In the university accommodation system, two categories of students are always given preference in the allocation of space; they are fresh students and final year students but fresher’s have to complete their registration before proceeding to apply for accommodation while the final year students already eligible to apply but should apply early.

I know many students especially freshers are curious and asking how much is UNIlorin Hostel Fees? It is a good question because it is important that you carry out a survey on the various fees paid before you apply for a school. Yes! Know how much is their tuition fee, acceptance fees, and accommodation fee as well so as not to be stranded. So, in this article, we are writing about UNIlorin Hostel Fees saving you the stress of traveling from your location to Ilorin, Kwara State where the school is located just to find out information.


The University of Ilorin, UNILORIN has made an announcement concerning their resumption date, therefore, students who are looking to get into the school hostel should hurry because there is a limited number of rooms or bed space for both male and female students. All interested students are hereby informed to begin the processing of the hostel space immediately.

Before we dive to Unilorin Hostel Fees and other procedures you Ned to know, it is imperative to note that the following information applies to both Categories of Students; importantly we will center on the New students (freshers).

Freshers are to apply for hostels in Unilorin following the online Procedures:

  • Step 1: Make a reservation online
  • Step 2: Payment of N28, 000.00 should be online through the Portal. Candidates are advised to check and confirm the stipulated amount for the session as the fee might change with time.
  • Step 3: Payment must be made within 72 hours of reservation. Failure to pay within the specified duration will automatically lead to the cancellation of the reservation.
  • Step 4: Payment platform.
  • Step 5: Print the generated UniversityofIlorinPaymentReceipt online.
  • Step 6: Print completed Hostel Application Form
  • Step 7: Proceed to the Student Affairs Office for bed-space allocation.

Basic Hostel Categories in Unilorin

UNIlorin has a private and public hostel and there is the provision of hostel accommodation for undergraduates, postgraduate students as well as interested staff.

Below are the categories of accommodation available on the University of Ilorin campus:

  • The Main general hostels
  • The Postgraduate student’s hostel
  • The Unilorin scientific multipurpose cooperative hostel (private)
  • The Unilorin pace-setters staff multipurpose cooperative society hostel (private)

Allocation of the hostel is done online

More so, the hostel is operated in a Village System – with rooms of 2, 4, 6 and 8

  • The village I –          Male Hostel
  • Village II (Lagos)             –          Female
  • Village IIIa (Abuja) –          Female
  • Village IIIb (Kwara) –          Female
  • Village IV (Zamfara)          –          Female
  • Village V (Trunil)              –           Female

Also, you should be informed that:

  • All rooms in the hostel are tiled with bookshelves and wardrobes.
  • All rooms in the hostel are equipped with orthopedic mattresses and pillows.
  • There is the availability of additional features for TRUNIL – Self-contained room, each with kitchenette, bath, and toilet.

Procedures for application

  • Students must verify that all Charges are correct before committing the payment
  • Students failure to make confirmation before payment is at your own risk
  • Payments made are not refundable

Students are advised to ensure that they abide by the rules and regulations because failure to do so will attract severe punishment and it might lead to the payment of fines, eviction, etc.

  1. Students are to actively engage in the daily, weekly, bi-monthly cleanup of the hostel/environmental sanitation exercise.
  2. Students should not tamper with electrical installations, fixtures, and fittings in the hall of residence.
  3. Students are prohibited to use the electric cooker, a hot plate in the hall of residence because it is not authorized.
  4. It is not allowed to cook in the rooms because it is unacceptable except in the kitchenette which is designated for such purpose.
  5. Wit is not allowed to do wash clothes in the room except in the laundry which is designated for such purpose.
  6. Decent use of the toilet facilities (it is not allowed to use of polythene bags)
  7. Pasting of posters, banners are not allowed because it defaces the walls of the hostel.
  8. It is unauthorized to squat or transfer or sell any bed space allocated to a student.
  9. Students are advised not to be well mannered and not constitute a nuisance in the hall and should not inconvenience others by engaging themselves in noisy religious activities or be associated with anything criminal, secret society, anti-social, cultism or any other act considered improper or unlawful.
  10. Students occupying hostels are advice to bring with him/her 2-bed sheets and 1 blanket.
  11. Students are to obey and adhere to the school dress code.
  12. Visitors are not allowed in individual rooms but only in common rooms.
  13. The punishment for breach of any of the above-stated rules and regulations is as contained in the Students Handbook of Information and Regulations given out in the course of registration.

Also, Students who will be arranging their accommodation off campus are advised to ensure they secure accommodation in a safe, decent and not too isolated areas, and to represent the university well as good ambassadors wherever they may choose to reside.

For the freshers and by that I mean those who recently gained admission into Unilorin and are prospective students, information about accommodation is equally important to you.  Reason has to be that, in the higher institution, accommodation is an important aspect of the school system. This is so because of citizens from different areas across the country and even abroad studies in the institution. Unilorin does not waste time when it comes to accommodation matters. Thus we will focus on UNIlorin HostelFees and also take into consideration the possible procedures of application for the categories of the hostel in Unilorin, the fee charges, and procedures for acquisition.


Conclusion on UNIlorin Hostel Fees 2020

I believe you now have sufficient information about Unilorin Hostel Fees and all procedures involved.

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