List of the richest people in Imo State. Whenever richness is the subject being discussed, many Igbo’s believe Imo and Anambra states are the most dogged rivals with rich men whose mouthwatering wealth speaks greatly of their worth. If you would agree with me, Imo state is not only one of the cores of the Eastern region but also the homeland of influential personages, join me as I go through the list of the Richest Man In Imo State presently.

For those asking: Who is The Richest Man In Imo State? As indigenes of Anambra and Imo states are usually engaged in heated arguments as regards the richer of the two influential states, this post will be glued to providing you the names of the rich personalities Imo state has churned out.

The Richest Men In Imo State

  • 1. Pascal Dozie Net Worth $1.1

Pascal Dozie: Born to an Igbo family in Egbu in 1935, Pascal Dozie’s immense wealth and massive business inputs have given him a strong edge over a number of other rich personalities from Imo State. Despite not serving as an apprentice under any boss, Dozie was able to acquire massive wealth for himself. In past times, he served as the Chairman of the well-known Diamond Bank Plc –a banking institution which he established by himself. Other than that, he is the owner and manager of several other companies including Kunoch Limited. Owing to his notable achievements combined with the products of his managerial strategies, his net worth is valued at $1.1 billion.

  • 2. Leo Stan Ekeh Net Worth $1 Billion

Leo Stan Ekeh: Here is another business tycoon whose shrewd business strategies have favorably reflected on his wealth. Leo Stan Ekeh is not only notable for his wealthy nature in the business sector but also for his business tactics which have continually yielded great achievements. Apart from being the manager and CEO of the renowned Zinox Technologies Ltd, he has actively collaborated with several tech firms with a view to advancing technology on the whole. He is also an acclaimed personality for his contributions towards IT Solutions within West Africa. Stan Ekeh has remarkably made use of his self-owned firm –ITEC Solutions -to steer the advancement of IT Solutions. As to the beneficial returns from his business engagements, he is believed to be worth $1 Billion.

  • 3. Rochas Okorocha Net Worth $1 Billion

Rochas Okorocha is the third richest man in Imo State. We shouldn’t find it extremely surprising that an appraisal of his political status, Rochas Okorocha has excellently appeared in this category of richest personalities from Imo state. Rochas Okorocha is not only a politician but a business-minded character who has acquired his billions through the possession of numerous assets and management of multiple companies. With his net worth presently valued at $1 billion, it is arguably assumed that he could be the richest person in Imo state likewise Nigeria’s wealthiest politician.

  • 4. Tony Ezenna Net Worth $430 Million

Tonny Ezenna, a native of an Imo region called Akokwa, is believed to be the second richest personality Imo state can boast of. He has earned a great reputation from his famous high-profile conglomerate –Orange Drugs Limited –which is known for the production of Boska. Also, Ezenna has emerged as an influential person for having managed to secure his stance among the small number of Igbo’s bestowed with national honors. Meanwhile, he is reported to have amassed a net worth of $430 Million.

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