Osun Decides 2018: Who Won Osun State Governorship Election

In OSUN election, there are about 48 registered political parties in the state, which directly means there are about 48   aspirants currently contesting for this governorship position but out of these aspirants, only 5 is visible to be the leading candidate in terms of campaign, people support, and other pointers that makes one have the assurance the battle might be one.

In  Osun state today,  there about 1,246,915 voters in all the local government and subzones.

Osun Decides 2018: Who Won Osun State Election

Osun Decides Who Won Osun State Election

Results Of Osun State Election In

  • ADP: 49,742
  • APC: 254,345
  • PDP: 254,698
  • SDP: 128,049
Who Won Osun State Governorship Election

At the moment the election has been declared inconclusive. A re-run date has been announced for the affected part

Affected Polling Units Includes

  • Ife North – One Polling Unit
  • Osogbo – One Polling Unit
  • Ife South – Two Polling Unit
  • Orolu local government area – Three Polling Unit

Making a total of 7 polling units

Osun State Governorship Election Rerun – 27th September 2018

  • Osun Before Now

It is a known fact that no man comes to be without a proper channel to make power transition easy. This was the case of the Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola administration has he kick off the winding off of his administration already. He started his journey as the sitting Governor over eight years ago after defeating the then aspirants and also the aspirants then. Today, being the 22 second day of September 2018, the wind of change of power will be blowing in the ancient town of Osun, as all men, aspirants and all stakeholders are taking charge to lunch for the election to elect their new leader.

  • Osun Election

Before now, the whole state is ready to jostle and wrestle out the current administration to put in the very best candidates.

The leading candidate jostling for this position that seems to be ahead of other aspirants (arranged in no special order) are:

  • Sen. Iyiola Omisore who was then a deputy governor of the state twice and also a former senator of the federal republic of Nigeria contesting under the Social Democratic party whose antecedent is one of the factors people of Osun are supporting him.
  • Fatai Akingbade who is contesting under the ADC party who double to be the former sectary to the former state governor of Osun state who is also jostling and have a good antecedent making him another candidate desired by the people of Osun.
  • Moshood Adeoti who is also contesting under the ADP for the keenly contested election.
  • Adegboyega Oyetola, who is contesting under the all progressive Congress one of the strong party in Nigeria today who happens to be the incumbent governor candidate and the all progressive Congress members, candidates.
  • Sen. Ademola Adeleke who is popularly referred to as the dancing senator and the candidate of the people’s Democratic party and also from one of the prominent and influential families in Nigeria.

Osun Decides 2018: Who Won Osun State Governorship Election


There are has been a tough time and different activities surrounding the atmosphere of Osun state, who will the people of Osun vote? Who will be the overall winner of this election? Who will be the most treat in the election this and many more will unravel as we coast down to the election updates?


Even though prior to the election day, there has been purported rumours that INEC will ban the use of mobile devices and facilities at different polling units so as to prevent any form of electoral malpractices but this claim was dismissed by the state INEC electoral commission Segun Agbaje.

In his statements, he cautions all contestants and party stakeholders to avoid the buy of votes or selling of votes which is not legal in electoral processes.

Earlier before the election, the electoral gadgets and facilities needed to conduct a successful election was distributed to various wards and local governments and also sensitive materials to all the 30 local governments with a heavy watch of security personalities.

  • Election Began

The election began on 22 of September at exactly 8:00 am as all voters are seen to already occupy their various units waiting for accreditations and other pre electoral processes to see to a smooth election.

  • Pre Electoral Statistics
    • The total number or registered voters in Osun is 1,687,492.
    • Total number of PVC distributed is 1,246,915
    • About 48 governorship candidates.

The voting processes kick off at exactly 8:00 am and one of the gubernatorial candidates was reported to cast his vote in his local government Ede at about 8:08 am which is Sen. Ademola Adeleke of the People’s Democratic party.

His ward is ward 7 in the Sagba Abegunde in Ede area.

After he cast his vote, he addresses the crowd that provided the election is fair and free who is very optimistic to be the overall winner of the election.

It was reported also that in Iragbiji election accreditation started around 8:45 am.

At about 10:12 am the governorship aspirants of the all progressive Congress party arrived at his polling unit to vote and at about 10:45, he addresses the press assuring his supporters that the election will be free and fair and also of a great assurance, he will emerge as the overall winner of the election. At about 11:12 am it was observed that the ADC governorship aspirants cast his votes in his hometown and while addressing the press, he made bold to the day he was impressed at the massive turnout of voters at the various polling units which shows true awaking to political system partnership with the citizens.

Around 11:50 Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola cast his vote and immediately after voting at press address he commends the good turn out of citizens of Osun and describes it as democracy festival.

At unit one ward one of Obada Ede local government area, a young man who is a PDP agent was arrested by the Nigerian police for allegedly buying votes from citizens.

Also, with strict warning and caution thrown to the citizens and electorate to desist from the habit if buying and selling if votes there have been various lamentation from different wards where other parties pay voters to vote their party, also, some of the voters lamented some of the party not sharing money party like SDP and ADP. Various criminals who impersonated, those who are found to share money to buy votes from voters has been arrested by the Nigeria police force and other detectives that were deployed to the state to supervises the election. Also, thugs and different hoodlums who caused chaoses in a different location have been paraded also.

Nevertheless, there are updates an various activities going on as the election ended and election result counting already started in various units, stay update here as we bring to you in full details the result of the election.


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