Top 20 Richest Women In Zimbabwe 2021

List of the richest women in Zimbabwe presently. It is being said that what a man can do, a woman can do better. In Zimbabwe, while there are a lot of men handling and controlling huge wealth, there are women doing beautifully well in this regard too. And in this article, we will explore the top ten richest women in the country. 

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Top 20 Richest Women In Zimbabwe

  • 1. Valerie Moran 

Valerie Moran can boast of a net worth that is around £122 million. She found success with her Prepaid Financial Services – a fintech firm where she owns an 81% stake (with her husband – Noel Moran). She is currently serving as the Head of Client Relations & Operations in the company, and it is interesting to note that they have been turning profits for 10 consecutive years.

Although Moran was born in Zimbabwe, she now lives in Ireland with her family (her husband and their five children). She was able to build her business to an enviable height against all odds. While many black women in her shoes struggle with vital stuff (necessary for the success of a business) like access to real business support, gender discrimination, funds, and so on, Valerie set the ball rolling, and motivating others to do their things unhindered till success comes. 

Valerie is currently the richest woman in Zimbabwe, and it is interesting to note that her wealth came not via corrupt interactions with some corrupt politicians, as it is the case of many today. 

  • 2. Divine Ndhlukula

Interestingly, this woman used to be the richest woman in Zimbabwe before she was overthrown. Well, her story too is pretty inspiring, as she, despite her gender, was able to build one of the biggest companies in Zimbabwe. 

She is the MD and founder of the famous SECURICO – which is a diversified security-specific firm. The company has been flourishing for years and keeps growing impressively. For instance, she started with just four workers, however, right now, she has employed thousands of people. In fact, the company has been applauded as a globally recognized security agency. 

One other important thing that should be mentioned is that this woman is someone who has given women the chance and platform to contribute to security purposes, as her firm has a reputation for being the highest number of female employees. There are tons of women working with the company, and it is obvious that they have paved the way for Zimbabwean women to be empowered.

  • 3. Grace Mugabe 

Grace Ntombizodwa Mugabe was born on the 23rd of July in 1965 in Zimbabwe, and she grew to become one of the most famous women in the country. She is a politician, a business owner, and well-known as the widow of the past President of the country – Robert Mugabe. 

Grace, before getting married to Mugabe, used to be his secretary before becoming the head of the Women’s League of the ZANU–PF party. While being the First Lady of the country, Grace is usually regarded as a woman who grew fat on the country’s resources – living extravagantly even while the country was suffering. 

Nevertheless, even with the death of her husband, Grace Mugabe remains one of the richest women in Zimbabwe. 

  • 4. Zodwa Mkandla

Zodwa Mkandla is another very rich Zimbabwean women. She is an entrepreneur, well-known for her Traverze Travel. The company, in which she serves as a managing director, is a leisure and business travel management firm in the country. 

Zodwa, who used to be married to Genius Kadungure, was born in Bubi in Matabeleland. She attended Mqwassini and also obtained a diploma from the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Her marriage to Kadungure produced two daughters – named Precious and Melisa. 

She made known how her parents intend that she become a teacher, but she chose to go into the tourism industry. She started her career as a receptionist for a travel consultant before starting her own company afterward. Her company has grown immensely and has generated a lot of wealth for her, making her one of the richest women in the country. 

  • 5. Pokello Nare

Pokello Nare is the next on the list. She is a Zimbabwean socialite as well as a businesswoman. She became popular via the Big Brother Africa (BBA) show and ended up getting married to Elikem Kurmodzie – who also featured on the show. Unfortunately, the duo went their separate ways after some time, with Elikem describing the marriage as a “mistake”.

Nare was born on the 24th of August 1985 and attended Alexandra Park Primary School for her primary education. She also studied Business Management and Media at Monash University in South Africa. Today, she is not just one of the richest women in the country, but also one of the most famous in the entertainment industry. 

  • 6. Ellen Vanessa Chironga

Ellen Vannessa Chironga is another rich Zimbabwean woman doing fine in the business world. She has various businesses fetching her money – LGS bags, Peep Collection, Aayah’s Play Centre, and so on. She was born into a family where the running of businesses is not strange (her dad is a popular businessman – Phillips Chiyangwa), and she chose to go her way to establish herself. 

  • 7. Ruvheneko

Ruvheneko is a popular Zimbabwean broadcast journalist who has done a lot for herself since she started her career years back. She studied Media and Writing and Political Science at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, and also went on to establish Neko Incorporated. Her talk show “Ruvheneko” is actually one of the most listened to in Zimbabwe, and she also moderates various panel discussions in different parts of the world. 

  1. Jackie Ngarande

Jacqueline Tinovimba Ngarande is another rich Zimbabwean woman. She is a model, a socialite, as well as a philanthropist. Popularly known as Jackie, she is known to be one of the most followed Zimbabwean socialites on social media, and she is making a lot of money via her career, making her one of the richest women in the country. 


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