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Permit me to start with, Nigeria can only be developed by Nigerians in Nigeria and for Nigerians, vice versa for Africa, vis-à-vis the old believe youths have in foreign countries and developed nations.

It is no longer new development that our nation Nigeria suffers from the hands of underdevelopment, infrastructure decadence and lack of true national credence to development. Over the years, Nigerian has been riddling in different corruption and scandals, attentions have been shifted from national development to national politics and social media demonstration of criticism prowess.


Every solution youth and the grown wise elder statesmen of the nation proffer are all from the political viewpoint of such problems which I personally envisage if not properly implemented will lead to another political juggernaut and demonstration of illusion for another century to which we will keep producing beast of the nation and complicated problems for generations to come.

Why Nigeria and Africa still wallow in corruption and bask flamboyantly in the river of underdevelopment is as a result of the late 19th-century reaction to corruption, caricature solution to national problems and shallow non-pragmatic approach to the issue of the nation.


I was simulated after taking an in-depth view of the national problem today and how it all transpired, I took time to look at other continents who are more developed compared to Nigeria and African as a whole. I clearly see other countries also bask in the Euphoria of squanders, corruptions that are more complicated compared to our national corruption here in Africa, then the question that comes to one’s mind is, how do the nation handles the country and the citizens react?, permit me to do justice and bring this to your awareness, do you know some developed nation’s citizens pay higher tax and the country have natural resources that are abundant enough to sustain the nation, and some nation even pays lesser tax yet the development is comparative.

Nigerian Citizens An Impediment To The Nigerian Dream

T9he issue of the nation Nigeria and Africa) even while it finds its basis from the national political disorder and administrative melancholy, but credence is not given to more pressing issues, the minor is been majored on and the major are been minored on, what should not be of focus remain our focal point and what should be a driving factor is left as spare appliances. If the citizens and the nation have a guiding credence and focal direction the populace will know the leaders they want and the heritage value and culture that needed to be salvaged from the hands of mediocre and marauders.

I have the following suggestion as the very basis for national development.


As a trained educationist certified in one of the foremost universities, Adekunle Ajasin University, after reading through many pages of the books in the field of education. The basic education found her roots in proffering solution to the societal problems, make a learner or citizens under the nation educational tutelage functional in their respective societies with an overall goal to promote the national unity and development. Education is not meant to be in a pattern of any nation needs or solve nation problems different from yours except for the cases where the nation is faced with similar problems which the educational system of a nation that has once been in the shoe can adapt to arrest the invading situation.

But what Africa practice today is education target at a spare problem that hardly exists in their nations currently but focuses on other nations problem that was settled by the educational practices they adopt in conquering the problem but overlooks the nation pressing problems. Most people in charge of curriculum planning and implementation in Nigeria even though have good motifs but they lost focus in the major problem of the nation.

Today in Nigeria and Africa we have job seekers, but few job creators. The mentality that was instilled in most learner mind is, you need to be equipped to fit into the organization you will be working with. I am not saying working under someone is bad though, but the spirit of creativity, invention, basic skills needed for learners to stand alone are not planted, nurtured nor developed rather the promotion of wandering legs and CV submissions are held with high esteem.

The most developed institutions in the country are beclouded with the laboratory practical they carried out which was the same practice that was used for past alumni of the institutions. The only students performing well in Nigeria as of today in terms of physical innovations and developments are the ones that are taught hands-on education, students like medical students, pharmacist, few engineers, which majority are related to just the health sector.

But other fields are what I tag “talk or teach and go system”, they are too arcade for this generation. Nigeria needs more industries, companies, research institute and many hands-on educations systems that enhance infrastructural developments, and general welfare of the citizens.


My recommendation in relation to this so as to solve the cases with past graduates and coming graduates, there should be various institute which trained students on technological appliances, electronics, automobiles, food production, textile, entertainment in different location of the country in which experts from developed countries with expertise  idea and vast in the area be massively recruited to train all graduates posted to the institute to serve at least for a year which is their service years with intensive practical training. This will help reduce the population of job seekers rather much job creators in the country which is set up for quick development. this help graduate that was admitted by mistake to the course they do not love or have a passion for having the ample opportunities to be in their desired field and be productive because it is evident Nigeria is running a school and certificate system and not the education system.


Though in advance countries goals that can help major citizens of the nation are always welcomed and practically work upon to see to the full stage of implementation and results unlike my nation Nigeria that just loves the idea maybe sponsors if such fellow finds good favor but will never be followed up to the very productive stage. Many dreams were aborted, many were implemented but truncated as a result of non-follow up of the ideas.


The government should organize platform where ideas could be suggested with assurance for protection of intellectual properties if hijack for self-glory which is the major reasons some entrepreneur would not share theirs with anyone even with the government which may die with them because the Almighty has only granted such individual with the knowledge to help the society.


Nigeria is a nation full of potentials which are amazing and mind-blowing, with a research conducted on a few youths, I am very optimistic the solution to Nigeria problem is in Nigeria and not traveling abroad. Nigeria can be developed by Nigerians and not by a British man, African man can develop Africa not white developing Africa, even though we might need skills and knowledge from those that have it but not total dependence on the goods imported from the nation.

If the highlighted points can be work on, I am of a convincing stand that corruption will no longer be what fights Nigerians rather Nigerians will stand up to fight corruptions in other Africa countries even across borders which will make her sit back in the position of Giant of Africa she was known as because of the efforts of the founding fathers.

This write up is from a young Nigerian entrepreneur, one of the founders of Hivazinc Technologies Nigeria, who is resolute and believe in the Nigeria of our dream a new Nigeria is at hand if we wake up to our responsibilities.


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