Nowadays, mobile banking is the best alternative when we find it inconvenient to visit our bank branches. With the advent of mobile banking, many people can now obtain unsecured mobile loans in Kenya that’s needed for various financial purposes.

In Kenya, some people have considered mobile banking as a great medium for obtaining quick unsecured mobile loans. Meanwhile, it is quite exciting to believe that you can get the quickest delivery of unsecured mobile loans without adopting the traditional system –where you need to visit your bank to get a loan.


Broadly speaking, mobile banking has introduced ease and efficiency into the present-day banking. Getting a loan nowadays is pretty easy and as a factual matter, the task can be achieved via a mobile phone. In Kenya, there are currently a number of online platforms where you can obtain unsecured loans as quickly as possible. Interestingly, the term “unsecured’’ means you’re allowed to obtain a loan without laying down any security –such as a collateral.

how to get unsecured mobile loans in Kenya

In order to render great help to business partners such as traders, and small business owners, the mobile loan system comes with a preferable option for customers to borrow small amounts of money. In that case, an individual may be allowed to borrow a loan within the amount range of Ksh 100 and Ksh 50,000.

Customers are eligible to obtain loans within the stipulated amount range and in case there is a demand for this, a customer’s Mpesa account will be funded immediately as long as he/she meets all the requirements.

The loan system is very straightforward and convenient, especially how customers’ loan requests are instantly approved. Another convenient aspect of the loan system clarifies that a customer is eligible to obtain a short-term personal loan which he may pay off gradually or at once. To further clarify this, customers can obtain short-term loans for personal use and decide to refund the loan gradually or in a single payment.

However, customers are strongly encouraged to take note of their eligibility status prior to any request for loans. In this regard, situations of blacklisting might occur and when a customer is blacklisted, he/she is definitely not qualified to obtain a loan.

To ascertain whether you’re qualified for a loan, you can contact the CRB (Credit Reference Bureau) to inquire if you’re eligible to take the loan or not. You can ascertain your credit score with CRB to ensure you’re eligible for a higher range of loan.

As far as mobile banking guarantees banking ease, it is always convenient to obtain quick unsecured mobile loans in Kenya. Meanwhile, we strongly suggest this is your best alternative in case you’re in urgent need of money. As factual as you should realize, this banking system has proved to be your best means of avoiding being out of cash.

According to the loan system, there can be different interest rates and these depend on the lender you’re borrowing the loan from. In a nutshell, various lenders provide different interest rates. Additionally, interest rates can be determined by the amounts to be loaned. Over and above all this, the Central Bank of Kenya adopts it qualitative and quantitative systems in determining bank credits.

Where To Get Unsecured Mobile Loans In Kenya

  1. Mshwari Loan
  2. KCB Mpesa Loan
  3. Tala Mobile Loans
  4. Branch Loan App
  5. Saida Loan App
  6. Okoa Loan App
  7. KOPA CHAPAA Loan App
  8. Zidisha

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