Yoruba Names : Top 20 Most Popular Yoruba Names and Meaning

Yoruba Names Top 20 Most Popular Yoruba Names and Meaning

NaijaQuest takes a look today at the Some of the most common, most popular Yoruba names in Nigeria

Yoruba is the name of one of the most popular and most recognised tribe in Nigeria and the yoruba language is one of the three official language with the other two being Igbo and and Hausa.
The Yoruba tribe has a very rich and unique culture, this includes their language which influence their positive naming culture.
So we brought the top 20 most popular Yoruba names and Meaning as used in Nigeria

This list by no means definitive and is alittle biased on the writer’s stay in South west region of Nigeria, though the writer has lived in most part of the Yoruba states in Nigeria to give a humble rating of the most popular.
Also this list applies for both Yoruba Male Names and Yoruba Female Names as some of the names are specifically for male, some for female while some are used for both male and female.
Some of the names are kind of automatic based on the day the child was born, so this also applies for those interested in beautiful Yoruba baby names

So here we go, listed in alphabetical order with sub’s:

1. Aanuoluwapo meaning Gods blessing are bountiful

2. Abayomi, in full OtaobayomiOluwanikoje meaning if not for God, the enemy would have mock me

3. Abiodun Abiodun is a name given to a child male or female born on festive day

4. Ade Ade means Crown in english

  • Adeola – The Crown of wealth
  • Adebayo – Crown meets happiness or the baby meets happiness
  • Adebisi – We gave birth to a crown
  • Adedapo – The crown join us
  • Adewale – The crown came home (M)

5. Ayo – Happiness

  • Ayoola – The happiness of wealth

6. Babatunde – English meaning The father is back, its usage is for a male child given birth to, after the recent death of the grandfather

7. Dayo – Ekundayo – cries turns to happiness

8. Bolanle meet wealth at home

9. Ife Ifeoluwa – The love of God ( One of the most beautiful Nigerian name for both Yoruba male and female child )

10. Kayode – Brought wealth
11. Kehinde Name given to one of twins, the last one of the twins to come out of the mother, kehinde ( last born )

12. Odunayo The festive of happiness

13. Ola – Wealth

  • Olabisi we gave birth to wealth
  • Oladapo Wealth join us
  • Olaoluwa The Wealth /Blessing of God
  • Olawale wealth came home

14. Olu The head / leader

15. Oluwafemi God loves me

  • Oluwagbenga God raise me high
  • Oluwakemi God bless me
  • Oluwasola God gave wealth
  • Oluwaseun Thank God
  • Oluwatobiloba God is great

16. Ope Thanks

  • Opeoluwa Thanks to God
  • Opeyemi I deserved yo give thanks

17. Oyin Honey

  • Oyindamola Honey mix with wealth
  • Oyinkansola Honey adds to wealth

18. Segun Win war

19. Taye / Taiwo given to twins, with Taye / Taiwo given to the first one of the twins to come out of the mother

20. Tolu Tolulope The leader deserve to give thanks

21. Yetunde Our mother is back
Name given to a femal child given birth to, after the recent death of the grand mother

Add yours, add Yoruba names you believe are very popular that are not in this list through the comment box

There you have it for the Top 20 Most Popular Yoruba Names and Meaning, share your thought and suggestions with us through the comment box and like us on facebook @ facebook.com/9jaquest or follow us on twitter @ twitter.com/NaijaQuest.



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