Top 10 Safest Neighborhoods In Tucson (2023)

With low crime rates, the safest neighborhoods in Tucson are top picks when considering the best areas to live in the city. These neighborhoods offer beauty, comfort, and plenty of attractions such as parks, cafes, theaters, restaurants and art galleries. The galleries may be of special interest because Tucson is a very artistic environment; and people who enjoy art are usually drawn to the city.

For many; they are just looking to get away from the crowds of the big cities, and move somewhere quieter. Tucson may be a great place for the young professional to set up shop and to put down roots. It may be a great place to make friends with similarly ambitious young professionals, and to build a whole new legacy.

The real estate prices are competitive but also robust enough to ensure that investments will be profitable. Tucson is a just a great place to be.

Safest Neighborhoods In Tucson

1. Sam Hughes

Sam Hughes is a lovely neighborhood; it is full of mid-century modern homes, with lawns and trees. There are also trees lining the streets, which means walking or biking along the streets can be really pleasant. There is also a thriving social scene in the neighborhood which has many college students; there are many brew pubs, sports bars, parks, Mexican cantinas, and so on.

The neighborhood has somewhere around 5,000 people, made up of college students, young professionals, as well as young families.

This is one of the safest neighborhoods in Tucson because it is full of vibrant and productive people. Incidences of crime are few and far between. Residents can therefore live in safety and comfort.

2. Dunbar Spring

Dubar Spring is a neighborhood located just North of downtown Tucson. This neighborhood is quiet, historic, and culturally diverse. The community has around 1,300 residents who call it home. Attractions include a very solid educational scene, as well as plenty of bars, restaurants, cafes, and parks. Dunbar Spring is also the center of a thriving art scene, as shown by the colorful murals and regular displays.

Dunbar Spring offers a mix of suburban and urban living. There is plenty of greenery, but also plenty of economic activity.

This neighborhood is safe despite the foot traffic; incidences of crime are far below the state average.

3. Civano

Civano is a neighborhood located in southeast of Tucson. This is a recent development; it first opened in 1999- it was then heralded as “Tucson’s Solar Community.” Perhaps that dream may yet come to fulfillment although there are still some homes that are somewhat self sustaining when it comes to power. Even some of the homes are designed to utilize minimal electricity.

Civano has its own city center, environmental business park, and other such attractions. It is a great place to make friends with working professionals; most of the residents of this neighborhood own their homes, and have moderate political views.

Civano is a quiet community; crime is rare here. This is an ideal place to raise children and to put down roots.

4. Armory Park

Amory Park is a small residential community with only around 1600 people. This neighborhood is largely considered one of best, family-friendly, residential areas in Tucson; it has a small population, and most of the residents own their homes. The neighborhood also has this suburban feel that comes with most houses having lawns and trees, and housing single families.

The neighborhood has a park, a concert venue, many art galleries, and plenty of indie shops selling art and handmade crafts. There are also many nice cafes, steak houses, and restaurants.

This is a great place for the young professional, or those with young families.

5. Old Fort Lowell

Old Fort Lowell was once an army post- that was from 1873 to 1891. Now it is a thriving community with about 1,470 people, marked by small homes that all have lawns and trees, and that small town neighborly feeling. This neighborhood has a mix of rural and urban appeal; even with its small population, there are still fine restaurants, coffee shops, and beautiful parks.

This neighborhood appeals to many young professionals and retirees. The popularity may yet have a resounding effect on the real estate prices.

The neighborhood has very low crime rates; most residents feel very safe.

6. Highland Vista Cinco Via

Highland Vista Cinco Via is a very small community; there are only around 657 people who live in this neighborhood. This neighborhood has small houses that are mostly owned by their residents, many of who are retirees. The neighborhood is also ideal for families.

The neighborhood is very safe; being a small closed community, residents know each other, and so they are quick to recognize strangers. The neighborhood is also quite affordable, and is located in a very nice position. Families with children will be pleased to know that the public schools in the area are quite highly rated.

7. Barrio Viejo

Barrio Viejo, also known as “Barrio Libre,” is a small neighborhood located in the downtown area of Tucson. It is known for its 19th century adobe style houses. The neighborhood also has a rich cultural scene; there are many popular Mexican cantinas, brew pubs, and cafes.

The neighborhood also has a Jewish History Museum, as well as a museum of contemporary art, among other attractions.

Barrio Viejo is one of the most liberal neighborhoods in Tucson; a place where people go about their business without any fear.

8. Poets Square

Poets Square is an artistic neighborhood in Tucson. It is a small neighborhood with small single family homes that have trees in front of them. This neighborhood also has bars, restaurants, coffee shops, parks, and so on. It is a neighborhood that comes to life in the evenings, and that has a thriving social scene.

Poets Square has a population of around 1,052 people; it is not exactly exclusive, but it is a place where strangers are easily spotted. Therefore, this neighborhood is quite safe; crime is reported at a very low rate.

9. El Presidio

El Presidio is the site where the city of Tucson was established as a Spanish Military Fort back in 1775. This neighborhood has a rich military history; and many commemorative sites. Furthermore, the neighborhood has the Tucson Museum of Art and the Presidio San Agustín del Tucson Museum. There are plenty of art galleries, and independent artists as well.

El Presidio is a secure neighborhood; the crime rate is far below the Tucson average; and residents generally feel safe.

10. Iron Horse

Iron Horse is a small neighborhood with less than 200 residents. Surprisingly for such a small neighborhood; this one gives an urban feel because it is near downtown Tucson and the University of Arizona.

This neighborhood is safe; it is considered one of the best places for those who like to walk; and who like to enjoy enlightened conversations.


Final Thoughts

Tucson is an artistic place; and only those who love art can truly appreciate its value. The safest neighborhoods in Tucson are some of the places that have been proven to provide the best experience in terms of safety, comfort, and the possibility of enjoying a social lifestyle without fear of becoming a victim of crime.

Nevertheless, it is important that one observes common sense as regards personal safety, and the protection of personal property.