South Africa is one of the most successful African countries. In actual fact, this successful stance has reflected on many South Africans who have managed to establish themselves as young entrepreneurs.

This article is a list of the richest South African millionaires who are within the age limit of 25-30. Impressively, most of these young and influential characters were only teenagers when they ventured into the field of entrepreneurship.


Vusi Thembekwayo
  • 1. Vusi Thembekwayo

Vusi Thembekwayo is an industrious South African and the richest millionaire on this list. He is a 32-year-old motivational speaker who has received global acclaim for his ability to inspire people through life-changing words. Only at the time he was a 17-year-old, Vusi Thembekwayo had already been declared as Africa’s best motivational speaker.

Vusi’s scope of motivational speaking is so broad that every year, he addresses a massive crowd of 250,000 spectators. Moreover, the South African speaker has spoken with audiences across 4 continents of the world.

While he was a 25-year-old, Vusi was appointed as a director of a global company with the annual turnover of 17 billion rands. At the same time, Vusi served as the youngest director on the company’s board of operators. Today, he is not only an impressive global speaker but also the richest young millionaire South Africa boasts of.
As a motivational speaker attempting to broaden his scope to all possible lengths and breadths of the universe, Vusi tries to soothe his listeners with a humorous manner of speaking. Across the globe, Vusi’s audiences are fond of his amazing humour.

Adii Pienaar – South African Millionaires under 25 30
  • 2. Adii Pienaar

Adii Pienaar is another South African millionaire who managed to cross the threshold of South African millionaires at a young age. He is a 30-year-old professional developer and designer of marketable plugins and themes especially for blogs hosted on WordPress. In reality, Adii Pienaar has made his mark and garnered great reputation for himself particularly as a result of Woothemes –the company he set up in 2007. Without any contradiction, the best part of Adii’s profit comes from Woothemes.

Annually, Adii Pienaar makes a substantial profit in excess of $3 million and this comes from the themes sold. In addition to his ownership and strategic running of Woothemes, Adii Pienaar makes more money as the originator of PublicBeta –a great avenue through which startups receive qualitative knowledge and training from successful and experienced entrepreneurs.

Adii Pienaar makes great waves as a young South African millionaire and the main reason for this is that he pays great attention to the management of Woothemes. In fact, the company further flourishes as it designs themes which are sold to Tumblr and several other content management platforms.

Mike Eilertsen

  • 3. Mike Eilertsen

Mike Eilertsen is one of the successful young entrepreneurs in South Africa. He is the 35-year-old originator and owner of a media group known as LIVE OUT LOUD. Meanwhile, it is quite interesting to recall how Mike Eilertsen, who was previously a waiter, became a successful entrepreneur. Regarded as a young industrious mind, Mike Eilertsen succeeded in arranging a database at a younger age. The database –which he arranged on South Africa’s leading businessmen –contained the excess of 100,000 contact details. Following the decision to set up a millionaire’s magazine, Mike Eilertsen succeeded in coming up with LIVE OUT LOUD in November 2007.

Rupert Bryan – South African Millionaires under 25 / 30 / 35

  • 4. Rupert Bryan

Rupert Bryan was just a 16-year-old when one of his friends requested that he should work with him in running a joint venture. Although they began the business with insubstantial capital, they eventually succeeded in making it a lucrative joint venture. As a result of their vigorous efforts, Web Africa was transformed into a thriving company worth R130 million.

While Rupert Bryan was younger (precisely at the age of 14), he had his own company which specialized in web development. Currently, Rupert Bryan is one of the biggest members of ISP Web Africa and therein, he serves as the chief operating officer.

Doug Hoernle

  • 5. Doug Hoernle

Doug Hoernle is a 27-year-old millionaire who graduated from the University of Cape Town. At the age of 19 while studying at the University of Cape Town, Doug Hoernle established himself as a business tutor who specialized in educating matric students. At a later time, he diversified into another job which required the sale of affordable wines for events such as anniversaries and birthdays. Through this job, Doug Hoernle emerged into the floor of City Bowl Market where he has gathered fortune for himself.

Murendwa Mmabasotho

  • 6. Murendwa Mmabasotho

It is quite fascinating that this pretty woman managed to find a place on this list of richest South African millionaires within the age limit of 25-30. In the contemporary world, some young women have striven enough to keep themselves at reasonable heights with successful men. Without any contradiction, Murendwa Mmabasotho is one of those women.

Murendwa Mmabasotho is a 27-year-old South African who has stumbled on millions of rands. Majorly, her fortune stemmed from the fact that she is an industrious woman with a reasonable range of businesses at hand. To mention few of her businesses, Murendwa Mmabasotho engages in printing and logistics. Besides her enviable status as a fortunate woman, Mmabasotho is seen as a restrained character.

Max Hussmann – South African Millionaires under 25 / 30 / 35

  • 7. Max Hussman

Max Hussman is a 31-year-old character who has made his own portion of fortune. Hussman, who is currently a resident of South Africa, was born in Accra, Ghana. Although he was born in Ghana, Hussman spent years growing up in Germany.
He is best known for having founded Elegance Group –an operative business enterprise which thrives on the backbone of subsidiaries such as aviation consulting, sport consulting and Elegance Air. As of now, Elegance is a successful business enterprise making great waves in South Africa’s aviation industry.

Ludwick Marishane – South African Millionaires under 25 / 30 / 35

  • 8. Ludwick Marishane

This young South African is greatly acclaimed for having invented DryBath –a bathing lotion which doesn’t require the use of water for cleansing the body. Also, he is the owner and originator of Headboy Industries and based on the information provided by Forbes, Ludwick Marishane was only a high school student when he invented DryBath as a bathing system that doesn’t necessitate the use of water. Currently, young Ludwick is striving hard to buttress DryBath with the financial resources at his disposal.

That’s all about South African Millionaires under 25 / 30.


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