case you don’t have any, you can visit any nearby Zenith Bank to register for an Eazy Money wallet. Follow the steps below to use Eazy Money in recharging your GoTV:

  • Open any mobile browser and visit the link
  • Then provide your details which include Eazy Money PIN and your mobile number

Continuation of using EazyMoney

Steps On How to Recharge GoTV via Zenith Bank Internet Banking

Zenith Bank Nigeria offers its customers a mobile wallet which may be used for various transaction purposes. To download the mobile wallet, customers can either enter the URL or simply visit the mobile app store. After downloading the app, customers can follow the steps below to recharge their decoders:

  • Sign in into your account and choose between Bank and Eazy Money
  • (NOTE: Your selection of Bank or Eazy Money depends on the location you wish to make the payment.
  • Also, the Eazy Money option is specified for Unbanked Customers who, alternatively, are regarded as Non-Zenith Bank account holders.
  • On the other hand, the Bank option is specified for Banked Customers who, alternatively, are regarded as Zenith Bank account holders and have connected the mobile wallet to their bank accounts)
  • Also, note that the smartcard number is alternatively regarded as Biller Number while DStv is used as the Biller Code
  • You’re required to input the amount specified for the transaction
  • Again, you’re required to provide your transaction PIN (This is a 4-digit PIN very confidential to you)

With that done, you will be sent a text message to confirm whether the transaction was successful or not

Steps On How to Recharge GoTV via PayU

Just like many other online portals, PayU makes it easy for GoTV users to make credit card payments and renew their subscriptions. To use PayU for your GoTV subscriptions, follow the steps below:

  • Open the link
  • Sign in into your account
  • Navigate to the Pay page and select the PayU icon. This will take you to the PayU page where you are to make the payment
  • To complete the transaction on the payment page, fill in the details of your credit card
  • When the payment is successfully processed, it will be confirmed on the PayU page

After that, the system will take you back to the website of Eazy Self Service.


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