Nigerian Banks USSD Codes For Mobile Money Transfers From Your Phone

There was a time when the concept of ATMs and ATM cards was still new in Nigeria and the populace was simply in awe of how convenient it was to just simply withdraw, or transfer money from a machine rather than having to wait in line in the banking hall. Technology has always sought out ways in which life and the everyday activities involved in it can be made easier for everyone.

These days, while people still queue up at ATMs and are still grateful for the convenience it provides, the banks, through the use of technology have found a way to make things even easier, to a certain extent.

These days, armed with a phone, and in some cases, internet connection or airtime, one can transfer huge amounts of money from one bank account to another within a few minutes. This method of money transfer has made it so that one no longer needs to hurry to the bank to either pay into the account directly or transfer the money using the ATM. It is the very definition of convenience and more and more people are embracing this new method of online banking.

Nigerian Banks USSD Codes For Mobile Money Transfers From Your Phone

This new and improved form of self-help banking allows one transfer a desired amount of money by simply using the Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) codes associated with the bank with a phone number which has been registered and is authorized by the bank. These codes also give you the ability to recharge your phone with airtime as well as recharge another phone, or simply buy data for yourself or another number.

Despite the growing popularity of this banking method, many Nigerians do not know the various USSD codes associated with their banks with which they can carry out these transactions. This article aims to list out those codes as well as the banks they are associated with.

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data

(USSD) codes also known as quick codes are set of codes used by mobile phone users to communicate with a particular service providers computer. In Nigeria, it all started with our Telecommunication service providers who provide these codes to us for easy recharging and other services but later, it had been adopted by other service providers, notable of these service providers are the Banks.


This banks had adopted the use of these codes to ease banking and reduce workloads from their end while rendering better, safer and faster services to us. One of these services is money transfer and that what today’s article would center upon. I would be highlighting the banks using USSD codes for money transfer that uses them alongside the codes.

List of Nigerian Banks and their USSD Transfer Codes


This multinational Nigerian Bank belongs to the Access Bank Group.

  • Code for transferring money from Access Bank to Access bank:
    • Dial *901*1*Amount*NUBAN account number#
  • Code for transferring money from Access Bank to another bank:
    • Dial *901*2*Amount*NUBAN account number#
  • Code for Bill payment: Dial *901*3#
  • Code for buying airtime:
    • Simply Dial *901*Amount#
  • Code for buying airtime for friends and family:
    • Dial *901*Amount*Phone number#

Guaranty Trust Bank is commonly known as GT Bank and is a Multinational Financial Institution of Nigerian origin. This bank offers Retail banking services, online banking services, investment banking services, corporate banking services amongst others. Its head office is situated in Victoria Island in Lagos state. The USSD transfer codes for this bank are as follows:

  • Code for transferring money from a GT Bank to another GTB account: One simply needs to dial:
    • *737*1*Amount*NUBIAN Account# e.g *737*1*2000*1234567890#
  • Code for transferring money from a GT Bank to other banks: To do this, one needs to dial:
    • *737*2*Amount*NUBIAN Account# e.g *737*2*2000*1234567890#
    • using your mobile phone.
  • Code for recharging phone with airtime: To do this, dial *737*Amount#

After this is done, the last four digits of your GTB Naira MasterCard should be used to authenticate the transaction each time you transfer.

in order to make use of this service. It should be noted that the number used must be that which is already associated with your bank.


First Bank gives its customers the options to transfer money, pay bills, withdraw money or make purchases using the *894* USSD code. When you dial this, you then enter a number according to the service you want to make use of.

  • Code for transferring money: Dial *894# and then select 1.
  • Code to withdraw money: Dial *894# and then select 2.
  • Code for making an online purchase: Dial *894# and then select 3.
  • Code for paying bills: Dial *894# and then select 4.
  • Code for buying airtime: Dial *894# and then select 5.
  • Code for managing your account: Dial *894# and then select 7.


This bank is a full-service banking group and its headquarters is in Lagos. Those who have an account with this bank can start making use of this feature by dialing *389*214# from their registered phone number to begin. You will be presented with three options and a welcome message on your screen. The options are

1.)    Activate with card

2.)    Activate with Account

3.)    Activate with MWallet

From these options, choose option 2 and then call the FCMB contact center using the number 01-2798800 so you can create a PIN for future transactions. When the sun is sent, dial *389*214# and then going to the “Security” option choose “Change PIN” an action you’ll achieve by putting the PIN sent by the bank and then entering your new 4 digit PIN. Once you do this, you have activated your USSD mobile transfer. When you want to carry our transactions, dial *389*214#


This bank has a partnership with telecommunication giant, MTN, known as “Y’ello Account”.

