Nairaland Business : How to Make Money on Nairaland

Nairaland Business – How to Make Money on Nairaland

Nairaland Business – Thousands of naira exchange hands daily through nairaland forum, and that brought up the topic of this post.

Note: Even though there are numerous ways you can make money online, majority of people find it difficult to distinguish between a scam and real business. If someone tells you about a business opportunity, you might need to take your time to do research on the business very well before joining them.

I would be explaining to you how you can make money on Nairaland. If you haven’t heard about Nairaland, Its one of the most popular / most visited website in Nigeria. An online forum where Nigerians interact and discuss issues under various topics, such as politics, technology, romance, business and lots more.

There are numerous ways you can money on Nairaland Business / Investment Section and below is a short list of some major ways:

  • 1. Affiliate Marketing: This platform as thousands of views per day so if you are an affiliate marketer you can increase your earnings through referrals on Nairaland.
  • 2. Website Design: If you are a website designer then you can start making money on Nairaland by signing up and advertising yourself on the platform, there are over a million people on Nairaland willing to pay for this service.
  • 3. Freelance Writing: If you are a writer, in need of a writing job so as to make money. There are a lot of people seeking writers for blogs, magazines, and books. They simply post a few paragraph indicating their need for writers and lots of people contact them. So if you’re a good writer then its time you start earning from this platform. As a writer you can also create a post advertising yourself to the million members of this forum, you can write good contents and get people to read which you will indicate that you can be hired for writing jobs at the end.
  • 4. Sell Products: For those that have one or more products to sell either use or new goods, gadgets, tech products, whatever it may be, Its adviseable you key into the amazing opportunity on Nairaland. Utilizing the appropriate category on nairaland to advertise your products, this can help you earn pretty well.
  • 5. Drive Traffic: Many webmasters and bloggers know this secret. If you properly annexed your presence on nairaland, you can drive a lot of traffic from Nairaland to your blog and make more money.
  • 6. Sell eBooks: Information marketing have developed pretty much in recent times. First goto any section you are interested in {be it business, health, relationships etc}, on the forum, try an observe a common problem that people are willing to pay for. Your job is to do research on the solution to such problem, then package it in form of an ebook to sell to them.
  • 7. Coaching Service: There are over a million users on Nairaland and they are a mix of the newbies and pro. For the newbies
    they are looking forward to making them self better and often require the help of a good coach. So if you are am expert in what you do say blogging, SEO, social media marketing etc Nairaland business section is a platform where you can meet as many newbie and make quite a lot coaching them through.
  • 8. Event Publication: If you organise events; You will know that massive turn up translates into massive earnings. So utilizing
    Nairaland to advertise and get people to come to your events is the real deal for cheap adverts. You can advertise manually or pay nairaland to place a banner for your events and make money.

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