Top 10 Posh Areas In Liverpool (2023)

The posh areas in Liverpool are the few quiet areas in this city, have become enclaves for the upper middle class, and targets for young professionals working in Liverpool, who wish to secure their future by purchasing real estate. These are some of the safest neighborhoods in the city; they are also some of the most expensive parts of Liverpool.

These developments are well planned, and they also have all the facilities that make good neighborhoods; good road networks, good transport systems, shopping centres and markets, as well as restaurants, cafes, and parks.

With all the above mentioned facilities, it is no surprise that people with a taste for the finer things in life generally gravitate towards these areas.

Posh Areas In Liverpool 2023

1. Knowledge Quarter

Knowledge Quarter is the one of the biggest districts in the city, and it is also one of the most interesting. This area has several museums, two different universities, and big art galleries. There are also the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral, the Yoko Ono Lennon Center, and the green areas.

Knowledge Quarter has some districts that are full of single family houses- the types that have lawns and trees. There are also tenements, row houses, and those kinds of apartment buildings that have been furnished for luxury.

2. Ropewalks

Ropewalks is an area is Liverpool that is home to the lively crowd. The houses here are mostly apartments, some of which are very delightfully designed. The neighborhood is lively, and has modern buildings all around. The nightlife here is great; there are many pubs, as well as nightclubs in the area.

There are also classy restaurants, as well diners. This is a place where one can eat, drink, dance and make friends. The neighborhood is safe so people have no problem with staying out late; they are happy to hand out with their friends till dawn. Make no mistake about it; this is a place to make professional connections. The neighbourhood is attractive to professionals- there are many young people with money to spend.

3. The City Center

The Liverpool City Center is not altogether a residential neighbourhood; but it is one of the posh areas in Liverpool. People stay in this area, but mostly it is in the hotels, and apartments that have been converted to hotels. Nevertheless, there are many attractions such as The Beatles Museum, The Cavern Club.

In the neighborhood, you’ll find and a huge number of galleries and museums, and there are retail shops too many to count. This is a place frequented by people who have money to spend; which is why it is an attractive place.

4. Chinatown

Chinatown is a neighborhood that is just as the name suggests- an enclave of Chinese culture. There are residences in this neighborhood; but they are mostly tenements and luxury flats. The roads are good and spacious, and the crowd is very lively. Regardless of that name, you do not need to be Chinese, or Asian to live in this neighborhood- although you need to enjoy Asian culture.

There is plenty of Asian culture to enjoy; there is an endless array of Chinese Restaurants, as well as canteens and supermarkets, you can eat “Hot Pot” just like as if you were in Beijing or Shanghai.

5. Islington

Islington is a neighborhood in the outskirts of the city. This is a mostly residential neighborhood; one that has single family townhouses, row houses, and mansionettes lining the streets. This is a great place for young professionals and young couples, as well as young families. This neighbourhood also has great schools, parks, public transport, and great hospitals.

Islington is considered an up and coming area; which means while the housing market is quite affordable at the moment, there is every indication that the neighborhood will become more in demand in the future, possibly driving up home prices.

6. The Georgian Quarter

The Georgian Quarter is a mostly residential neighbourhood in the city of Liverpool. This neighborhood is a posh, classy neighborhood with town houses, row houses, and tenements. There are also modern single family houses in the area as well.

This is a neighborhood that aside from the residential buildings, also has fine restaurants where people can have romantic evenings, and bars where people can occasionally get drunk.

The neighborhood also has the Royal Philharmonic Hall; which is a place for dramas, stage plays, and orchestras.

7. The Baltic Triangle

The Baltic Triangle has historically always been an industrial neighborhood. However, recently it has seen some of the old buildings converted to luxury lofts and apartments, and some of the city’s young professionals, including startup owners have found the area agreeable.

There are also many restaurants and bars- some of them with some ridiculous names. The area also has some trendy street art, making it quite vibrant. There are also skate parks and vintage markets. This is a place that appeals to young people with money.

8. Anfield

Anfield is a lovely place, but it can get crazy crowded during the weekends. This is a neighborhood that has townhouses, row houses, and tenements. Some very good accommodations can be found in the area. However, what makes Anfield tick is the people.

Most of the residents of Anfield are football lovers; they pack the stadiums during the weekends, and enjoy watching their favorite game. This is a great place to live with a young family; but it one can only be truly appreciated if one is a football lover. After all, what would Anfield be without football?

9. Kirkdale

Kirkdale is a neighborhood located due north of the city centre. It is not very far from Anfield, but it is a lot quieter- the kind of place for young families and older people trying to move away from the noise and bustle of the big city. The neighborhood is great for the working class; perhaps those trying save money. The cost of living here is a lot easier to handle, and also there are fewer distractions in the neighborhood as well.

There are many great schools in the neighborhood, and the transport system is equally good. Some have described this neighborhood as boring, but that is exactly what others want.

10. Birkenhead

Birkenhead is a neighbourhood with big homes, spacious gardens, and lots of safe streets. This is one of the most expensive areas of Liverpool; a place where people with money choose to make their home. Birkenhead also has many fine schools, restaurants, and it is not far from the beaches and hills.



The posh areas in Liverpool are somewhat different from those of London and Manchester; it seems that Liverpool is a lot more lively or boisterous than the two other cities. Nevertheless, if living with the finer class of people and securing your future with real estate is the goal, then Liverpool has much to offer.