  • Code for transferring money to any bank: Users can simply dial,
    • *710*777*Account number*Amount*PIN#
  • Code for transferring from Y’ello account to Y’ello account: Simply dial
  • *710*710*Phone number*Amount*PIN#.
  • Code for checking account balance: Dial *710*556*PIN#
  • Code for recharging phone with airtime: Users can simply dial *710*555*Phone number*Amount#.

EcoBank Mobile Money Transfer Code USSD

This is a Nigerian commercial bank which has been licensed by the Central Bank. To make use of the online banking capability, simply dial *326# from your registered line and then follow the commands that will be shown on your screen. With this code, one can pay bills, transfer money and buy airtime as well.

  • Dial the code below, and follow the prompt on your mobile device
    • *326#


To transfer money, you have to create a transfer PIN which would be required anytime you wish to transfer money. To create this pin, simply dial *770# then send. You would then be required to enter your fidelity bank account number. After entering it, you send it. The last step is the enter the 4 digit number you would want to use as transfer PIN and send.

Now, to send money,

  • dial *770*ACCOUNT NO*AMOUNT#
  • Select beneficiaries Bank name
  • The account number would appear for you to confirm
  • Then enter your transfer PIN and that’s it, the money would be transferred.
  • Code for recharging phone with airtime: Just dial *770*Amount#
  • Code for buying airtime for others: Dial *770*Phone number*Amount#

Now, The amount one is able to transfer per session and per day are limited. Also, this can only be done with the number you used while opening the account.

Skye Bank Mobile Money Transfer USSD Code

Using the USSD code, different transactions can be carried out easily and conveniently such as payment is bills, one-on-one money transfers, buying airtime and so on.

Simply dial *833# and follow the steps to make use of their USSD code for easy and convenient means to money transfer in Nigeria.


Account holders need a phone number which has been registered with the bank account in order to be able to use the USSD codes. Getting started occurs thus:

  • Simply start by dialing *120*2345# and following that, press 1 to continue with the registration.
  • The full Standard Debit Card number will be required and once that is entered, you can move to the next step.
  • This next step requires your ATM PIN
  • Go ahead and enter your full ID number
  • Read through the terms and conditions and accept to move towards creating a new PIN.
  • Type in your new pin and then you will be moved to a welcome screen.
  • From the welcome screen, type 1 to go ahead with your online banking.


To begin using this service, account holders need to dial *909# and follow the instructions that follow. Using the USSD code, one can pay bills, transfer money, pay salaries and so on.

  • Code for recharging phone with airtime: Dial *909*Amount#

Sterling Bank Mobile Money Transfer USSD Code

To get started, account holders need to dial *822# and then go ahead to create a unique PIN code which will be used to validate transactions. Each transaction carried out attracts a sum of 5 Naira.

UBA Mobile Money USSD Code

This is one of the oldest banks in the country. Using the mobile money features, one can transfer money, pay bills, buy airtime check your account balance, recharge and link your BVN to you your other account. The UBA USSD code for achieving this is *919# dialed from a number registered with your UBA account.

  • To check your account balance – *919*00#
  • To link your BVN to your account – *919*6#
  • To recharge – *919*Amount# or *919*Phonenumber*amount# to recharge for family and friends


This Nigerian commercial bank also affords its account holders convenience by use of a USSD code. To get started, account holders simply need to dial *389*215#


WEMA bank offers this transfer quick code that can only be used with the phone number you registered the account with. Tags Wema Sms banking.

  • For fund or money transfer, just dial *945*BENEFICIARYACCOUNTNUMBER*AMOUNT#
  • To check your Wema Account Balance Enquiry- *945*0#
  • Change PIN – *945*00#
  • Open a Wema Bank Account – *945*1#
  • Credit / Mobile Recharge – *945*AMOUNT#

Zenith Bank Mobile Money Transfer Code USSD

Zenith bank also offers Mobile Money Transfer services through their unique USSD code, To get started, you need to dial *966*00# after which you will be shown a set of instructions to follow. The first step will require you to register and you do that by typing in the last four digits of your ATM card. After this, you create your unique four digit pin and confirm said pin. Once this is successful, a “retrieving balance” message will be sent to your phone showing your available balance at the time.

  • To Open New Zenith Account – *966*0#
  • To transfer money / fund – *966*Amount*AccountNumber#
  • To check your account balance – *966*00#
  • To load/ recharge credit card on your phone – *966*Amount*MobileNumber#
  • To pay bills: Simply dial *966*7*Amount*Smartcard number#

For now, the above Banks are the ones making use of USSD codes for money transfer. All hope not lost, you can make use of other e-channels of the banks not operating USSD to carry out fund transfer. Stay tuned as we update you on any new development.

That’s it on ” Nigerian Banks USSD Codes For Mobile Money Transfers From Your Phone “, share your thought and experience with any of the bank’s codes with us through the comment box and like us on or follow us on Thanks


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